Book cover of “My Rich Wife“ by Taibai And A Qin

My Rich Wife

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Taibai And A Qin
  • Uploaded by user854206
Three years into his marriage, Qin Yu was despised by his wife and in-laws. His world shattered when he discovered his wife's infidelity, and she cruelly chased him out of their home. At his lowest point, the daughter of the prestigious Yan Family of Jing City appeared with his father's will and a marriage contract binding them together. Years pass... 

The Cold-Hearted Su Yan

"Hurry up, babe. My husband is coming back soon!"

Inside a luxurious mansion, a disembodied voice could be heard urging someone in the bedroom as Qin Yu stood before the door.

The voice sounded familiar to him as its owner was his wife, Su Yan.

"He's just a good-for-nothing. So what if he's back? I'll have him eat humble pie even if sees us!" A man jeered with a hoarse voice.

Standing before the door, Qin Yu was trembling in rage.

The burning anger nearly caused him to lose it.


As his anger boiled, he kicked the door open.

A man and a woman could be seen with disheveled clothing in the room.

Glaring at Su Yan, who was on the bed fawning over the man next to her, Qin Yu was brimmed with fury. Tears rolled down his cheeks uncontrollably.

"Su Yan, why are you doing this to me?" Qin Yu questioned while gritting his teeth and shooting her a wrenching look of agony.

Su Yan became slightly panicked for a moment, but she regained her composure soon after.

With that, she put on an impassive look.

"Since you've already found it out, I'll not hide it anymore," Su Yan remarked.

"Why are you treating me like this? I've been living a miserable life in the Su family for three years! I always listened to whatever you said — I'd never stand if you asked me to remain seated! So why did you betray me?" Qin Yu bellowed as tears drenched his face.

Su Yan derided, "No woman would like a spineless person who accomplished nothing in life like you."

After speaking, she turned to peer at the burly man beside her.

"Do you know who this man is? He is the young master of the Zhao family, Zhao Gang! To be frank, I've been two-timing you with him since a long time ago. If it weren't for grandpa, I would've divorced you and kicked you out of my house from day one!" Su Yan added in a derisive tone.

Upon hearing that, tears ran down Qin Yu's face profusely.

"I've been living my life in fear all these time. I was always afraid of making you upset.

"I would wake up at midnight to prepare you a hot meal whenever you were hungry; I would ride the motorcycle all the way to South City just to pick your favorite flower for you.


"That's enough!" Su Yan interrupted in annoyance.

Those heartfelt and touching moments could not touch a heartless woman like her.

"Do you think doing these petty things are sufficient? If it weren't for my grandpa, who insisted on our marriage, do you think I would even spare a glance at a man like you — a useless man with zero accomplishments? Know your place, wimp!" Su Yan scoffed.

"You should learn a thing or two from Zhao Gang!" Su Yan noted while wagging her finger at the man next to her.

"He amassed a fortune of nearly 100 million at such a young age! He is signing deals with the Yan family from Jindu! Can you even comprehend what that means? Do you have any idea how powerful those people from Jingdu are? They can turn us into the nouveau riche with just a word!" Su Yan remarked.

"Why are you telling him all these? How could a cuck like him know about the Yan family from Jingdu?" Zhao Gang mocked while looking at Qin Yu in contempt.

Qin Yu forced a bitter smile on his face.

Indeed, he knew nothing about the business world, but even he has heard about Jingdu's Yan family before.

Besides, the news about them was covered all over Jiangcheng's mass media lately. So it was practically impossible for Qin Yu not to hear about it.

Gazing at Su Yan's beautiful yet deadpan countenance, Qin Yu could not help but weep in silence.

"I've been serving you faithfully for three whole years. One would even have feelings for a dog after such a long time..." Qin Yu lamented with a sniffle.

Su Yan snickered, "You're worse than a dog."

Zhao Gang jibed, "Hey, dork. Be sensible and forget what you saw today. Then the three of us can continue to live happily ever after, and you'll still get to serve your wife.

"But if you wanna try anything funny, then pack your stuff and get out of here." Zhao Gang chided in a snobbish tone as if he was the household owner.

Qin Yu became feeble all of a sudden.

Old Mister Su, who was addicted to fortune telling back then, had prophesied that Qin Yu would bring good luck to the Su family, so the former married the latter to his granddaughter.

Apart from Old Mister Su, No one looked up to him while he was a live-in son-in-law for the past three years.

Hence, his inferiority complex worsened, and he tried his best to please everyone in the Su family, fearing that they would be irked by him.

Yet his futile efforts were rewarded with betrayal and disappointment.

"I'm really hopeless, aren't I?" Qin Yu commented in a self-deprecating tone as the corner of his lips lifted.

"After three long years, I should start to grow a spine, right?" A glint of hostility flashed in Qin Yu's eyes as he glared at the adulterers before him.

"Why? You cant take it?" Zhao Gang taunted after noticing Qin Yu's look. Not only was Zhao Gang unaffected, but he also donned a satirical smirk on his face.

