Book cover of “Absolute Great Teacher“ by Longing Washes Red Beans

Absolute Great Teacher

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Longing Washes Red Beans
  • Uploaded by user709369
Sun Mo, once the top teacher at No. 2 High School, finds himself transported to the Tang Country of Central Province after a mysterious accident. Now, he is an intern teacher just out of graduation, thrust into a new world with a daunting mission. His fiancée, a fair and affluent woman, is the headmaster of a renowned school whose reputation has fa... 

If Your Heart Is Clear, There’s No Need to Fear Any Wind and Rain!

"The Absolute Great Master System has been bound. Please collect the newbie gift pack as soon as possible!"

When he heard this voice for the third time, Sun Mo wanted nothing more than to smash the dog head of the other party.

(It was fine if you don't want to extend a helping hand, but is there a need to taunt me like that?)


Sun Mo's body sank downward. A large amount of lake water immediately splashed on his face, gushing into his mouth and nose.

"If this is a swimming pool, how many mouthfuls of urine would I have drunk?"

Sun Mo self-ridiculed, trying to suppress his nervous and scared emotions. If not, he was afraid he couldn't continue preserving.

His swimming technique, the dog paddle, was something self-taught in a small river outside the village. If he was alone, he would be able to persist until he reached the shore. But now that he was pulling a girl through the water, he felt a little helpless.

" me!"

The black-haired girl struggled with all her might as she flailed about.

"Stop moving about randomly or you will die!"

Before Sun Mo finished his speech, he swallowed another mouthful of lake water. The suddenness of it made him involuntarily want to cough.

"The Absolute Great Master System has been bound. Please collect the newbie gift pack as soon as possible!


Sun Mo dragged the girl by her clothes and climbed to the shore as he panted wildly. Gazing at the surroundings like a wild dog, he then ruthlessly raised his middle finger, but there wasn't even a single person in the vicinity.

The beautiful moonlight was like silver sand sprinkling on the grass. The Yunting Lake in the distance was glistening like crystal!

"What the hell?"

Sun Mo furrowed his brows. It seemed that they were tight enough to crush a crab. Lowering his head, he cast another glance at the girl he had just saved. The girl was wearing ancient style clothing, and there was even a sachet at her waist!

"Why isn't she Zhou Miao?"

Sun Mo felt a little headache. After he had graduated, he went to No.2 High School to teach. In a short six years, he managed to teach two students who ended up going to Tsinghua and Peking University. His dazzling achievements caused him to take the lead role in high school.

Initially, getting a raise and promotion should have been a cinch, but who knew that a girl named Zhou Miao from the next class had fallen for him. After he rejected her, Zhou Miao started to spread rumors that the two of them were together. She was preparing to make lies into the truth.

Sun Mo didn't want his life to be destroyed. Hence, he had invited Zhou Miao to the park for a detailed chat. When they were rowing a boat in the lake, Zhou Miao suddenly lunged at him. This caused the two of them to fall into the lake together.

"What is this place exactly?"

The flames of anger still burned in Sun Mo's heart. He glanced at the plants in the surroundings. The atmosphere was quiet and gloomy, and this seemed to be the outskirts. A look of doubt gradually appeared on his face.

Cough, cough!

The girl lying on the ground started to cough because of discomfort, spitting out a generous amount of lake water mixed with saliva. Her gaze was disorganized and perplexed, and she was gradually regaining consciousness.

"Are you alright?" the girl asked weakly. "Life is so beautiful, please don't commit suicide!"

"Did water just enter your brain?" Sun Mo was depressed. "I have only played the computer I bought for a few thousand dollars a few times. Why would I commit suicide? Do I have nothing better to do?"


The girl had a stupefied look on her face. "In that case, why are you trying to drown yourself by jumping into the river?"


Sun Mo suddenly discovered a problem. "Don't tell me you got into the water because you wanted to save me?"

