Book cover of “Alchemy of Souls“ by Chicken_n_Nugget

Alchemy of Souls

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Chicken_n_Nugget
  • Uploaded by user903643
"What's beyond these endless clouds?" This haunting question lingers in my mind as I gaze at the infinite grey sky, where no light breaks through. The clouds seem to mirror my future—bleak, lifeless, and devoid of hope. In my deepest moments of despair, a dream takes flight within me. I long to be like a bird, to soar high above the gloom and reach... 

Cultivator's era

The old era was born into the world, and so the era of cultivation began. The world enters a new era of civilization. Humanity unlocked the power hidden inside them to become cultivators. Humanity struggled for their lives waiving war against each other for resources, divine powers, pill making, and weapon forging.

Because, no matter how much it is decried, people are greedy; they are not content with the things they already had, the more the better.


Swoosh! Swoosh!

It was early in the morning where the sun could be seen starting its rise. Apolaki could be seen taking a deep breath while bathing himself with the light of the sunrise. He has already been seen on the training ground for a while, practicing martial arts with all his might.

Apolaki is a twenty-year-old teenager wearing a regal red vest and pants. He is also adorned with golden ornaments and a red headband with a good light brown feature, brown eyes, and good body build.

Five months ago, a master from Stone Crew Sect went to Greenhill village to recruit qualified disciples. Apolaki was taken in because of his excellent performance.

Being recruited by a famous sect like Stone Crew Sect, Apolaki brought honor to his family. Therefore, his parents are in a good mood all day long, seeming ten year younger instantly, and calmly enjoying the envious gazes of the people in the village.

But only Apolaki knows that today's glory is at the expense of his hard practice day and night.

'Kali Martial Art'

This is the martial art that Apolaki has been practicing seriously with his moves swiftly and systematically. The set of actions used in these martial arts are striking, grappling and throwing or takedown. Usually, kali masters often use weapons like sticks and bladed weapons very often.

It is said that kali martial arts are one of the deadliest martial arts.

Weapons used by kali masters are not only limited with sticks or blades but instead any object that the kali masters found around could be used as his weapon.

That's why kali was deadly and most often is not used by people who are not well versed on using the martial art.

Actually, this technique was not given to the sect or was found somewhere by him but was already learned by him in the past.

As you have guessed, he was not from this world. He transmigrated.

Apolaki did not know the reason why he had transmigrated from this world or how did it reach to the point where he was transmigrated.

All he did that day is that he pushed the starting button of his car and the rest was already hazy.

Right now, Apolaki honed his martial art carefully with a solemn face, although the set of moves are quite ordinary, the same could not be said if you really fought someone who knows kali martial art.

"When I was in Greenhill village, I had already reached the first stage of the warrior phase. But no matter how hard I try, I still can't break through to the second level even after five months." Apolaki thought as he analyzed his current situation.

In fact, his childhood friend named Kana was also recruited into the Star Crew sect together with him. When Kana was still in the Greenhill Sect, she was very nice to Apolaki, and even had a secret crush on him.

When she learned that she, together with Apolaki, was accepted as one of the outer disciples of the sect, she was filled with joy. Surprisingly, the two became a little bit detached after living for a month in the sect. Apolaki had not seen Kana after she encountered a handsome inner disciple of the sect.

Yesterday, Apolaki had heard that Kana and that inner disciple called Suka was in a relationship.

It is said that Suka the inner disciple is an extraordinary young teenager, and is regarded as one of the genius disciples of the Stone Crew sect.

In the village, it is normal for Apolaki to have the admiration of the many, especially the girls because in the eyes of the villagers, his talent is admirable.

But in the Stone Crew Sect, he cannot compare with someone as excellent and well invested as Suka.


He quickly erases the things that were bothering him. What is more important right now is to break through to the second level of the warrior phase. After slapping his cheeks slightly with both hands, Apolaki spared no effort practicing his martial arts again.

The cultivation method handed by the sect is also a set of martial arts including the way as to how one would be able to feel the qi in the surroundings.

