Book cover of “A Pervert's World“ by Slayer104

A Pervert's World

  • Genre: Steamy (18+)
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Slayer104
  • Uploaded by user210122
Our protagonist is unexpectedly transported to a world where desires and exchanges transcend the ordinary—a realm where sex is a currency, and magical beings abound. From angels to demons and everything in between, this world teems with enchantment and peril. In this extraordinary setting, our hero must navigate a landscape where the lines between ... 


'Ok that's pretty hard'. Rick sighed while he pushed his bike around. Today was not particularly a lucky day for Rick as he was facing some hard time. First thing in the morning he got a mail regarding his entrance test result for a reputed school in the city and despite giving his best he didn't qualify for it.

And although none in his immediate family will blame him for it but now Rick was in a dilemma, should he settle for a less reputed school or should he apply for another school in another city.

Rick has a family supporting him at every point of life. His loving mother taking care of him since his childhood even when his father was not not available for him and was busy with his work. His father although absent from his early years while he was growing up, was the constant source of motivation in his life. His sister was the focus of his adoration, her cheerful laughter got rid of any worries he had.

So when his results arrived he had a thoughtful morning. When his mother saw him she can see the tension on his face.

'Hey Rick' his mother called him.

'Yeah mom' Rick answered.

'Would you be kind enough to fetch some groceries for the house as we are running pretty low on it'

'Sure mom I will be free in an hour' Rick replied in a monotonous voice.

Rick washed up as it was going to be afternoon in a few minutes. He got ready and left his house to go towards the local mall. While on the way his bike broke down and now he is pushing it around.

Rick was waiting on the signal when he realised a lady with a child cart that she was holding on to while on the opposite end of the road crossing. While looking towards her and appropriating her beauty he didn't realise that the signal was green now.

When he was getting ready to cross the road, he can see a fast moving car in his peripheral vision. Realisation struck him that the car is not slowing down at any rate and maybe the lady with the child might be in danger. Sensing that trying to warn her would not be possible now. He rushed towards them.

All his life Rick was not a heroic guy. He himself didn't realise how he got the idea of helping her just in the spur of the moment.

Result you ask? Well Rick is now on the road lying down in a pool of blood, most probably his own.

'This is a quite a disappointing end.' when tried to open his eyes, he can see the face of the mother of the child. At this point of time her face was nothing less then that of a fairy. He can see her mouth moving.

'Ohh, she must be screaming for help. Sorry, to disappoint you lady I can feel my internal organs rupturing, I don't think I can survive this haha' Rock thought. Rick's hearing faculties had been collapsed.

Last thing he saw was a car stopping by and she carried him to it with help from some pedestrians. And then he closed his eyes never to open them again in this life.

'Well atleast the mother child pair was saved' was the last lingering thought in his mind. In his last moments he was worried for his family how they will take his loss. How they will move forward with their lives.

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