Book cover of “After Reincarnation, the Omnipotent Ancestor Reaches the Top“ by Lu Tianshu

After Reincarnation, the Omnipotent Ancestor Reaches the Top

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Lu Tianshu
  • Uploaded by user495069
A century-old ghost, long a silent observer of the living world, suddenly finds herself incarnated as the true daughter of the Stephens family—a family that has always viewed her as mentally unstable. Upon her return from the village, she is met with immediate heartbreak. Her fiancé swiftly ends their engagement, choosing her cousin instead. Even t... 

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[Pampered+Double Strength+Metaphysics+1V1]

Rumored good-for-nothing Viola Gordon, because of an accident, made a deal with a demon and obtained special abilities, returning to interrupt her ex-fiancé's wedding.

Viola Gordon, who has returned to Ocean City, is good at fortune-telling, and some sneer: "These are just tricks to deceive, abduct, and swindle."

Some people say that Viola Gordon is now working as a courier, mocking her with schadenfreude: "Even the rich heiress is doing dirty work now."

Her childhood "friends" scoff at her family of the weak, sick, and disabled. Viola smiles and hands them a piece of evidence to send them to eat their annual dinner.

Master Jordan from the Capital: "Deceive, abduct, and swindle? With just a move of her lips, you won't even have your little panties to wear. Dirty work? They probably haven't seen someone earn millions with just one errand."

Master Jordan's secretary: "I can testify that the above is absolutely not spoiled by Master Jordan."

Everyone in Ocean City wants to trample on Viola Gordon, who has fallen from the clouds into the mud.

Later, it turns out that some powerful figures are very respectful towards the rumored ignorant Viola Gordon!

For a time, everyone trembled in fear!

[Crazy female lead VS Gentlemanly male lead]

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