Book cover of “A Saint, Who Was Adopted by the Grand Duke“ by Delightful_Witch

A Saint, Who Was Adopted by the Grand Duke

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Delightful_Witch
  • Uploaded by user272780
Condemned to a life of captivity for being a Saint, my existence was one of suffering and hardship. Despite truly possessing saintly powers, my fate was sealed because the temple already had its chosen Saint. The endless torment eventually led to my death. But death was not the end. I awoke fifteen years in the past, at a time before the horrors of... 


– I demand the return of Saint Daina.

– I don't know what you're talking about, – Grand Duke Dehsin's eyes flashed brightly.

The newly appointed priest Pedric coughed, flinching from the look of dark green eyes, but did not give up.

– Didn't you take the Saint from our temple? It seemed rather strange to me from the very beginning that you were going to buy this meek child.

– ...gentle child, – Darwin murmured softly, slowly repeating the words of Priest Pedric.

Pedric, feeling the dangerously thickened air emanating from the Duke in waves, tensely stretched out:

– I know that Daina herself realized the awakening of the Saint in herself, so I believe that you know about it. It belongs to our temple, so please return it to us. We have been facing great difficulties lately.

It was a speech in which a person was considered only as an object.

Darwin's lips, whose patience was at the limit, were tightly compressed.

– I don't know how you guessed her power, but you bought her for just a million erin, and that's unacceptable.

In the end, Darwin could not stand it and his fist hit the desk with force.

Bam! - The table fell apart with a deafening crash.

Documents and writing materials flew apart, a cloud of dust flew into the air, the office plunged into chaos.

– Grand Duke Dehsin! What are you doing?!

– What am I doing? I'm just protecting my daughter, – instead of stopping, Darwin pulled his sword out of its scabbard.

Drawing a sword in front of a priest was tantamount to declaring war on the temple.

The situation became more and more tense, both the temple knights and the Dehsin knights were holding swords in their hands.

In an instant, the office froze in tension.

The pressure increased and reflected on everyone, their faces turned white.

– Everyone, listen to me carefully, – Darwin barked loudly. – Not Daina, but Esther. And she is not a Saint, but my daughter!

– Your Highness!

– No!

It was impossible to stop the man. After finishing his speech, Darwin swung his sword without hesitation and cut off Pedric's left arm.

This was the true form of Darwin, nicknamed the killer demon.

When everyone froze, the knight of the temple who came with Pedric jumped between them. Shuddering, he put all his divine power into Pedric's hand.

Shortly after the blood stopped and his arm was attached to his body, Pedric, who almost lost his arm, was stunned:

– What are you… What the hell are you doing?!

– If you say that about my daughter again... – Darwin looked straight into Pedric's eyes, his pupils dilated with rage, and then he finished with all his heart. – I will declare war.

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