Book cover of “Almighty Video Game Designer“ by Qing Shan Qu Zui

Almighty Video Game Designer

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Qing Shan Qu Zui
  • Uploaded by user255762
Chen Mo always fancied himself a video game designer, though in reality, he was merely a producer. One fateful day, overwhelmed by work-related stress, he died—only to find himself miraculously reborn in a parallel world. This new life transported him back to his younger self, freshly graduated and brimming with ambition to become a true video game... 

Chapter 0

Translated by Coldtaco

Edited by Aelryinth

As a videogame designer, Chen Mo thought that his life was already perfect.

All the games that Chen Mo had designed went into video game history.

"Journey" had received seven awards at the Global Game Developers Conference, including Best Visuals, Best Design, Best Sound Effects, and Most Innovative Game of the Year.

League of Legends was now seven years old and still held the throne of PC gaming. The League of Legends World Championship finals continued to break viewership numbers.

The Last of Us, Uncharted, and GTA5 were popular all around the world, selling tens of millions of copies, breaking many records in the process.

Outlast, Tales Of Glory, and Thriller Paradise had revolutionized the VR gaming industry. Many video game designers considered them classics as they studied them repeatedly .

Even mobile games, such as Honor of Kings and Onmyoji, were always at the top of mobile games ranking, barely threatened by their competitors.

Don't even get him started on the money tabletop games made in just two months. That was really easy money.

And then there's also RapeL... Nevermind, that genre hadn't really been explored.

If Chen Mo had any regrets, it was probably the fact that he still hadn't fixed his habit of daydreaming while on overtime.

That's right, all of the above were just Chen Mo's daydreams. He was actually the main producer in a mobile games company from China. It was inevitable that he would start daydreaming after two months of gruesome overtime.

Just like other video game producers, Chen Mo entered the industry filled with hopes and dreams. However, after a few years of overtime, the dreams he once had were drowned out by harsh reality.

However, Chen Mo still liked calling himself a video game designer despite being a video game producer. That might be all that remained of his hopes and dreams.

Chem Mo looked at the table next to him, which still had a cup of noodles from yesterday on it. It belonged to a software developer with messy hair and massive eye bags.

Can't help it, the software developer had stayed back longer than Chen Mo did.

Perhaps software developers were aliens. Chen Mo felt like the extra five minutes of overtime might kill him, but the software developers seemed to be able to maintain this zombie-like condition for months. Even when more bugs appear after they say 'it'll be online after this bug's fixed', they still have enough energy to fly to the moon.

Alas, that is the life of hard workers.

"This is so boring! I can't take this anymore, I'm gonna take a nap."

Not knowing if he was laying down or had passed out, he felt his vision going black. It didn't matter as long as he was unconscious.

Perhaps it's just a part of his imagination, but Chen Bo heard a sound in his dream.

"Game downloading...

"Main Objective: Become the best video game designer in the parallel world.

"Side Objective 1: Get over an income of two billion from a game in one month.

"Side Objective 2: Get over 10 million active players in one game in a month.

"Side Objective 3: Create games on PC, mobile and VR, and have 'classics' on each of the platforms.

"Side Objective 4: Become famous, reaching the level of a tier-one celebrity.

"Newbie bonus: None.

"Game difficulty: Max.

"Game tutorial: Closed.

"Switching to parallel world in...




"Game start!"

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