Book cover of “A Necromancer New Life in New World“ by SlicedMemory

A Necromancer New Life in New World

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: SlicedMemory
  • Uploaded by user315748
In a realm where the marvels of modernity intertwine seamlessly with the enchantment of fantasy, a hermit necromancer is given a second chance at life. Reincarnated into this extraordinary world, Azel must navigate an existence where the constant threat of war and monstrous creatures loom large. Join Azel on this mesmerizing journey as he grapples ... 

New life, new pain

"Here we are, in the front of classified B dungoen. That wreck havock in the area, if you see Class A hunter team is currently finishing the job to close the portal. According to Hunter Association~"

In the small living room, a boy in the age of 4. Are watching the news in the t.v that happened last night. With deadpan expression, he listen to the news.

Black hair, read eyes and normal skinny body. Resembled the boy, this is Azel, Azel Sigel.

He doesn't know how he ended in this world. He is just a hermit mage, or specifically, a necromancer. He live almost 150 years old, others called him the true death. No one know what his true name, even him, he doesn't know what his true name is. He already forget that name long ago, that name is just a curse. everyone know that name will never live. Everybody asscociate that name died, so one's in for all. Forgetting that name will be good on anybody. Or anybody know him or wanted to know him.

Living alone, he attain power that can rival everything. His power can compare to legendary dragon, Demon lord, Elvin queens, Warlock, Hero and Legend.

So everyone called him True death. When he killed Duraran, a legendary dragon that already exist before the 2nd epoch. Where god and mythology creature ruled the planet. Killing Duraran he gain fame, but before he gain the title "True Death". He fight Demon lord Ouron, that already given his title to his descendent.

Fighting over a mythical artifact. With 4 days of fighting, he rein above on Demon lord Ouron. Gaining the title "True Death". For him title is nothing, title cannot change him. He always be alone, living in the forest.

At last his finale moment, is already come. Taking him away slowly. With so many fame and glory, nothing change. He still alone dying in the middle of the forrest. He live his life with grief and vengeance, remembering his family, friend and companion. All of them died because of him. Leaving everything his past, with only him is okay.

No, it's for the best!

Everything he love, died.

Everything he know, gone.

Everything he cherish, lost.

Yeah, everything in this world he know are just gonna dissapear.

But at least, he already didn't put one more sin. Living alone is good for him, it's for the best.


He still feel lonely, he miss those laughter. Their smile, voices and most of all their love. If he could only live up more, their most way to ressurect them. But human life is a fragile thing, and that he hated the most.

If he could only been born to elves, demon, dragon or anything. He can most be able to protect them.

He hated it.

he hate, how human is weak.

But what he can do, he can only blame himself.

But the thing is, when he closed his finale moment. Mysteriously, he wake up on this world. Where many country form, and few skirmishof war happenings there and in here.

Weapon of war, guns, rifle, tank, and etc.

Most importantly, they have hunter. Where awekening human part on. Just like his old world, they have magic or mana. But the only thing differents is, in this world, if you are a fighter you only will have a superhuman strenght. That applies to the other like healer. Not like his old world, when a warrior can use mana even they are not talented. Magic or mana, or he only the one called that. They only prepare it on stamina. If you are a healer, you have no indicator that you are low in mana. You will just feel it deep inside on you. So they prepare it called stamina more or so.

There are super power in this world. Versa Empire on the east, Mirian, a republic kingdom on the west of Versa empire. Western United union on the west and a portion part of north. Everlast Kingdom on the north. And the most weakest is the Southern alliance.

And there's a guild in every power house. Most importantly, in his place. Mirian have 5 guild, the hunter association are another topic. They are force of the country, and bring law on behalf of the government.

But he have no care about that. All he care now is his mother, only his mother are the most important right now. When he born in this world, only his mother he see. Father? until now he doesnt see that, but who cares. But still he know it's his fault. His mother is a young woman in the age of 22. With great intellect he already what the outcome is. His mother got pregnant, and the guy leave him. Nothing new, but still the pain he feel is hell.

Always because of him, someone hurt. But the bright side is he feel loved again, with all of suffering his mother feel. She still love him, no matter what.

When his the age of 3, he's mother fall in love again. But he already seen deep inside the guy, that this man is no good at all. With great intellect, he said all thing the guy deads. But his mother didn't take it real, she just tought it's child thing.

When the maiden is in love, it's world will only for her man.

That's when he hated again, that is human is weak. If he can only been born to demon, he can just kill that guy with one swift attack.

That day, he's mother crumbled again. The man get home on that dark day. The man is already living with them, in just 5 days. He have that smile, that smile that my mother can resist.

But to him, that smile, that f*cking smile! destroyed his mother world again. Deep inside those eyes, he see the desperation. Desperation to live, but the most strongest is the greed that human will always have.

When he see those smile, instinctualy. He attack like a madman, he pounce. But the guy didn't fight back, when his mother see's this. He stopped him, and lectured him. Because on the back of he's mother is where the man stopping him. But those sweet voices to his mother is not sweet on his ear. Deep inside those voices, is succes and greedness.

Once again, he hated to be a human. Emotion, his emotion deafeted him again.

The man invited his mother to go to bed. He tried to stop it, but his mother didn't listen to him. Because of what he have done. So that man planned is a succes. With his sweet voices fo his mother persuade her to have sex.

He bang on the door, but his mother didn't listen. Those sweet voice and those pity voice of the man, open his mother wall to open herself. Those passionate voice embrace his mother.

Standing in the front door, he cried. Human is really weak, human can always defeated by their emotions. Human is really weak, compare to the other.

That man planned complete, he persuade his mother to stump the paper. When that thing happened, his true colored just burst open. He hit my mother openly. I heard it, and started banging the door.

His intent, switched on me. He remembered, the thing i did, just a while ago. He opened the door and kicked me. Punches, Kicking? those are nothing. Compare he went through.

He's mother run to shield him to the man she loved. But what she can do? She just tossed aside by the man like nothing. The man she love.

Seeing this, he pounce again and hit the man left and right on the head. But the man caught him with difficulty, and pinned him on the ground and hit him again and again.

Day come, but those are their darkest day.

A gang came knocking on their door, getting the payment on the debt. His mother, droze and became puzzled. But when the man showed up the paper, she black out.

She thought the man only get angry because of her son did. But she just been use by the man she loved. She thought that thing will just flow away but reality hit her hard.

Good thing she have money to payed, but what about them. What about her son. Her parent money can only pay enough the debt. What will she do?

On the other side, he came with a solution.

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