Book cover of “A Degenerate's Tale“ by TentacleEthics

A Degenerate's Tale

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: TentacleEthics
  • Uploaded by user670185
Earl had lived his life to the fullest, basking in the luxuries of wealth and the company of a harem of five. As one of the richest men in his city, he thought he had it all. When his time came, he died with a smile on his face... or so he believed. To his astonishment, Earl awakens in the body of an infant in a fantastical world filled with magic.... 


Earl lived a good life. Currently on his deathbed, he is surrounded by his many grandchildren. He couldn't help but recall his entire life knowing that he was to die soon.

At a young age, he started a business that met with success even while in school. There, he met his first love, his school teacher. They began to have an affair secretly and that period quickly passed.

Entering college, he was able to find the second love of his life, his childhood friend whom he hadn't seen in years. They quickly grew close to each other and that increased his girlfriend count to two.

His business continued to grow and he was able to buy his first house at the age of 21. He lived life together with his two girlfriends harmoniously before an incident occured. He was hospitalized after getting caught in the middle of conflict between his two girlfriends.

Fortunately enough, he was tended by a beautiful nurse who tended to his every need. And just like that, his girlfriend count increased to three.

Life continued until he was smitten by a younger girl. Because of his high number of girlfriends, Earl had to work harder than ever and became a multi-millionaire by the age of 30. That achievement earned him another girlfriend and he now had a total of four girlfriends.

Stuff happened and he ended up bedding the mother of his newest girlfriend so his harem finally settled at the comfortable number of five.

As one of the richest men in the city, he continued to operate his business and bought a mansion in the suburbs before living happily after.

As one would expect, he made sure to impregnate everyone of his girlfriends which is why on his deathbed, there were almost a dozen grown grandchildren surrounding him.

"Get along when I'm not here, everyone." Earl said his last words. "I'm coming to join you all now…"

Even in death, Earl died as a proud degenerate. That is until he was reincarnated into another world.

Turn your brain off and enjoy the ride :)

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