Book cover of “Alisa's Love and Secret“ by dewamika

Alisa's Love and Secret

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: dewamika
Isabella Moore, who wants to solve the death of her best friend, Alisa, is stuck with two handsome men who like her. Bryan, the school owner's son, and Zach, the lead detective. In the middle of her investigation, Isabella actually found some surprising facts about her best friend. Can Isabella find the biggest secret that Alisa has been hiding all... 

Chapter 1

University Hall, New York.

Winter snowflakes fell right on the face of the girl dressed in all black. Wearing a blazer suit with a white scarf around her slender neck, the woman stepped into the dormitory for third-year students of New York University. And that girl was Isabella Moore.

"Ms. Moore?"

Someone's low voice caught Isabella's attention. A thin man in a simple black and white suit ran a little, approaching Isabella with a wide smile on his ash lips. His face looked aged with wrinkles in some parts, especially on his forehead and the corners of his lips.

Students at New York University are given facilities such as free dormitories. This dormitory is intended for students to be easier and closer to campus. The location of the dormitory, called University Hall. And the University Hall building will be filled with students from various majors in the third and fourth years.

"You arrived early, apparently."

Isabella observed the man from the top of his head to his toes. A man with a slender build, dull eyes, and a cheap-looking black and white suit. Isabella then raised both eyebrows. "Are you Uncle Ben?"

"Yes. I am Ben Jhonson." The man offered his hand politely. "I am the dorm secretary who will be helping you in the third season. Especially since you are a transfer student."

Isabella was silent, without a word coming out of her mouth. She raised one of her eyebrows, then said, "Are we going to stay out here for a long time? Shouldn't you invite me inside, Uncle Ben?"

Making both corners of the 40-year-old's lips drop instantly. With an awkward smile, Ben nodded yes and raised his hand in the air. Signaling for the girl in front of him to immediately enter the four-story building with a large sign that read University Hall above the gate.

University Hall, is a building made for third and fourth year students at New York University. As for students in different years, they will be placed in different buildings as well.

Isabella was dragging a large black suitcase in her left hand when Ben started talking again.

The thin man told her many things, including the beginning of his career at the dormitory. How a beggar like Ben, could be appointed secretary of the dormitory by the main owner after working for twelve years. It was a miracle, he said.

Ben couldn't stop talking about the awards, certificates, and commendations that the head of the university hall had, even though Isabella wasn't listening at all.

Fuck off! Who cares about this dormitory?

Because the original purpose of the girl moving into the dormitory was not because of the track record of the dormitory but because of the death of Alisa Harrison, Isabella's best friend, who died in the dormitory toilet mysteriously a week ago.

Alisa's life was fine before. So Alisa's death, which was very sudden, made Isabella not accept it.

Although everyone says that someone's death is fate. But Isabella remains convinced, if something is wrong there. Something was wrong with Alisa's death, and Isabella felt responsible for that question mark.

"Uncle Ben."

Ben stopped walking and turned around. His sad eyes then looked at Isabella. Isabella was seen standing with a curious expression.

"What's wrong, Isabella?"

"Do you know anything about Alisa Harrison's death?"

The man no longer looked as enthusiastic as before. His face paled, like he had just seen a ghost. Or, like seeing the undead rising from the grave in an old cemetery. Isabella noticed the change in expression on Ben's face, but pretended not to know.

Ben cleared his throat and blinked his eyes confusedly, awkwardly. While shifting his gaze to other directions to avoid, Ben also only spoke moderately. "Ah, about that... I can't give you any information," he explained in a quieter voice than before. "The dormitory president has forbidden me from talking about it to anyone, especially a transfer student like you, Ms. Moore."

"The case is being talked about on television; people are starting to make assumptions." Despite sounding curious, Isabella made no expression at all. Her face was flat like a lifeless statue. But the look in her eyes clearly spoke there; there was an angry feeling buried deep inside. "But it seems... the university doesn't want to comment. Is that the only solution?"

Ben cleared his throat again, this time with the intention that Isabella, who was only a transfer student, immediately shut up.

Isabella must shut up, or she will get into trouble

Ben then approached Isa, not forgetting a polite smile. "Ms. Moore, Alisa's parents, and the dormitory have sent a detective to investigate this case in secret," he whispered. "The policeman is undercover right now. We'd better not talk about it again in public."

"Is the murderer one of the boarders here, Uncle Ben?"

"Miss Moore!"

"Is the dormitory also convinced that Alisa didn't kill herself?"

"We really need to stop talking about it now!" Ben said.

"What if Alisa was bullied? Under pressure? Or, what if there's a problem that can't be solved? We have to find out."

The blood in Ben's entire body was boiling because of the girl named Isabella. He clenched his hands into fists and stared intently at Isabella before, in the next second, his demeanor returned to normal, and the man named Ben Jhonson forced a friendly smile in front of Isabella. "Miss Moore, you must be tired and cold from waiting for me outside. This is your room, the room previously used by Miss Harrison."

Isabella turned her head slowly, staring at the finest wooden door in New York City with a surprised look. "This is Alisa's room?"

"Yes, Ms. Moore. None of the students here dared to stay after news of Alisa's death spread," Uncle Ben replied simply. "I was quite surprised when your parents requested this room for you, Miss. Plus, we haven't finished cleaning up Alisa's belongings after the incident. Maybe if you're lucky... there will be some of Alisa's things that can be yours. So, have a good rest and have a nice day."

Isabella let out a short breath and nodded obediently. "Alright. Thank you, Uncle Ben."

"My business card is on the table in every room, and you can contact me when you need anything," he explained, still in a low voice. "I've laid out a paper with the dormitory rules. You can check them later."


"I'll be going now, Miss. See you soon."

Ben then turned around, leaving Isabella, who went straight into her new room in the university dormitory with mixed feelings.

For a moment, Isabella felt sadness and disappointment entered her body when her feet stepped into the room. But the next feeling was tightness and loneliness. Isabella stepped deeper into Alisa's room, which was now her room. The room was dominated by plain white walls. There were two separate beds there, and still dominated by the same color. The scent of fresh leaves coming from Alisa's body suddenly wafted into Isabella's nose. Reminding her of the memories the two of them had made in the past.

Isabella's already teary eyes then looked at all corners of the room and what was seen there was emptiness.

Isabella then closed her eyes and inhaled oxygen deeply. Then, time seemed to stop there. Right when suddenly, the girl felt someone tapping her on the shoulder from behind.

Making Isabella gasp and immediately open her eyes. Her heart is now beating faster, imagining what figure appeared in the room that her best friend had just left.

With one heavy sigh, Isabella let go of the suitcase in her hand and turned her body slowly. Isabella stared in shock at the source of the voice, who now looked sweet with a smile on her lips.

"A.. Alisa?"

"You finally came, Isabella." []



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