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Affinity: Chaos

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Springs Halo
  • Uploaded by user594638
Grey, elemental affinity, zero, the Elder announced with finality. The words struck Grey like a bolt of lightning. He stood motionless, staring at the Elder, his mind reeling from the shock. Around him, the crowd buzzed with a mix of astonishment and disdain. But Grey remained frozen, his thoughts consumed by a single, unanswerable question: 'How?'... 


"Come on Grey, the test will start soon" Martha's voice could be heard from downstairs.

"I'm coming mom" A boy's voice filled with excitement could be heard from upstairs.

Before long, Martha heard the sound of running on the stairs, "Take it easy dear, you might hurt yourself" Martha said in a soft tone when she heard the rushed footsteps

A young boy about the age of 12 could be seen running down the steps with a flushed look, "I'm ready mom, let's get going before it starts. I want to get a good position on the list" Grey said with enthusiasm.

Martha looked at him with a smile and helped arrange his hair before they left for the Arena where the test will be held. Martha was a lady in her early thirties, she had fair skin and beautiful brown eyes. An oval-shaped face and shoulder-length blonde hair (In short, she was a breathtakingly beautiful woman :)…).

Today was the day when the Academy union did a test for the youngsters in this city to know their aptitude and which elements they were inclined to.

This is a world of Elementalists. Everyone has an element they are in tune with and the Academies help the people check what elements they are inclined with.

Elementalists cultivate by absorbing their said elemental particles from the world to increase their realms. With each increase in realm, there is also an increase in lifespan. Everyone wants a long life, so they always work hard on cultivating.

One can only check which elements they are compatible with after reaching the age of 12, but anything older isn't advised as the body is at its best state to start cultivating at that given age.

You can get a cultivation technique after you get admitted into any of the Academies or if you are from a big clan, getting one wouldn't be hard.


The entire town was abuzz with activity and people could be seen coming out from almost every home, heading in the direction of Arena at the eastern part of the city.

The test is held every year, as a lot of kids reach the age of 12 every year. There are different places where the test could be taken. And big cities have multiple centers for taking the test since they have more people. This city though, well, it's not that big and only has about 20 participants taking the test each year.

On getting to the arena, the stands were already filled to the brim with people, and they were all chatting about the possible result of today's test. A kid could be seen on the Arena's stage, this indicated that the test had started.

"Mom look, they've already started. Now I'm going to be among the last people tested" Grey complained when he saw the test had already commenced.

Martha looked at her son speechless, 'You were the one who took heavens know how long dressing up, yet I'm the one to blame because we came late'. She was too lazy to reply to her son's statement. She looked around for the registration stand.

"Come on, let's go and get you registered little man," Martha said as she walked towards the place for registration. A table and a chair were set up there and also a man could be seen sitting on the chair taking down names.

"Hello sir, I'm here to register my son for the test," Martha said towards the man sitting on the chair.

"Okay, what's his name, and exact age," the man said politely.

"His name's Grey, and he is 12 years 2 months old" Martha replied

"Okay, he will be the 16th person called up," The man said after taking down the details of Grey

"Okay sir" Martha turned and was about to leave with Grey

"Currently, 3 people have already gone up to take the test, just be prepared. If his name is called, and he doesn't come up the stage within 1 minute he would be skipped and will have to wait till next year to have his test done"

"Okay, thank you sir" Martha thanked him sincerely before taking Grey with her as they looked for a place to sit.

"Now sit down and behave. Wait for your turn patiently and don't get nervous okay" Martha advised her son calmly, she knew how mischievous he can get. Although he causes a lot of trouble, she knew he was a sensible kid.

While the mother and son duo were still talking, a loud voice could be heard from the platform.

"Jonas, elemental affinity fire. Grade, purple" The Elder who took the test declared the result of the test loudly.

The entire arena immediately went into an uproar when this result was announced.

"Did he just say purple grade?"

"Oh my God, a purple grade appeared"

"The last time a purple grade appeared, all the big academies fought for who would admit her into their school"

Talents are graded with colors and there are 4 colors known to the people of the Qilin empire, which are, Pink, Orange, Purple, and Blue. With Blue being the highest and Pink the lowest. Pink and Orange talent takes up the majority of the population, while the talented have Purple and Blue.

There are rare cases of people who have multiple elements. It was said the Emperor of the empire is a Dual Elementalist and also had a Blue and Purple grade respectively on each element. The Emperor is the strongest Elementalist known to the public.

The representatives of each Academy immediately got into a heated argument on who would take Jonas as a student. Usually, after the result of a test is announced, the representatives discuss among themselves before one of the Academies gets the kid.

But in this case, none of the Academies wanted to miss out on such a talented individual. Although the Academies had a good relationship outside, they were still competing against each other.

"Cough, cough, Why don't you allow him to choose which Academy he would like to enter as a student" The Elder announcing the results couldn't allow the Academies to lose face in front of the crowd, so he quickly tried to stop their dispute.

The representatives quickly calmed themselves and looked at Jonas with eager looks.

Jonas felt glad for attracting such attention from the representatives. "Seniors, can I go talk with my parents before deciding on which Academy I will join?" Jonas asked respectfully.

"Yes of course, besides, the test is still ongoing," The representatives said with a smile. Usually, they wouldn't have been so courteous towards anybody from such a small city, but, the case was different for Jonas. Jonas was someone who will grow to become a powerhouse later in the future with his talent, so, having a good relationship with him isn't bad even if he will only be able to join one of the Academies.

Everyone looked at Jonas with envy, he was currently the center of attention in the entire arena. His current status has already risen to a new high as even in the Academy, he will be someone the Academy will nurture greatly.

"Wow, a Purple grade" Grey said with a tinge of envy while looking at Jonas who was walking towards his parents with a smile on his face.

Martha looked at Jonas also, surprised that someone with a purple grade appeared in this little city of theirs.

"Okay now, let's continue with the test" the Elder shouted as he tried to restore order to the arena

The people in the arena quickly toned down the noise. The Elder continued calling the names of the children on the list given to him. After getting to the 10th name, the Elder called for a break. He used the opportunity to take the new list which had been made since some people came late, they decided to hold the test in this manner.

After the 10 minutes break, the test continued. Quickly, it got to the 15th name on the list. Grey tensed up as it was soon going to be his turn. His palm became sweaty and his nervousness could visibly be seen.

"Calm down sweetie, no matter the outcome of the result, promise me you'll remain the same," Martha immediately held onto Grey's sweaty hands.

"Un." Grey nodded.

"Next up, Grey" The Elder shouted the next name on the list, everyone in the arena looked on with interest awaiting the boy whose name was called up.

Hello readers, if you like the book don't forget to add it to your library and vote. This is my first book, with your support and help, I can grow to become a better author.If you have any thoughts about the book you can tell me on the comment section.

Happy New Year. And don't worry, I have no thoughts of dropping the book after the competition ends..

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