Book cover of “Accidentally Conquering a Tyrant“ by Rose_Glaz

Accidentally Conquering a Tyrant

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Rose_Glaz
  • Uploaded by user655311
In the windswept reaches of a distant continent, Cellica Carpathia, daughter of a once-prominent kingdom, stands as the linchpin between survival and conquest. Renowned for her keen strategic mind, Cellica has long shielded her homeland from the voracious appetites of a burgeoning empire. Yet, her singular focus on defense has a price; unbeknownst ... 

Chapter 1

"He's so annoying. I'm gonna dump him."

"Seriously!? Didn't you say you were going to make a serious relationship with him?"

"Summer is the season of love. I'm sure I'll get a better boyfriend than him."

While the two girls were enthusiastically talking about romance, there was a girl with long silver hair sitting with them who was slightly distracted by the topic of their conversation.

"...Ugh?! I would like a boyfriend." Her voice sounded jealous.

"Ah, I'm sorry I even talked about me breaking up with my boyfriend in front of you, Ella-chan. I didn't mean to be arrogant or to make fun of you." The brown-haired girl beside her immediately apologized while placing both of her hands together.

"Yeah, Ella-chan you said that you broke up with your boyfriend? Even though I'm sure that your relationship with your boyfriend will continue after you told us you were getting engaged." The girl opposite Ella immediately stood up and looked worried when she confirmed the news that her said a while ago.

"Although handsome, after all he's only a son of the Baron Family, that's nothing to regret." Shaking the glass that only had ice cubes left, she was a little nervous when she confirmed that she had broken up with her boyfriend. She also slightly raised her chin as if to show her friends that it was not a problem for her.

"I would invite you to a mixer, Ella-chan, but you are transferring this week, right?" The friend beside her looked sad as she remembered that Ellaine would be transferring from their academy this week.

"Long distance dating is really hard, you know. You can't make out and also with technology now your chats are only limited to letters... And also you can't tell if your boyfriend is reading your letter alone or reading it with other girls." The excessive concern shown by the blonde haired girl across from her caused the girl beside her to also seem more sympathetic to her.

Ella's anxiety turned into panic when she heard her friend's concern. In order not to look panicked, she immediately put down her glass and tried to calm her friends.

"Don't worry about me. At my new academy, I'll definitely get a new boyfriend right away." Even though she hesitated, she tried to smile and pose a little to reassure her friend who continued to stare at her with sympathetic eyes.

"We must have missed you, Ella-chan. Don't forget to write us a letter about how you are at the new academy." The two girls came closer and hugged her warmly, as if it was the last event of the girl group.

"Yeah, even though we're far away, we're still friends." Ella returned the hug of her friends.

In the simple restaurant, the presence of the 3 girls caught the attention of the visitors who were eating. The visitors were attracted not because of the story of their friendship that would be separated by distance, but they felt uncomfortable because their make-up and clothes were too quirky and excessive for teenage girls to wear in a small town where the majority of the residents were farmers.

After spending time together at a restaurant that was the only one in their town, they finally separated to return to their respective homes. Different from her friends who went home feeling sad, the silver-haired girl walked home feeling confused.

"Haah, even at the last moment I still lied to them." She sighed with a regretful expression.

The girl with long silver hair was Ellaine... Ellaine Grimward. She was an early teen girl with mulberry red eyes of average height. She is the only child of the Baronet Grimward Family in a remote town.

She was a student from Eagledale Academy, although only the daughter of a lowly noble, however, she wished to have a boyfriend who came from a high-ranking noble.

She actually has a desire to have a boyfriend not because of a desire from her heart, but that desire comes from the influence of her association with her friends who have the mindset that not dating is not cool.

Different from her friends who often get love confessions from men, she never gets it at all and is always jealous when she sees her two friends often change boyfriends.

She thought that her unpopularity was due to her family's social status which came from the lowest nobility. Meanwhile, her two friends were from the Viscount and Earl Families who were quite prominent in their town.

It was clear that it was Ellaine's carelessness in choosing her social circle, but she had really fallen into that predicament and had enjoyed her company with her friends who were willing to accept her from lowly aristocrats.

But as a result she was accidentally poisoned by their habit. Ellaine, who has no control over her circle, couldn't help but follow the hobbies of her friends who like fashion and dressing up. As their time together, she has made make-up and fashion a part of her habit.

Because their Academy is quite free in dressing, they even always use quirky clothes and excessive makeup when going to study.

Even though they look like bad girls to people who just saw them, but strangely the students in their academy like their strange appearance and even become trendsetters for their academy.

But her happiness of being popular at their academy had to stop when suddenly her mama was about to move to the capital city.

"Eh?! Mama suddenly got a new papa for me?"

"Sorry for notifying you just now, but at the end of this month we will be moving to our new house in the Capital City."

"Haaa! It's far away. Then how about my study? I'm still a first year student. I can't live alone here."

"Precisely because you're in first grade, I'm sure that you'll quickly make new friends at your new academy. I've already taken care of your transfer, so you don't have to worry."


Ellaine was really shocked when a few days ago her mama told her that she was getting remarried. And the surprise didn't stop there because in less than 1 month they had to move to the capital city.

Because she only lived alone with her mother so she had to go with her mother and move to the new academy in the capital city.

Right on the weekend, Ellaine and her mother finally moved from a small town to the Royal Capital of Aurilux. Because the distance to the capital was very far, they took 3 days 3 nights by horse carriage.

"Ha ha ha, it's finally here. I thought I was going to die of boredom." Ella immediately got off the horse carriage while panting as if she had been away for a month in the stuffy place.

Because she was suffering from motion sickness, Ellaine couldn't sleep well in the carriage. She really suffered for those 3 days.

"Boredom won't kill you, Ella-chan... Ah~ You need to get some rest, because tomorrow morning you have to go to your new academy. Let mama take care of your things."

"...Guh. Can't I skip class to make up for the sleep I lost?"

"No way! Since tomorrow is your first day, so don't make a bad impression on your new academy. Oh yeah, all your necessities should already be in your room, so don't wear weird clothes again okay?"

"O-okay!" She was surprised because her dress style was considered strange by her mother.

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