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24 Hours

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: tobih_daniel
  • Uploaded by user542472
Kcee Jones has dedicated nearly 20 years of his life to the National Intelligence Agency, living by the mantra of ride or die. Even after enduring the heart-wrenching loss of his wife and the estrangement from his son, Kcee's commitment to his work never wavered. Now, faced with yet another critical mission, Kcee must draw on all his experience and... 


Time: 08:25:32AM

Location: ASO ROCK

Aso Rock is a large outcrop of granitic rock located on the outskirts of Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. The Aso Rock is a 400-metre (1,300 ft) prominent monolith with a peak height of 936-metre (3,071 ft) above sea level. It is one of the city's most noticeable features. The level of security is high consisting of more than 200 surfeits of security agents like police, army, DSS and many others.

The President's office is a well arranged room with features like his portrait on the wall, a shelf which contains different books because he appears to be an educationist. A resolute desk found at the end of the room and also a bulletproof glass window located in the three south window of the office. The walls are made of concrete which are known as bomb barrier.

Mr. President is seen on an official wear. A black designer suit with an expensive tie knotted on his white shirt, rounded up with his black favorite Italian shoe. He has the look of a religious man but due to his IQ, many thought he was just a black america who came to rule Nigeria.

But actually, Mr president hails from the city of kaduna, a centre of Learning. Back in the days, as a young boy, he worked as a farmer to make ends meet for his family. Being the first born out of three children, he had to work so hard because his family didn't have anything meaningful to boast of. His family were so poor to the extent poor people called their family poor. As a result, he lost his father due to a disease which they could not treat because of lack of cash.

He was left alone with his younger siblings who were still in primary classes and his soon old mother who later became a trader, trading farm products in a small stall in the large kaduna market. At a point, his farming business began to yield more profit than normal. It was as if he went for ritual as many people not only from kaduna but distance city and even out of the country came to buy farm produce from them.

In the space of 3 months, they became a big-time supplier's of edible products. One of those occasion, a very good customer who came from the city of America noticed that he was a well spoken man. He was brilliant in his dealings and as well many other things. After striking a conversation with him, it was then the America man realized that he actually went to high school but was a drop out.

The American man then decided to sponsor him to the United State to study... and from then, his life turned to something unbelievable.


Mr President stood some meters away from the tv hanged on the wall. With his hands tucked into his pocket and a slight nod from his head, he watched and carefully listened to every detail made by the reporter.

"after many days of the great dreaded attack situated on the heart of Lagos, Investigations are still on as many lives and properties were lost due to the murderous killing and destruction of people and properties. Security agencies made it clear that these attacks were not made neither by robbers nor gangsters. According to The Inspector General of Police, the attacks were made by armed men with dreaded weapons in which they'd never thought of handling But an assurance is been made that by the end of the week, the perpetrators will be apprehended" the lady reporter was still talking when she was cut off as they tv went dark. With his brows raised and his hands still tucked into his pocket Mr President turned and found his chief of staff at his table.

"Mr. President you're not supposed to be watching this" Yakubu said dropping the remote in the table before taking some steps towards the president.

"How long have you been gazing at me" with a sigh, mr president asked while walking majestically back to his seat without his hands in his pocket.

The chief of staff turned towards mr president "Long enough to see you don't look good. Mr President I know you are very concerned about the warfare of the people and for the country but I want you to know that that's why we have people out there, the security agents" Yakubu said as he pushed back the chair he wanted to seat which made a loud fart-like noise on the floor.

Shocked at his statement Mr. President leaned towards him with his hands on the table. He lowered his brows and made a fixed gaze at him "Okay now tell me, as the chief of staff appointed to me, for how many weeks are we going to wait for an answer?" Mr President asked obviously not waiting for an answer. He then pointed at the tv that was blank "These attacks were made last week and up till now, there seems to be no report on my desk. All I see is the IGP making series of speech, to fool who? Me?" Mr President pointed to himself before making out a tiny chuckle "You see musa you've been with me for years and you know how I feel when something is right and then not"

"Mr. President; the security agencies are making effort on how to catch those behind this attacks but it will take time" Chief of staff said with his hands making a firm and precise movement to affirm his point.

Mr. president now resting on his seat, interlocked his fingers. He stared at yakubu with a narrow look and a faint smile.

"You know what?" Smacking the table with his knuckle, mr president uttered as he stood up and then walked towards the doors having the intention to speak to the guards. meanwhile the chief of staff gazed at him as he stood up from his seat approaching the door.

"Could you pls give us a moment, Thank you" he said to the guards who walked some meters away his office while he closed the door.

He walked towards his favorite sofa instead of his presidential seat with his leg crossed. Seeing this, the chief of staff quickly stood up to his feet and sat also on a sofa in front of the president.

"Musa" Mr President called his surname "when I was appointed the president of this republic, my aim was and still is to serve the nation diligently, take out corruption, provide free education for the nigerian kids and better life for the citizens of nigeria but on my arrival, I see that it would be difficult to accomplish it... Why? because the government appears to be compromised, meaning I have no one to trust even my wife but musa you have worked with me back in Kaduna and due to your loyalty, diligence i could say I trust you. Without thinking twice I made you my chief of staff" M president paused this time with his body leaning forward staring closely at Yakubu "Now I want you to show me that i'm making the right choice by trusting you."

The President words sank into Yakubu as he made some thoughts bowing his head down with his hand placed on his forehead. After some seconds, he raised his head up , sighed and then said "Mr. President i don't know what to say but um with uttermost sincerity i'm so grateful for this opportunity you've given unto me and I assure you before the end of the hour; you get a better report" He then stood up to his feet straighten his suit.

"But Mr. President I want you to take it easy. This country needs a leader like you at this time of the hour" Yakubu said to the president who's lips parted into a smile.

"I will. Thank you musa but i'm counting on you, don't fail me" Mr. President said while standing up to his feet with his hands tucked into his pocket

"I won't Mr. President" Chief of staff made a slight bow before walking out of the office while Mr President watched him walk out of his office before turning towards his seat.

Heading down the hallway, yakubu took out his phone from his pocket with the motive of making a phone call. After series of buzzing, it went through.

"Yes this is the chief of staff to the president. I'll like to speak to the director in charge of NIA headquarter. Tell him it's urgent" with a frown on his face, the chief of staff said while walking very fast. He took a left turn heading straight to his office.

Okay guys... Second chapter

Yeah, I think you can now pick one or two from chapter 1 and 2 and get something from them. But still there's still many thoughts. Thoughts like, why did the attack take place? It's just simple, but I'm not going to be a spoiler so just click on the next chapter, prehaps you could find your answer or other chapters. But before you do that, pls don't forget to cheer me up with your comment, vote and your gifts. These are clearly motivations for my creation. So thanks as you do that.

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