Book cover of “A Tempestuous Union with the Beautiful CEO“ by Kyrian_Vincent_93

A Tempestuous Union with the Beautiful CEO

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Kyrian_Vincent_93
  • Uploaded by user711255
Emmanuel Lowe, a twenty-eight-year-old gynecologist with a distinguished military background, faced an unexpected dilemma upon retiring from his seven-year service: the looming fear of ending up alone. The transition from the structured, purpose-driven life of the military to the quieter, more introspective world of civilian life had left him feeli... 

Chapter 1

Impatiently, Emmanuel Lowe hung up on his mother, knowing he was just outside the café. The twenty-eight-year-old, who had never been in a relationship, retired from the military after seven years and had been working as a gynecologist at a Yeringham hospital for three years, earning eighty thousand a year. Despite his concerns about ending up alone, Emmanuel's mother took charge and arranged numerous blind dates for him, resulting in seventeen thus far. However, none had led to marriage, and Emmanuel felt like he was going through the motions. Right before entering the café, he heard someone weakly calling for help.

Without hesitation, Emmanuel rushed to assist the person in need, discovering an old man who expressed gratitude for his kindness. Noticing the discrepancy between the old man's worn-out appearance and his well-kept hands, Emmanuel didn't have time to dwell on it as he hurried to meet his blind date.

Inside the café, Emmanuel found himself in an area with softer lighting, scattered flower petals, and an ethereal atmosphere that made him feel like he had entered heaven. There, he encountered a stunning woman seated at a table, radiating perfection. Despite his work as a gynecologist, the countless female bodies he had encountered hadn't captivated him like she did. Emmanuel was struck by an inexplicable attraction toward her, wondering if it was mere nervousness or genuine interest.

To his surprise, the table bore a large number eight, indicating that she was his blind date. Emmanuel took a deep breath to calm himself before approaching the woman's table and taking a seat across from her. The woman's expression turned flabbergasted and even hostile, not appreciating his audacity.

Ignoring her reaction, Emmanuel proceeded to introduce himself, unabashedly sharing details about his income, possessions, and willingness to be a responsible husband. Mackenzie, the woman, was taken aback by his sincerity and lack of shame. Eventually, she burst into laughter, finding Emmanuel's honesty and approach amusing.

However, their conversation took an unexpected turn when Mackenzie clarified that she wasn't there for a blind date. Realizing his mistake, Emmanuel apologized profusely and hurriedly left the VIP area, embarrassed by his blunder.

Shortly after Emmanuel's departure, an old man accompanied by bodyguards entered Mackenzie's private room. This man turned out to be Terence Quillen, the chairman of a prestigious financial corporation. He praised Emmanuel's character and kind actions, emphasizing that fate had brought them together.

Terence, nearing the end of his life, had a deep regret—his three sons had passed away without leaving male heirs. As Mackenzie, Terence's favorite granddaughter and his successor to the Terence Group, had never been in a relationship due to her misandry, he sought a suitable partner for her. Impressed by Emmanuel's qualities, Terence hoped Mackenzie would consider marrying him.

However, Mackenzie remained composed, determined to test Emmanuel herself before making any decisions. She valued finding a good man and didn't want to rush into marriage based solely on her grandfather's approval. Terence, hopeful that Emmanuel would pass Mackenzie's test, eagerly awaited the outcome.

The story unfolds with Emmanuel's blind date taking an unexpected turn, intertwining his life with Mackenzie's and the hidden motivations of her influential grandfather.

After turning right at the door, Emmanuel finally found table number eight in the common dining area.

Sure enough, a woman was seated at the table,

looking like she was running out of patience.

Dressed in professional attire that accentuated her

beautiful curves, she was, by all means, a sight to


Even though she didn't exude the same air of elegance

that Mackenzie had, there was no denying she had the

power to make men fall at her feet.

Thankfully, Emmanuel wasn't disappointed in the

slightest. After all, he was well aware of his own


Without further ado, he straightened himself up and

approached the woman with a smile.

"Sorry I'm late! My name's Emmanuel Lowe. I'm

twenty-eight years old, and I work as a gynecologist

with an annual salary of eighty thousand-"

"Stop!" the woman coldly interrupted before he could

finish his introduction. "What's the meaning of this?

With what little you have to offer, do you seriously think

women would want to marry you? I can't believe you

even had the nerve to be late! What right do you have

to keep a woman waiting? This has been an utter

waste of my time. Hmph!"

After firing off a barrage of questions, the red-faced

woman angrily splashed a glass of water on

Emmanuel's face.

Emmanuel's face.

The latter, who was caught off guard, instantly

became soaking wet.

Nevertheless, Emmanuel didn't lose his temper. After

all, he was indeed late because he went to the wrong

place, so he could understand why the woman was



"Hmph. You're twenty-eight and still only earning

eighty-thousand a year. No wonder you're doing so

poorly! Not only do you lack punctuality, but you also

don't seem to take life seriously. You're doomed to be

at the bottom of the social hierarchy your entire life!

I'm shocked you even have the guts to go on a blind

date with me… Stop being delusional!" the woman

scolded as she shot Emmanuel a look of contempt.

The next second, she grabbed her bag and stormed

off, not once bothering to leave her name.

To add insult to injury, she even waved a wad of cash

in front of Emmanuel's face, then slapped it hard on

the table as payment for the bill.


The latter's gaze darkened instantly as rage began

pulsing through his veins.