"Wuwuwu~ Li Ziqi (herself in third person), you stupid fool!" the girl muttered. Her beautiful face turned red instantly. She had originally come to rescue someone, but she ended up being rescued by him instead. How embarrassing.

"The Absolute Great Master System has been bound. Please collect the newbie gift pack as soon as possible!"

The annoying sound rang out once more, causing him to be extremely vexed.

"Ring, ring, ring, can you stop being so annoying?"

Clanking sounds~

A large, shiny treasure chest suddenly appeared before Sun Mo. It was so bright that it almost blinded his dog eyes.

"Do you want to open it?"

The system asked.

Sun Mo glanced around, and his gaze fell onto the girl. After that, he grabbed the chest, seemingly understood that he was the only one who could see this.

"Open or not?"

The system continued asking.

"Open, open, open. If there isn't a mansion or valuable treasures in there, I'm going to bust open your dog head!"

Sun Mo was extremely impatient.

The treasure didn't give Sun Mo enough preparation time and immediately opened. A golden-colored book appeared in front of him, slowly spinning about.

"Congratulations. You obtained the grandmaster-grade 'Divine Sight'. When you focus your sight, you can read all the data of your target."

The system's voice was as listless as a husky resting in the shadows of a roof on a hot summer day. Clearly, there was no sense of 'congratulations'. It was clearly just conventional polite words.

Sun Mo's lips twitched and he glanced at the girl who finally sat up. His gaze became focused, and three white large words 'Li Ziqi' floated above the head of the girl. This should be her name.

Gradually, other streams of data jumped out of her body. The white words trembled unceasingly, and there were even lines of evaluation at the end.

Strength: 4, level of an ordinary girl. Slightly stronger than someone who lacks the strength to even truss a chicken.

Intellect: 10, numerical value off the charts! When the majority of people are compared to you, it would be a praise to even call them monkeys.

Agility: 1, slightly more inferior than a klutz. Suggestion: Do not head out from your house, you face the risk of stumbling and tripping to your death if you walk.


Sun Mo had a stupefied look on his face. What the hell was this?

" name is Li Ziqi!"

Upon seeing Sun Mo not speaking, the girl felt the atmosphere was a little awkward. Hence, she found a topic, wanting to alleviate the tense atmosphere.


Sun Mo continued to ask, "Did you jump into the water because you wanted to save me earlier?"

"Mn". But she hurriedly shook her head again, blushing furiously. After all, she had failed to save him and almost drowned instead. This was just too embarrassing.

Sun Mo's lips twitched. (You are someone with 1 point of agility, but you still want to save others? Are you tired of living?)

However, when he thought of how the girl intended to save him, his expression became much gentler.


When she heard Sun Mo's thanks, Li Ziqi was like a rabbit being stepped on. She immediately leaped as her hands continued waving.

"No, no, no need for you to thank me. I got the whole situation wrong and also, you are the one who saved me!"

Li Ziqi was evidently depressed. She didn't know when she would stop being such a klutz!

In any case, Sun Mo had also been a teacher-in-charge for six years. What sort of students had he not seen before? With his experience and the information gained from Divine Sight, he was able to guess the reason behind Li Ziqi's depression.

"Not all gold is sufficiently pure, and nobody is perfect. You don't have to be so hard on yourself. So what if you are a klutz?"

Sun Mo laughed. "Moreover, you have a pair of good brains, your intellect alone can crush many people."


Li Ziqi's eyes brightened. She inclined her head and stared at Sun Mo.


Sun Mo didn't lie. This girl, whose intelligence was off the charts, was a top genius that all his rival teachers wanted. She would never be assigned to his class.


Li Ziqi suddenly thought of the rumors and gossip targeting her.

"Haha, don't care too much."

A clumsy young girl really caused people to be fond of them. As Sun Mo spoke, he subconsciously patted her head slightly. "If your heart is clear, there's no need to fear any wind and rain!"

It was only meant to be some words of consolation, but after Sun Mo finished speaking, a golden light suddenly shone around them.

