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My Baby's Daddy

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Astr0e
  • Uploaded by user366790
Kate's life had been a series of tragic losses. First, she lost her parents in a car accident, leaving her and her only cousin Kathy as the remaining members of their family. Kathy had become Kate's rock, the one person she could count on. However, her world was shattered once more when she received the heartbreaking news that Kathy had succumbed t... 

A news from an old friend of mine


The stars always shine every night. They twinkle, and it's like they're winking at you. I have my own imaginations when looking upon certain things. A book, for example, has a rectangular shape and is full of words and phrases, but it has a lot to offer to human emotion and imagination.

Why am I thinking of the stars in the first place? when I am inside my apartment room in London while the rain is pouring like cats and dogs. It's been like this for the past two days, and I can't find a decent job. A few months from now, I'll be in debt, and I can't afford to pay for my rent anymore. I can't go back to town and tell my mom that I stink at finding a job.

But the rain... It's perfect with my coffee. It is September, and rains are very common in this month of the year, much more so in October. I can't blame the weather though. It's been very unpredictable lately.

My cat suddenly rubbed her face on my warm legs. I could feel her purr as she circled her body. Her name was Lily, a very common name for a pet, right? I just found her on the street when I arrived in London. It was just me and Lily against the world. Thank goodness my apartment is allowed to have pets over. At least I have a little company.

I picked up Lily and sat her on my lap, patting her head lightly and sliding my hands down her back. She loves it when I do that. "Are you hungry?" I asked her, even though I knew she wouldn't say anything.

I stood up and went to the kitchen drawers to grab some food for Lily. I really don't know what I'm doing with Lily because I've never taken care of a cat before, and I don't know if they are hungry or thirsty. Just to keep my mind at ease, I just put some sardines for her to eat.

My laptop suddenly rang for a call, which I didn't expect. Nobody calls me at this late hour at night. It's already 10. I went to my table, which is right next to my bed and it was a video call coming from Sophia. She was my college classmate, one of my closest friends.

I quickly accepted the call and unplugged my 38%-battery laptop.

"Sophia!" I exclaimed while waving my hands, "It's been so long, how are you? What made you call?"

"Kate!" Sophia said in return, "Wow, you look so healthy and blooming." She rolled her eyes and chuckled, "As always. You are in London, right? Why didn't you tell me?"

I huffed and laid on my back to my bed, "Oh, I've been very busy. Job hunting. I couldn't give you an update."

Sophia raised her eyebrows and said, "Job hunting? Why didn't you tell me? We have slots open. I'm sure you can get in."

"What's the job?"

"Editor!" Sophia answered almost immediately, "I know you'll get accepted right away."

"But I'm not really sure if I'm fit for that position, Sophia." I bit my bottom lip, nervous to take a leap.

"Come on, Kate. I know you want to be a journalist so badly, but take it down a notch and make being an editor your first job experience. How about that?" Sophia said this while looking at me through her glasses.

I know... It's my first job hunt, but being a journalist was my biggest dream. I always wanted to be a journalist. I wanted to travel, explore, learn, and create. I kept on looking at the screen blankly, I've been torn of choosing what I really love or choosing the one that seems to be more convenient for now.

"Or..." Sophia continued while looking at her notebook, "We have an open slot for the secretary." She said, I believe she was looking at her notes. "Would you like to be a secretary?"

Actually, it's not that bad.

"I kind of like that idea, Secretary." I said it while giving it some thought. "Would I be fit for that position? Should I give it a go?"

"Why don't you apply for editor and secretary at the same time? It's okay." Sophia closed her notebook. "It's no big deal since I referred you to our company, and who knows, you might get accepted for the position that is best for you, and if you get accepted for either of the two positions you've got to choose, I think it's a win-win situation, don't you think?" She giggled while waiting for my reply.

"Does it pay... well?" I bit my bottom lip sheepishly, and Sophia laughed in return. "Come on, you know, priorities."

She chuckled, "Of course the pay is good!" She said, "You don't know where I'm working, don't you?"

I shook my head and rolled my eyes at her. "Of course I don't. It's been months, since I had an update with your life, Sophia."

"I work at the Des Company." She spoke quietly, as if the whole neighborhood were inside her home.

My eyes widened in shock, and my mouth flew open. "Are you kidding me?" I asked, and Sophia shook her head while grinning. She was not kidding at all! "How did you get in? That company is very sophisticated, high quality, and shit, and it's very difficult to get in!"

Sophia squealed, "I know, right? My mom was so proud of me. I can't even believe it myself, Kate. After I got the news that I got accepted as an editor to the company, I was beyond the clouds. I was so happy."

"So you're here in London? In Des Company?" I asked again, and she just nodded her head. "Oh my gosh, you are one lucky bitch."

"And..." She sings while pointing at me, "You will be too. Do you know? We employees can't, I mean, can't refer to just anyone? You have to be in a high position to refer someone."

"Oh my gosh, Sophia!" I gasped. So much good news for my old friend, I can't even keep up. "My gosh, Sophia." I repeat, "I can't even keep up. Such good fortune."

Sophia just smiled from ear to ear and said, "I know, right? I've never been thankful. It's been months, and they've noticed my potential. I love this company so much, Kate. They don't look at your school status or if you are good at math or anything else or whatever you were good at, at school, no, they will look at you differently." With a serious face, she said, "I want you here, Kate. I'm sure they'll notice you more than me or anyone else. You are smart. Don't waste it."

There was silence.

I couldn't even think straight. I wanted to work at Des Company, I really did. It's the most successful company in the world, has a good background, very popular, lots of endorsements, lots of things that I can't even name, and pays its employees really well. I don't know if it's true, but they get paid six to four digits a month depending on your position, and what more if you work at Des Company for a year? I'll be filthy rich!

But you know what they say?

Always take a leap!

"When's the interview?"

Hi, Author here! It's not my first time writing but it's been a while, I would love to get to know all of my readers supporting my books. Lots and lots of love! Like it ? Add to library!

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