Book cover of “The Alpha King's Hated Slave“ by Kiss Leilani

The Alpha King's Hated Slave

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Kiss Leilani
"You're my slave. My sex slave. My property. You will pay for everything. I want nothing more in the world now than to hurt you badly." *** A love born from deep-rooted hatred... King Lucien hates her more than anything in the world because she is the daughter of the King who killed his family and enslaved him and his people. He made her his s... 

Chapter 1. Prologue


Once upon a time, the kingdom of Salem and the kingdom of Mombana were at peace with one another. That peace, was broken when the king of Mombana passed away and a new monarch, Prince Cone, took over.

Prince Cone had always been hungry for power, always wanted more and more. After his coronation, he attacked Salem. The attack was so unexpected, Salem never prepared for it. They were surprised. The king and queen were killed, and they took the prince into slavery.

The people of Salem that survived the war were enslaved; their land taken from them. They made their women and some of their men into sex slaves.

They lost everything.

Evil befell the land of Salem in the form of Prince Cone. The prince of Salem, Lucien, was filled with rage and swore revenge against King Cone while in slavery.

Ten years later, thirty-year-old Lucien and his people escaped slavery. They went into hiding and recuperated, training day and night under the leadership of the fearless and cold Prince Lucien, who was driven by the love of his people to get back their land and take Mombana’s land as well.

It took them five years before they ambushed and attacked Mombana. They killed Prince Cone and reclaimed everything.

As they screamed out their victory, Lucien’s eyes found and pinned the proud princess of Mombana: Princess Danika, the daughter of Prince Cone.

As Lucien stared at her with the coldest eyes she’d ever seen, he felt victory for the first time. He walked to the princess with the slave collar he’d worn for ten years rattling in his hand. With a swift movement, he collared her neck.

He tilted her chin up, staring at the most beautiful face ever created. Giving her a bitter smile, he stated curtly, “You are my acquisition. My slave. My sex slave. My property. I will pay you in spades—everything you and your father ever did to me and my people.”

Pure hatred, coldness, and victory danced in his eyes.

“Strip,” he ordered, his voice cold.

Danika had mentally prepared herself for this night, but being faced with it caused fear to course through her.

“Please… ” she started, but snapped her mouth shut, knowing she had made a mistake.

Like a panther, he stalked closer to her and yanked her hair so hard her head snapped back, and she bit her lips to keep from crying out from the pain. There was no remorse in his eyes. Only hatred so raw it chilled her.

“You either strip, or I call the guards to help you.”

Her hands went to the neck of her robe, and she started untying the ropes that held the clothing together. Undressed completely, she allowed the robe to fall to the ground.

Her hands trembled, but she curled them into fists. Tonight, she’d lose her virginity in the cruelest way in the hands of the coldest man she has ever known.

But she’d bear it with dignity. She raised her chin and awaited his next command.

“Get on to the bed.” There was no expression in his eyes. Just hate.

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