Swish~ swish~ swish~

The strands of golden light were like the rain, sprinkling and scattering out, penetrating Li Ziqi's heart and nourishing it silently.

Li Ziqi was shone upon by the golden light, and her body also began to emit golden-light as well. She suddenly felt extremely refreshed and vitalized. Her entire person became more optimistic and cheerful.

" are a great teacher?"

Li Ziqi had a look of astonishment on her face as she looked at Sun Mo. This young man was at most 18 or 19 in age. Yet, he was already a great teacher?

Sun Mo lowered his head and glanced at the clothes he was wearing. He was somehow clad in blue-robes of an ancient style too. Although the time he spent on shore wasn't long, he still understood his current situation. He should have traversed space-time and arrived at another world.

This place was Middle-Earth. There were nine provinces and tens of countries in this world, and each of them was the capital of learning and education. Regardless of which country, great teachers were the most respectable of all occupations.

However, it wasn't easy to be a great teacher. One had to have a moment of enlightenment, possess the great teacher halo, be proficient in several types of occupations, and pass a strict test by the Saint Gate.

"Earlier, that was the 'Priceless Advice', right?"

Li Ziqi had a look of worship in her eyes. "The effects are very strong!"

A great teacher could transmit the dao and dispel the students' doubts. The great teacher halo was a unique talent all great teachers had. The halos could help the students relax, allowing them to comprehend the teaching with higher efficiency.

This 'Priceless Advice' was able to let the logic of the great teacher influence the students. It would allow them to not forget this for several days and maintain the same state of heart.

If a student hated studying and the great teacher used 'Priceless Advice' to persuade the student, the student would be infused with 'fighting spirit' and work hard in their studies for several days.

Staring at the strange gaze of little sister Li Ziqi, Sun Mo didn't know how to say the words he had been about to say - 'I just gained a flash of enlightenment earlier'.

At the same time, the system's notification rang out.


Favorable impression from Li Ziqi +3.

Prestige connection with Li Ziqi unlocked. Current state, neutral (3/100)!

Remark: Put in more effort and gain the first enthusiastic fan-student on your path to be a great teacher!

"Which academy are you from?" asked Li Ziqi while blinking curiously.

"Central Province Academy!"

Sun Mo tidied up the memories in his mind and didn't know whether to laugh or cry. The situation of his host was truly terrible. No wonder his 'past-self' would want to head to the outskirts to relax.

After his past-self in this world had graduated, he luckily entered the Central Province Academy. It was just that the other graduates in the same batch as him had all become teaching assistants, while he was tossed to the logistics department.

"Wow, the Central Province Academy! You are so awesome to be able to teach there!"

The worship in Li Ziqi's eyes became even more fervent. That was one of the nine great academies in Middle-Earth. The Central Province Academy was extremely famous and had an outstanding reputation.

"Hehe, you don't need to praise me."

Sun Mo didn't know what he should say. 300 years ago, the Central Province Academy had experienced a huge calamity, and all the great teachers and genius students died completely. From then on, that setback led to total collapse. It gradually declined and only had its past reputation to depend on now.

In the nine provinces of Middle-Earth, there were over thousands of academies. They were divided into different grades based on their size and number of qualified teachers. Currently, the Central Province Academy had already fallen to the 'D' grade. In the league tournament this year, if it continued to be ranked at the bottom, it would be delisted and removed from the education system.

"If I didn't remember wrongly, it would soon be the student recruitment meet for the Central Province Academy, right? I'll go there and support you!"

Li Ziqi's smile was very sweet. Her adorable dimples seemed to be filled with honey.

"Ding, mission issued. Please make Li Ziqi wholeheartedly take you on as her teacher within half-a-month. Reward: 1 mysterious treasure chest."

The voice of the system rang out in Sun Mo's ears, and it caused him to involuntarily curse silently in his heart. "Now, I'm just a part of the logistics department. I basically have no qualifications to take on disciples!"

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