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Writer's Benefits

Dear authors! We are thrilled to offer you new writer benefits for your amazing novels!

Exclusive contract

Exclusive contract

We offer you up to 60% of the royalties


Get 100$ Signing Bonus!

Make sure your story contains 300+ chapters, at least 1K words each, to qualify.


Completion Bonus

Lands within a range of $300-650 for books of 300+ chapters (min 1k words each). The more chapters, the bigger the bonus!

Non-Exclusive contract

Non-Exclusive contract

We offer you 50% of the royalties


50$ Signing Bonus

Your story should contain 300+ chapters, at least 1K words each for you to claim this bonus.


Completion Bonus

Falls within a range of $250-600 for books that contains 300+ chapters (min 1K words each). The more chapters you have, the bigger the bonus your editor will offer.

Land up to 60% of royalty fee!


Monetize your novels!

Want to earn from your novels on FictionMe?
We offer you up to 60% of book revenue multiplied by the total amount of coins readers will spend on your novels.

Track analytics
with professional dashboard

You can track literally everything! From the analytics of the number of readers, likes, in-library to how readers read the book: how often they return to it, which chapters perform well and which ones not so well. This allows you to understand that there may be a problem somewhere and people stop reading it.


Why choose FictionMe?

  • 1

    Feel valued

    Our team of editors and proofreaders will always be there for you throughout your journey. We will help you market your book and create a fabulous cover to bring out the content.

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    Professional dashboard

    You can track literally everything! From the analytics of the number of readers, likes, in-library to how readers read the book: how often they return to it, which chapters perform well and which ones not so well.

  • 3

    New platform

    Our platform is young, so you, our future author, have a much higher chance of being seen and connecting with your audience.

Success Stories

Sea Sia
“We often criticise platforms for not being truly appreciative of an author's true worth, sometimes the AEs take a lot of time while other times are marked by your senior editor being unresponsive. Here is to a new platform that appreciates writers (I am not affiliated to them in anyways just a writer): FictionMe My AEs Perween Rizwana helped me at each step of the process, my editor Max patiently apologised for any delays and was kind enough as well. In mere two days after signing, they delivered the signing fee. Great team with professionalism prevalent in their ethics, I am really looking forward to their growth.”
Sea Sia

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to apply for the contract?

Register at and submit your outline and at least 30,000 words of your novel. Since all content on the app is pre-moderated, one of our editors will go through your submission and contact you within one month.

What are the types of contracts you offer?

We have both exclusive and non-exclusive contracts; the choice is yours! An exclusive agreement means that your book will be published only on our platform, and you will get 60% royalties, possibly a signing and/or a completion bonus. As a non-exclusive author, you could publish your book on FictionMe and other platforms, landing 50% royalties, and possibly a signing and/or a completion bonus with us.

What is the minimal amount I can withdraw?

The minimum withdrawal amount is $100.

How often can I withdraw money?

You can withdraw the money anytime as soon as you earn $100.

What are the payout channels?

You can withdraw funds to PayPal and Payoneer in USD and EUR.

How is my book protected from copying and plagiarism?

Authors invest their time and creativity into amazing stories. They rely on the support of the readers' community and entrust their work to our platform. The FictionMe team is putting the maximum effort into protecting the stories from copying and plagiarism by doing the following:
- deactivating user accounts caught posting pirated content
- removing books that users report as plagiarized or stolen
- accepting, analyzing, and taking action upon verified copyright infringement reports of well-known published works
- applying available technology, policy, and legal solutions to prevent content pirates from gaining access to stories on the platform
We also have disabled screenshots and text selection tools on the app, so your book is safe with us.

I don't have a cover. Can you help?

Of course! We will create a spectacular cover for you!

What benefits do I get from signing with you?

-Clear and consistent communication. You will partner up with one of our editors, who will guide you over emails and video calls, should you ever want to see a human face.
-Transparent no-author-slavery contracts. We don’t trick authors into giving up their rights and submitting everything they will ever write to us. If, at some point, you want to take your books off FictionMe, you’ll be free to opt out with no penalties whatsoever.
-Fair royalties with no hidden deductions. Ever felt like other platforms pay you less than you think you’re making, and you’re not sure why? Rest assured, you’ll know every aspect of how we deal with the money readers pay for your work.
-Supportive environment where we help each other grow. We value our authors, so we are always open to feedback and your take on what we can do better.

How do I create an account?

On the homepage of, press Get Published at the top right corner and then Join Us to start your registration at the Author Center.

How do I submit my book to you?

To submit a book, go to FictionMe Home Page, click Get Published and then once again to sign up and provide your manuscript sample.
If approved, you will have access to the Author Center, where you can submit a book for a contract.

Can I omit some information when applying?

When applying, you will need to fill in some information about yourself as an author and the book you are to submit. All required fields are marked with a red asterisk.

What is an outline?

An outline provides general information about the book with detailed descriptions of the plot, setting, main characters, and so on, along with a sample of at least 30,000 words. Editors need it to understand your idea better and check the quality of the text.

Why was my outline/book rejected?

Here are some common reasons your manuscript could be rejected:
- poor grammar (frequent misspellings; the lack of or improper punctuation; tense, person, number disagreements, etc.)
- lack of clarity, consistency, and logical connections between characters, events as well as causes that don't lead to the stated effects
- plagiarism, AI-generated content
- violation of our Content Policy
- genres you submitted don't fit our platforms profile
Our editors work hard on each book and check it at every possible level.

What are the acceptance criteria for a manuscript?

Before submitting your book, please make sure it has the following:
- outline of the story
- tags and genres
- first 30000 words
To be accepted, manuscript should meet the following criteria:
- it complies with the FictionMe Content Policy
- it's not plagiarised
- it is not written through any AI tool
- the completed story is minimum 300 chapters (at least 1K words each)

Can I add my own genres and tags?

We have a selected range of genres and tags as a core for our library. However, you can always discuss this issue with your assigned editor to work out a solution.

How do I know my book is published?

After submitting your book, you will receive a chain of emails notifying you of your book's progress. Once your book is on the app, you will receive a confirmation letter as well.

I still have questions. Who do I contact?

If you have a specific question that is not covered in this FAQ, please, email us at [email protected].

When will I get my bonus?

Our authors are to receive their bonuses within 10 business days after they've submitted a full manuscript to their editor, given that it does not violate the platform's Content Policy.

When will my book be published?

Submitted successfully, your book will be on the app within 3 months.

How many chapters will be published for free?

Our algorithm calculates the number of free chapters for each book, depending on its genre and length. Usually, it is at most 10 chapters.

Which books are chosen for promotion?

We are committed to offering greater visibility for all the books presented on our platform. In addition, content exclusivity and popularity among the readers will help further boost your book.

When will I be offered a contract? (how to sign a contract)

Once your book passes our editor's review, you will be offered a contract if your books contains at least 200 chapters (min 1K words each). This process usually takes up to one month from the original submission.

Can I use my penname on other platforms?

Yes, you can, having communicated it with your editor.

Why can't I see my book on the app once I've uploaded it in the author center?

All content on the app is pre-moderated. Before appearing on the app, your book will go through a moderation process, in which our editor will review your outline and offer you a contract. After that, our proofreaders will take up your book, and the designers will create a book cover. Once it's all done, your book will be out on the app.

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