But Apolaki did not change the set of martial arts he already practiced. It could be said that while he studied the set of martial arts from the sect, he concluded that his martial arts are much more advanced and also because he already had the best method as to how he could improvise his martial art that would definitely be suitable for him to use in this fantasy world.

"Look, as expected he's already here. When it comes to diligence no one could possibly be like him."

"I say, all his diligence is useless. The outer disciples are only allowed to learn and practice the basic martial art handed by the sect. And also, what kind of martial arts he has been practicing till now? I doubt he hasn't even learned how to sense the qi in the surroundings much more than absorbed the qi."

"Yay! Just like the saying 'work hard but to no avail'. Thankfully I already broke through last week… hehehe."

"What! How!?"

"Well, it's not really a secret and everyone knows this already. Bootlicking… could also help." The disciple said to the other disciple before passing Apolaki.

As the sky gradually brightened, the training ground gradually became crowded. Every so often, people would glance at Apolaki in surprise, amazement, contempt, as well as gossip now and then.

It could be said that Apolaki is famous within the outer disciple.

Apolaki turns a deaf ear, only concentrating on practicing his set of martial arts.

"Oi! Here you are. You're really early, don't ya?"

Apolaki almost fell down when a big hand heavily slammed down on his back. Thanks to his solid foundation, he quickly stands firm.

Apolaki immediately stabilizes himself and looks back.

A fat but muscular teen around the age of eighteen stands in front of him. The teen laughed after seeing the funny expression Apolaki had displayed.

Looking at the teen who's laughing, Apolaki couldn't help but take a deep breath before saying, "What do you want, Ken?"

Ken was someone Apolaki had offended when he entered the Stone Crew Sect, because of Ken's arrogant behavior and always looked down on some of the new disciples who looked weak. He would often speak with sarcasm which was really irritating.

"Easy, I want nothing from you. So, have you made a big progress? Actually, I would like to exchange pointers with you." Ken said.

Hearing this, Apolaki could already tell that Ken would be up to no good.

"Hey, Hey! Look! Ken is here. It looks like something interesting might be going to happen soon!"

More and more disciples nearby gather around, hoping to see something interesting between Apolaki and Ken.

Seeing that more and more disciples are gathering around, Ken couldn't help but slightly smirk. For him, the more the people gathered, the better. Since he was planning to humiliate Apolaki deliberately.

"Wait, don't tell me Ken already made a breakthrough to the second level of warrior phase, that's why he purposely tried to irritate Apolaki?"

"Right! It must be. There is no reason why Ken would arrogantly be trying to corner Apolaki now, right?"

Ken looked at Apolaki with his hands on his hips, taking delight in the people's positive comments towards him. He finds it refreshing and at the same time exciting.

"Normally, a first stage warrior can hardly withstand more than eight to ten moves in front of a master of the second stage of warrior phase."

Hearing this comment, Ken said with a smug, "Eight to ten moves?"

Ken couldn't help but shake his head arrogantly, "I only need three moves to defeat someone like him."

After he said this, the people around were suddenly in uproar. However, no one doubts Ken's bluff when they see how big Ken was.

"Three moves?"

Apolaki's heart felt like it was stabbed by a needle.

He knew how big the difference between the first stage and the second stage was.

But to say that he would be defeated with only three moves, it was obviously an insult.

Apolaki calms himself, because he knows very well that Ken uses this opportunity to humiliate him and insult him because he had broken through the second stage of warrior phase in front of the onlookers present around. He also knows that Ken would not let him go even after making his three moves.

"Well, as much as I like to exchange pointers with you, I would prefer if we could do this the day after tomorrow. As you know I'm quite exhausted today. Might as well give this little time to me to attempt to break through, you know. Who knows, maybe it might turn out to be a little more enjoyable." Apolaki tried to sway Ken with his words, hoping it would work. And then turned around and quickly walked away.

The people present are shocked by Apolaki's remark towards Ken. They all thought that Apolaki would accept Ken's provocation.

Apolaki was not stupid.

Ken's fierce eyes followed Apolaki's disappearing figure, "Well, as per agreement, we'll exchange pointers the day after tomorrow. When we meet on that day, I hope we can have an enjoyable fight!"

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