Book cover of “100 Days to Seduce the Devil“ by ellezar_g

100 Days to Seduce the Devil

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: ellezar_g
  • Uploaded by user785116
In the shadowy realm of the Syphiruz Mafia, an epic tale of redemption and twisted love begins with Phantomflake, a woman whose soul is cruelly torn from her body after a tragic suicide in the presence of her nemesis, Nathan Sparks—the feared Supreme Leader known as 'the Devil.' Her body remains captive, a comatose pawn in a macabre game of life an... 

Chapter 1

Shooting occurs in the region as two groups engage each other in firing gun. The Assassin Guild of Phantom has been turned into the bloodbath between the assassins, and the members of Syphiruz, the formidable Mafia syndicate of the underground criminal fraternity.

Many of them lie dead on the ground and the environment is filled with dust arising from the smoke, the smell of gunpowder and dried blood.

They said that amidst the happening’s in the area while a towering, well-built beautiful woman dressed in black gown slowly waved her double-edged dagger in front of the balcony located in the second floor of the mansion.

She only used a firearm earlier to wipe out five armed men who infiltrated the second floor. It was a cold floor now, with the dead bodies of their comrades in arms, bathroom in their own blood.

As she was clad in an outfit which could make anyone develop a feeling of coldness and probable fear she also possessed this elegance and a beautiful charisma of bewitching that had quite an awesome and inviting touching effect. It was quite like she was Aphrodite – the goddess of beauty herself who, despite her grace, was as expressionless as any mannequin. The emotions associated with winter – coldness, lack of warmth, and discomfort – apply to her perfectly.

Her emerald eyes darted across the scene of mayhem and gore below her. The men she trained and regarded as close family members were being killed one after the other by those armed men.

Lady Phantomflake, the creator of Phantom Assassin Guild, was not only the most excellent assassin but also icy hearted killer of all time. This showed her joy when the individuals that she had trapped were begging her to spare their lives and becoming pale with fear.

She reveled in that, their desperate attempt spoken while crying, whining in pain and manifesting fear. But tonight, she only heard the faint whisper of her fellow assassins… her relatives.

Her lips curved into what seemed to be a bitter smirk; it had only just then occurred to her that she had come face to face with a formidable foe and was toppled by none other than Nathan Sparks!

Nathan is the BIG boss and the almighty chief of the Syphiruz. He, too, did not hold back like her and thus, was as ruthless as her. This is because he would not even spare his target if he or she would try to make a deal with him. His motto?And so, the first form of reciprocity is the biblical form: revenge.

This lady failed to realize that he had so much say in virtually all the decision making processes. If there was one person that the devil holds dear then it is the woman and she dared to cross this devil by causing the murder of the most valuable person in his life- his woman!

A member identified as Syphiruz has a hostile faction that called the hit for her to eliminate his woman he admires. She achieved her goal and went home happy. That mission brought her death and her assassin guild’s too as a matter of fact!

Now she did not have any place to turn to since everything that she owned were in her house. They already did that, compressing the Syphiruz around their headquarters. Despite the element of surprise, Nathan and his men were able to draw first blood by capturing them unawares and breaking into their headquarters. They were unusual in their behavior like thieves who sneak in to operate at night.

While the heroes was able to get rid of some of the members of Syphiruz, they were just overwhelmed. It went on and on, as if the situation in Iraq would never change. More and more armed men just continued to emerge every time they felt that the darkness was thick enough. Any number of armies, what did he come with?A hundred?One thousand?Ten thousand?

However, when the world was such that she could not breathe properly, she would not surrender despite the fact that it could actually be her final moments. Nathan Sparks came for her as agreed on among the characters. She would not allow him the opportunity of get his wish… ‘to kill her with his own hands. ’

She was the cold and the heartless killer, yet this man must have indeed earned the title of the Devil. Overnight, she had become an utter ruine subjugated by this devil incarnate!She was suffocating in front of him the way he was pursuing her relentless and making things hard for her. Thus, all in all, it seems that Nathan Sparks is determined to wipe out everyone.

A sharp knock on the door pulled her back to the reality all of a sudden; the door was forced open roughly by the person outside. She only realised that she was turning around and ends up facing two piercing blue eyes.

The devil finally came as a butcher to get his main target. As he stood before her, Luna noticed that he was a very tall man, who had blond hair and green eyes; nonetheless, his appearance was very menacing.