This woman is humiliating me! I may not have high

expectations for marriage, but that doesn't mean I

don't have a temper! Argh! As much as I want to make

her regret her actions, I know I don't have that


Since the woman was gone, Emmanuel, too, left the

café glumly.

To his surprise, he had only just stepped out the door

when he saw a long-haired man deliberately colliding

into a BMW and screaming in pain.

Emmanuel couldn't help but furrow his brows. Oh, gosh.

That man is clearly staging a car accident. Why is

there so much trouble in this café today?

"Ah! Someone's been hit!"

"Argh! My leg's broken! Murderer!"

Four men immediately rushed out to join the

commotion when the long-haired man fell on t


Those guys must be the co-conspirators!

Just then, a young lady hastily exited the BMW, clad in

a maroon sleeveless dress that revealed a large

expanse of tender, fair skin.

With her long, shapely legs and her cleavage peeking

out from the neckline, there was no denying that she

was incredibly sexy and alluring.

"What's the matter? How could I have injured your leg

when I was driving so slowly?" she asked anxiously.

Seconds later, the long-haired man's buddies

surrounded the woman, demanding compensation.

"Cut the crap! Pay up! Pay up now!"

Several people in the café had witnessed the staged

accident, but unfortunately, they were so afraid of the

big, burly men that no one dared to confront them.

"How much do you guys want?" the woman muttered

helplessly, having resigned herself to the fact that

she'd have to settle the matter with money.

The group of thugs, however, began leering at her

bosom and drooling over her.

"Haha. Hey, sexy, why don't you have some fun with

us?" one of the men suggested as he shamelessly

tugged at her dress.

Just like that, what had started as a staged accident

quickly turned into public sexual harassment.

The pretty woman was so scared out of her wits that

she staggered backward until she bumped into


Instead of taking advantage of her like the other thugs,

Emmanuel stepped in front of her and glared at the

long-haired man.

"Your leg's broken, and you're asking for compensation,


Upon seeing Emmanuel's menacing expression, the

thugs felt chills down their spines.

At the same time, Mackenzie was sitting in the café

and watching the entire scene unfold.

Well, well, well. Who knew that man would be so brave?

I'm sure no one else would have the guts to go up

against five thugs.

The next second, Emmanuel stunned everyone by

viciously kicking the long-haired man's leg.

"Argh!" the latter shouted in pain as he began hopping

on the leg that was supposedly broken.

Goodness gracious! That man is daring!

Mackenzie, too, had curled her lips into a smile.

The café was one of her properties, so naturally, she

had also seen how Emmanuel's blind date went.

I thought he was a coward when he didn't flare up

despite being splashed with water. Who knew he was

just a gentleman who doesn't lose his temper with

women? I must admit, he looks rather charming when

he shows his tough side!

"What's this? Didn't you say your leg's broken? I'm


When the onlookers realized that the long-haired man

had lied about his injury, they wasted no time scolding

and criticizing him.

By then, the other thugs had also lost their bravado

and fell silent. After all, they knew the tables had

turned on them.

"Hmph. I'll let you off this time, brat! You'd better watch

your back!" the long-haired man warned before

running away with his tail between his legs.

With that, the pretty woman gave Emmanuel a warm

smile and coyly gestured for him to get into her car.

"Hey, handsome, thank you so much for your help.

Would you like to go to my house for a drink?"

Emmanuel, however, brushed her off without a second

thought. "No, thank you. I have other things to do!"

Seeing how unmoved he was by her advances, the

woman couldn't help but stomp her feet in frustration.

What the hell… Am I not sexy enough? I've already

made the first move, so why won't he reciprocate?

Back in the café, Mackenzie heard her grandfather

burst into loud guffaws.

"Haha! I told you so, Mackenzie! Didn't I say that man

has an excellent character? Your assistant, Lexi, is such

a beautiful woman, yet he refuses to give her the time

of day! Once you guys are married, you won't have to

worry about him cheating on you!"

The more Mackenzie ruminated about Terence's words,

the more her impression of Emmanuel improved.

I hate men because they're always so lustful… However,

Emmanuel Lowe seems to be quite the exception!

"Don't be too happy yet, Grandpa! Men are either after

looks or money," Mackenzie uttered coldly before

getting up.

Ha! I doubt Emmanuel can pass my second secret test

of character!

Meanwhile, Emmanuel had gotten home after his

matchmaking session failed spectacularly.

Needless to say, his sister, Roselynn Lowe, was

frustrated beyond belief. "What? Another unsuccessful

blind date?"

This is the eighteenth time, for goodness' sake! My

brother's a six-foot tall, fit, and upstanding young man.

Why won't any woman take a fancy to him? He may be

thick-skulled at times, but surely, someone will still

appreciate him for his good looks, won't they?

Emmanuel's mother, Alessandra Cadigan, seemed

even more anxious as she hurriedly dragged him out.

of the house.

"Mom, what are you doing?" Emmanuel asked, startled

by how panic-stricken Alessandra was.

"What am I doing? I'm worried sick about you!" the

woman scolded without breaking her stride. "I don't

understand it, either. Our neighbor's an unkempt

up at home, yet he's already planning for his second

child! Why can't my son get a girlfriend? That woman

didn't even stay for the blind date, did she? I paid good

money to set this up for you! Let's go see her at her

house right now!"

"What?" Emmanuel choked out.

Did I hear that right? I can't believe Mom has gotten

this desperate! The matchmaking session was an utter

failure, so why must she still insist on dragging me to

the woman's place? Wouldn't I just be embarrassing

myself again?

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