Book cover of “All My Wives Are Beautiful Elves“ by Dark_knight234

All My Wives Are Beautiful Elves

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Dark_knight234
  • Uploaded by user654399
In the ethereal expanse of the afterlife, Alex Riley discovers a truth as unsettling as it is surreal: his existence hasn’t quite reached its end. Clad only in his birthday suit, he meets a celestial being draped in white, her form as alluring as it is intimidating. “Put some pants on, your d**k is staring at me,” she chastises, marking Alex’s unce... 

Chapter 1

In space, floating in a vast sea of nothingness. Calmness and utter silence encapsulating the scene, a small bulb of light, flying towards an unknown destination housed a mysterious entity. Inside, trapped and fighting for freedom.

Alex clasped against his very mysterious prison, hitting with all the strenght he had in him. Every ounce of energy he could muster went into trying to break free from the bulb that contained him. All efforts proved to be futile as the bulb seemed impenetrable.

"Brenda?!!!" ...Alex called out. But there was no response and at that moment it seemed as though his fate was sealed.

Ahead was what seemed to be a foreshadow of where the bulb was floating to. In the very canal of space, a house stood.

A glass house that spread wide to about fifty feet and was as tall as the heavens. As impressive as this sighting was there was a lot that didn't add up.

The house in question stood upon nothing as the very foundations of it seemed bare and open. It was as though with everything else, the house was constituted of mystery.

But inside the house, a female stood at one of the numerous windows staring out into the wide sea of space. She had her eyes fixated on the object hovering towards the house. Her eyes locked with it and her expression there after was one of calm nonchalance.

In a way, she hated the very fact that she knew the series of events that came up with this flying object whose trajectory was her abode.

Her eyes rolled as she turned around in a swift motion and headed out, leaving the room she once stood watching the vast sea of space.

She came out of a door and stood at a stairway that led to no where in particular. She halted her movements and stood there with her arms crossed as she gazed with an almost suspicious look. As she stared in silence, out of no where, blaring out was a loud deafening alarm.

The once quiet scenery was shattered by the deafening cry of the alarm which broke the ambience of the neighborhood. She stood still, poise and undeterred. Her eyes locked straight towards the stairs.

The same stairs that spiralled across the width of the house going up, sideways, front and back with no clear direction. As she waited, the alarm suddenly stopped and transpiring between an opened glass door was a bulb of light that floated into the premise of her abode.

Landing on the stairs, the bulb didn't wait to have a peaceful landing before shattering into pieces and revealing the contents.

A white smoke rushed out of the shattered bits of the bulb. The smoke encased the surrounding of the accident that just occurred.

The woman in question for the first time showed a faint sign of emotions as her eyebrows raised inquisitively. She took a step forward and her foot landed on the stairs. Taking another step, before her feet could get to the ground, the stairs came to meet her foot by itself.

Like that, she ascended with elegance. Eventually, she got to the position in which the bulb had landed and before her then was a sight for sore eyes.

She stared at the body of a man lying down, looking dead. A pale white skin tone was the story behind the man's body as he remained on the bare floor of her glass house, naked and completely vulnerable.

She walked up to the man and tapped his shoulders. Alas, said man lifted his head up like he had been woken from a life threatening nightmare. He arose gingerly and started by looking around his mysterious surrounding.

The first thing that caught his attention was the stairway that appeared to be all over the place. He saw one leading out to a window and then another coming back but stopping half way.

In the entirety of the house, the man in question only noticed there were two doors. One in which he came through and the other one which he had only sighted but barely made effort to look at because there was something else before him.

"Hel..lo...hello there miss," Alex muttered, as he stared at the woman in question that was shrouded in mystery. He had a lot of questions to ask and was on the verge of loading his mouth like a gun with them to fire off one after the other.

But he was beaten to it and the woman in question stopped him from ever going on his planned tangent of inquiries.

"Put some clothes on before you talk to me. Your dick is staring at me," the woman uttered. Completely caught off guard, Alex looked down to then realize he was naked.

A cold breeze of shame embraced him as he quickly tried to cover his vital areas up but that didn't seem like something that would pay off.

For one, Alex found it hard to completely cover the full length of his erected male sex organ.

After seeing the pitiful sight of Alex struggle to cover himself up, the woman shook her head in resignation and with a snap of her finger, a white robe appeared over Alex's body.

Taken aback by this sudden experience, Alex was about to ask how it had happened but then noticed that there was a lot more that didn't make sense about what just happened.

"Sorry, how is this supposed to help? This material is completely see through," Alex complained.

The white robe the woman had p magically summoned over him was like a veil but completely open to the eyes of even those that weren't trying to look. In all honesty, Alex felt like it was an odd way to help somebody. Still, he resigned to say the magic word... "Thanks anyway," Alex said.

An emotionless face looked his way as the woman didn't say a thing there after. Just staring at Alex.

After what looked like eternity had passed and the two staring at each other, Alex had to trace her eyes and realized she was still staring at his groin area.

"Why won't this thing come down?!!!" Alex asked, completely frustrated by the situation he was in. Alex didn't understand what was going on but a lot of things needed a lot of answers.

"Let's get that thing fixed," the woman said, in a tired tone almost like she hated her job she wasn't even employed to do.

She turned around and began to walk up the stairs but just like before, the stairs came to meet her feet.

Alex was just on the move and about to go with her when a few things suddenly clicked in his head. Things that he wanted to keep for later. But right now he didn't know if LATER would change so he shot his shot.

"Wait, where am i and how did I get here?" Alex asked.

"You are in the house of steps. And you died. That's how you got here," the woman answered as she ascended the stairs with a look of nonchalance on her face. Alex stopped completely in is tracks.

He just received the news that he was dead. That word meant a lot of things to him at that moment but even at that pivotal point, he had other questions to ask.

"The house of steps? Is this like heaven? Are you an angel? Are you my guardian angel? Also, is everyone else here going to be naked like you and I?" Alex asked and immediately, the woman stopped in her tracks and turned to Alex with a look of astonishment on her face as she asked.

" can really can see me?..." She stuttered.

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