Qin Yu fixed his stare on Zhao Gang and clenched his fists. Gritting his teeth, he roared, "You son of a b*tch, I'll kill you!"

Immediately after, Qin Yu dashed towards Zhao Gang.

However, a puny man like Qin Yu was no match for Zhao Gang.

Before he could land a blow on Zhao Gang, he was kicked to the ground by the latter.

He could not stand because of the unbearable pain in his abdomen.

"Bloody hell! How dare you raise your hand against me?" Zhao Gang was overflowing with wrath.

After striding towards Qin Yu, Zhao Gang beat the weak man to a pulp.

Qin Yu laid on the cold floor in despair and received every blow directed at him.

"What a pathetic life I've led." Qin Yu covered his head, looking anguished.

"I couldn't even take my revenge. I... Guess I don't deserve to live anymore..." Qin Yu moaned with a lifeless look.

The relentless blows on his body caused blood to spill from his mouth.

"It's alright. Just forget about him. Hitting a useless maggot like him is an insult to you," Su Yan noted coquettishly, pulling Zhao Gang's arm.

Zhao Gang spat on Qin Yu's face. While crooking his finger in the door's direction, Zhao Gang threatened, "Get lost right now! Or else I'll beat you to death!"

Qin Yu struggled while getting on his feet and trudged towards the exit.

His heart was filled with hatred towards this pair of adulterers, but he hated himself even more for not getting even with them.

Qin Yu was reluctant to accept the humiliation and leave just like that.

"Su Yan, I promise you'll regret this," Qin Yu turned around and reproached.

Pointing his finger at Qin Yu, Zhao Gang berated, "Buzz off! You hear me?"

Wiping the blood off the corners of his lips, Qin Yu plodded out of the Su Residence.

As Qin Yu arrived before the main entrance, he stumbled upon his mother-in-law, Sun Yumei, who had just come back.

Noticing the Mercedes Benz parked in front of the main entrance, Sun Yumei seemed to get a hold of the story.

"Mother... " Qin Yu greeted in a grievance.

Sun Yumei glanced at him with an emotionless look.

Waving her hand in vexation, she uttered, "Now that you know about it, then you know what you should do! To tell you the truth, all of us agreed to kick you out of our family!"

Hearing that only deepened his despair.

"Did grandpa agree to it too?" Qin Yu asked.

Sun Yumei retorted, "His opinion is irrelevant! The Zhao family has signed deals with the Yan family from Jingdu! If we can ride on the wave of the Yan family, we'll finally elevate ourselves among the elites!

"This involves the development of our family business on a macro level. What makes you think that an old geezer like him could have a say in this?" Sun Yumei said.

"As for whatever good luck he keeps babbling on about, it's all just feudal mindsets and backward superstitions."

Qin Yu remained taciturn the whole time.

The Su family's heartlessness caused him to be disheartened.

After wiping his mouth, he strode out of the Su Residence.

The physical pain and mental shock proved to be too much for him to bear.

At that moment, he finally passed out on the sidewalk of the main road.

Out of the blue, a Maybach with a Jingdu license plate came to a halt before Qin Yu.

After the window winded down, a long-haired, elegant-looking girl could be seen frowning as she stared at Qin Yu, who laid on the ground.

"So this is the guy who grandpa betrothed me to?" The woman winked her eyes as she scrutinized Qin Yu.

Her eyes were filled with disdain as she stared at the unconscious scruffy Qin Yu.

"Miss, perhaps... You may have mistaken him for that person? Surely Old Mister Yan wouldn't match you with a dull commoner like this guy?" A man, who was dressed like a bodyguard in the car, criticized with his brows knitted together.

Yan Ruoxue remained silent. Making a gesture, she ordered, "Bring him into the car."

"Yes, Miss." Her bodyguards disembarked and immediately carried Qin Yu back into the car.

Her furrowed brows intensified as she peered at the unkempt man before her.

"Grandpa, do you really want me to marry this good-for-nothing of a man?" Yan Ruoxue sighed in resignation as she recounted her grandfather's exhortation before leaving.

"Ruoxue, our family owes him a lot! If it weren't for Qin Yu's father, our family would never be what it is today!

"His father left him a keepsake and requested me to hand it to him once he reached thirty.

"Mr. Qin was an almighty man. I believe his son will be something else as well. Listen carefully, Ruoxue. You must be kind to Qin Yu."

Her grandfather's urging was played in her mind repeatedly. A hint of resignation could be seen on her breathtaking face.

"If he's a rough diamond with untapped potential, I'll agree to grandpa's request," Yan Ruoxue mumbled silently.

"But if he's just a worthless peasant, I'll not go along with it." Yan Ruoxue heaved a deep sigh.

She rubbed her fingers against the turquoise jade pendant, which was the memento that her grandfather asked her to pass on to Qin Yu.

Yan Ruoxue meticulously placed the pendant around Qin Yu's neck and turned her head away.

"With that, our family has fulfilled the promise of returning him the keepsake," Yan Ruoxue thought.

Nevertheless, she did not notice that the pendant with bloodstains glimmered when it touched Qin Yu's skin before entering his body at lightning speed.

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