Much to the surprise of many, he was relatively young than expected. It was also important to note that the rumor that he was scarred and had a face that only a mother could love was false. He was completely convincing – a man not to be trifled with but a fiery spirited looking devilishly handsome male!The pride of men!

They started to chatting through the internet and this was the first time she meet him face-to-face, eye-to-eye. But, there was a time that all she could do is watch him from a distance. She could identify him in several occasions whenever he wore his mask since she was sharp sighted when it came to people’s authenticity!

Between the three men standing in front of her, there was one named Nathan who portrayed the air of power and courage. His looks alone gave an impression that he was a potential threat and a dangerous man particularly to her. The glance directed at her was one that was beyond anger to the extent that he would like to undress her then kill her slowly.

But what made her more interested was the blue glare that was in its state of piercing her. Like a whirlpool of feelings and passion, only that was pure and concentrated, James saw in his eyes hatred and anger as well as remorse and deep sorrow and resentment.

Nathan reciprocated the silence as he glanced around the balcony looking for other people. Feeling the danger, he nervously aimed at her, having a tight grip on his gun that he took out of the holster skillfully when he realized that there were no people around.

“Get out of here!“ The man said to his men, which even his tone also conveyed some form of bossing authority.

In compliance with the instructions of the Supreme Leader of the country and its government, the above-named men got down from that second floor balcony, and stood outside the entrance door leading into the establishment. It was now up to them to patrol and secure the area, to assume the command of the territory.

The rightful leader of the band could not be interrupted when he was dealing with the murderer of his darling woman. Nathan waved his men to step back and warned them not to go near her as he wanted to question her all by himself.

“Who ordered the hit?” he asked, pointing a finger at me, his voice now menacing. His voice was cold and deep and could make anybody feel such fear as the reader feels at some point. It was no wonder that people in the underground world started addressing him as ‘Stone-cold Devil’.

“Why should I tell you ? You will not even let me go even if I say it’s the truth,” she taunted him, clutching her double-edge dagger firmly.

Nathan's expression darkened further. He was really keen to cock the trigger but him and this assasin still had words to say. He could not just stand and watch knowing who was responsible for the death of the sweet lady he knew!

With those words, Nathan made a dramatic comeback to the situation, and it was as meaningful as it could have been. It was also a precaution and a menace. Often, they say the following using a conversation, “Perhaps, you want to die the hard way?”

However to his delight his threat was no more useful. This bothered Lady Phantomflake much, as the cuccos weren’t afraid of him. She even went further to taking a step by reminding him to ensure that he takes more pressure.


Mutebile again point the barrel of the gun at Nakimera’s head and shot her but the bullet only hit the side of her right cheek. It was just done to make her let out a scream so that she would alert other members of the gang that was attacking them.

“I’m getting impatient, you don’t need to make me repeat my question again, so you better start talking or… or else you will be extremely sorry… I swear I’ll give you one of the worst deaths a person can ever imagine!”

“Then do it… if you can,” she dared him, arrogantly wiping the blood trickling down her face with the back of her hand. she wore the look of a know-it-all mischievous girl with no sign of the fear or nervousness on her face.

“ ‘Do not talk to me like that,’ she snapped at him; “You are too arrogant for one who is about to meet his death at my hands. ”

before this devil devastated her completely and completely destruction, she had to snatch the chance of his revenge with success.

She then span out another sarcastic laugh. “Who told you that I would die in your hands?” she spat at him. “You are wrong, Mr. Sparks. ”

Nathan was caught off guard, her lips didn’t even have a chance to quiver and in one quick motion she drove the double bladed dagger right through her chest. There was too much for him to process, he could not make any move. Everything happened so fast. And before one could blink, Phantomflake stabbed the dagger deeper into her still pulsing heart and their eyes met; her lips giving a bold smile.

While the indignation, directed at her, arose instinctively within him, Nathan lunged in her direction and caught her just in time to prevent her from falling on the ground.

They’s cried out in panic: “No!!! STOP! You can’t die”However, he was not yet in a position to get rid of her by any means; he wanted to get some results from her first. But the time for repenting and regretting was over already!The dagger was now piercing her ribs and had sunk to the depth of her heart!

And now, lying on his chest in the confining warmth of the blanket, her eyes were on Nathan until the darkness of the night enveloped her.



Nathan pulled the trigger of his gun several times to release his anger on anyone that happens to be around!This was not the type of trip that he desired!This was not the kind of revenge he dreamt he would take on the assassin that killed the sweetest thing in his life.

‘You cannot die…you must die in my own hands…you will not escape my wrath even in hell. ’

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