Book cover of “90 Days Contract Marriage with a Billionaire“ by Unusual Write

90 Days Contract Marriage with a Billionaire

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Unusual Write
She doesn't want to rely on a man because she believes all men are jerks. She does literally anything that would generate more income for her account. What she doesn't do is steal, kill, and kidnap. But anything else apart from those three, she will do it. She signed a 90 days contract marriage with a billionaire. He is the heir of Rainbow Compa... 

Chapter 1

 TW: The book contains scenes of animal abuse that some may find disturbing.

The Contract 

Cafe World, America downtown 

A woman sat down and drank her coffee while playing a mobile game. 

She sat down carelessly, appearing to be both waiting for someone and not to be waiting for anyone at the same time based on how casually she appeared. 

“Are you Miss Sherry?” 

She heard someone ask. She raised her head to look at the person who had just finished speaking. 

He appeared to be youthful and had a glass in his eyes. 

She answered in an indifferent and emotionless voice, “I am. 

The young man looked at the woman in front of him and examined her with his eyes. He was shocked by the way she appeared; she had snow-white skin, an oval face, attractive eyebrows, and a pair of soft red lips that were bright red like cherries, but her eyes appeared to be ready to turn into a gun and kill people; they also appeared cold, ruthless, and emotionless, as though she was incapable of feeling any emotions. 

When his eyes caught hers, the young man shivered unconsciously. He clenched his fist to control his feelings and forced a smile. 

“I’m Mr. Bryan’s secretary,” Clinton said in his introduction. 

“Oh”. She murmured while gazing solely at him. 

When Clinton knows Sherry won’t be inviting him to a seat, he has no choice but to sit down. 

“I hope Miss Sherry doesn’t mind, my Boss is busy so he doesn’t have time to come.” 


She talks as if she would die if she talked too much, therefore it seems like his boss has found his counterpart, Clinton shook his head inside. 

He grabbed a document from the brown package in his hand and got right to the point. 

“You can review the contract to see if there are any provisions with which you disagree”. He extended his hand to her 

She took the paper and began carefully reading the contract. 

Clinton made excellent use of the chance to thoroughly scrutinize her. 

She had neatly styled hair and was dressed in a long white skirt. She had a stunning, regal, and commanding appearance. 

“Pen?” After reading the contract, she looked up from the paper and fixed her gaze on Clinton. 

Clinton made a foolish remark, “Ah.” 

She finished reading it that quickly, he thought, staring at her in astonishment. 

As soon as he realized how foolish he appeared, he collected himself, reached into his pocket, pulled out a pen, and handed it to her. 

She took the pen, wrote her name on the paper, and then returned the paper to Clinton. 

Clinton placed the paper into the envelope before rising. 

His work is finished. 

“Would you like a ride?” Clinton offered because, if his boss had arrived, he would have dropped her off, wouldn’t he? 

“No,” she answered. 

She didn’t look at him as she kept fiddling with her phone. 

Clinton gave a quick nod before leaving the café. 

Sherry drank all of her coffee before getting up and leaving the cafe. 

She sighed as she turned to face the sky. 

Another contract was inked. She smiled a little, but if you didn’t look closely, you wouldn’t see it. 

She was in a good mood because she was contemplating the money she would make from this completed deal. 

She flagged down a cab and climbed inside. 

She informed the driver, “Shalon street.” 


She didn’t respond to what the driver said; instead, she just stared out the window. 

Her phone abruptly rang. 

She pulled her phone from her bag, she sighed when she saw the caller, 

It was her big sis. 

She let the phone ring. 

Before it eventually stopped ringing, the phone continued to ring for a few more rings. 

She glanced out and realized that they had arrived at her house. 

She got out of the car after paying the driver. 

She dipped her hand into the purse in her and pull her a set of keys 

She inserted the keys on the doorknob and entered it. 

She entered the dining room, set her bag on the couch, poured herself a glass of water, and drank every last drop because she was a little thirsty. 

She sat down on the couch and turn on the television 


She received a call. 

She pulled her phone out of her backpack, She quickly checked the display—it was an unfamiliar number. 

She didn’t pick it up, just left it. 

It rang once more. 

It was her sister again 

She let out a sigh before pressing the response key. 

She placed it on her ears. 


“Hello, am I speaking Miss Nancy’s sister?”. a girl asked on the phone. 

She blinked in surprise when she heard an unfamiliar voice “Who is this?”. Sherry questioned in a cold voice. 

“Could you please come to Vegas Street? Your sister is in difficulty.” 

“Beep, beep,” 

Without waiting for her response, She hung up. 

Nevada Street. 

Sherry got out of the vehicle, after paying the cab. She immediately saw her sister waving at her when she looked around. 

She noticed that the place was full of crowds, so she scowled a little. She despises staying in a place that is excessively noisy and crowded. But despite that, she continued to move in the direction of her sister. 

She moved toward them. 

“This is my sister, and she’ll pay you”. Sherry heard Nancy say immediately she got there. 

Sherry frowned a little when she heard this. 

Hope it is not what she is thinking. 

The people who surrounded Nancy suddenly focused their gaze on her, making her feel a little uncomfortable. 

“What happened?” Sherry asked Nancy while giving her a chilly look. 

“I owe her a few dollars, so hurry up and pay her”, Nancy remarked without feeling remorseful. 

Sherry blinked in realization when she heard this, this is exactly what came into her mind. 

Because this wasn’t the first time this has happened. 

“Is she your sister?” Sherry heard a voice asked behind her. 

Sherry turned her head to look at the person who asked, it was a young girl “Yeah?” 

“Your sister owes me $50,000 and has been avoiding me for the past month; she has not paid. She made a $5000 interest payment guarantee to me when she took out the loan. So I gave my consent. In addition, she appeared to be a respectable person and constantly treated me with contempt. I gave her the cash that day for that reason. Who knows, maybe she’ll end up being a cold-hearted person”. The girl explained everything that happened immediately when she heard her affirmation, “tsk tsk the both of you are so well dressed but people won’t know you are actually a debtors”. Sherry overheard the girl say this in a low voice. 

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