Book cover of “Alpha Simon Rejected Me As His Mate“ by EmmalineFadaini

Alpha Simon Rejected Me As His Mate

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: EmmalineFadaini
  • Uploaded by user589750
On the eerie night of the red moon, Scarlett O'Hara's life was irrevocably altered when the shadow of death loomed not just over her father but also her own existence. Grieving the sudden loss of her father, which coincided tragically with her birthday, Scarlett's sorrow was compounded by a terrifying encounter in the woods—an attack by a creature ... 

Chapter 1

"Good morning, my princess. Happy birthday to you!" As Scarlett O'Hara approached the dining room, her father told her.

Her long, red hair bounced behind her as she ran joyfully toward the dining table. It was her birthday and a birthday girl needed to be happy on her special day. Well, Scarlett was very happy. She had always looked forward to turning 18 years old. Now that she's an adult, she'd finally be able to do whatever she wanted. She'd also finally get to spend the day with her father before he departs on another trip.

Scarlett was wearing a Lakers jersey, black skinny jeans and white sneakers that her best friends Cornelia and Avery had given her just yesterday after school was over as a birthday present.

"Thank you, daddy." She approached her father and kissed him on both cheeks before sitting down between her two sisters, Mia and Isabella.

"Happy birthday, Scarlett." Both her sisters and mother said.

"Thank you all for remembering my birthday." While she waited for the food to arrive, she remarked in jest while curving her lips into a smile.

"Hon, we'll never forget your birthday," said her mother.

Scarlett couldn't take her eyes off of her father and they both started laughing. She was ecstatic just thinking about it being the D-day she had always looked forward to. She has wished since she was twelve that her father would take her to the basketball game she has always wanted to see. Now that she is 18 today, she will finally get to go.

She was a miniature version of her father, loving everything he loved and her siblings were always jealous of her because she always had to be the one to spend time with him.

"You look so happy, hon. What has your father promised you this time?" As Scarlett and her father's laughter increased, Scarlett's mother questioned.

Scarlett spun the table for the food to get to her and when the food finally got to her side, she began to serve it onto her plate.

When she was finished, she leaned her elbows against the table and put her hands on her chin before turning to face her mother. "That's a secret between Dad and me. Mom, you don't need to know." Scarlett rolled her eyes, returned her attention to her food and started to eat.

"October." Scarlett's father drew her mother's attention. "You really don't need to know what Scarlett and I have planned for today,"

"Really? Is keeping secrets from your family now acceptable?" With her hands clasped across her chest, October questioned. "Edward, do you realise that Scarlett is not our only child? The other girls don't want to hang out with you because of you. And it's been this way ever since Scarlett started taking pleasure in everything you do." October added.

"I don't think it's his fault just because I like everything he does. Belly and Mia don't appear to be interested in the things that Daddy likes, but I am. That is why he favours me the most."

"Scarlett, calm down and you too, October. This doesn't need to turn into a fight between you two because I love all of you girls."

The oldest child, Isabella, who had been remaining silent ever since the argument began, looked at Scarlett with a frown and then spoke. "Scarlett, don't be rude to mom. This is something you always do. Just make a change. You are an adult now that you are 18; stop acting childish."

Scarlett returned her focus to her meal. She no longer has an appetite, but she was reluctant to leave the table while everyone was still eating for fear of upsetting her father. She hated her mother. Scarlett and October have fought in the past over unimportant things.

Just two days ago, the two of them argued over whether Scarlett should plan a party or not. Scarlett had stated unequivocally to October that she was opposed to the party. She only wanted to go out with her father, but October kept insisting that since she is already 18, she should throw a party.

"I think I agree with Belly this time." The youngest, Mia, spoke, drawing everyone's attention to her. "Don't get me wrong, but Scarlett and Mom fight every time they get the chance."

"And who asked for your opinion, Mia?" Scarlett asked. Her brows furrowed as she darkly gazed at Mia.

"All I need to say is that I am aware of Daddy's promise to Scarlett." She turned her attention away from Scarlett and toward October.

Belly and October grew curious about Mia's viewpoint. "And, Hon, what did he promise her? A car?" October asked.

Mia shook her head. "No mummy. You must give me $100 right away if you want me to speak."

October grinned. "That's no issue, dear. You'll get it after breakfast, I promise. I will double the payments."

"Now you are talking, mom."

Edward rolled his eyes. "I find it unbelievable that you are spoiling Mia just so you can find out what I promised Scarlett. This is so not you, October."

"Well, Edward. You left me with no choice." October spoke to Edward before returning her attention to Mia. "Go on, sweetie."

Scarlett was scowling and irate from where she was sitting. Scarlett's conversations are particularly vulnerable to Mia's constant listening in. Scarlett's conversations with her closest friends and the boys at school are never safe from Mia's eavesdropping, which she eventually divulges to October to get more money.

Mia went on. "Mom, yesterday I overheard Dad and Scarlett talking. Scarlett wanted something different, despite Dad's efforts to talk her into throwing a party and getting her a cake. You guys are aware of Scarlett's passion for the NBA, right? Obviously, she is wearing a Lakers jersey with the Lakers written all over it." Mia made a gesture toward Scarlett's attire. "She has always wanted to attend the march, but Daddy has never had the time due to his busy schedule. Well, he does now. As a present for her birthday, Scarlett requests that he take her to the NBA game today."

After Mia spilled, Scarlett furiously pushed her empty plate aside and stood up. She was furious. However, if she had the chance to fight with her younger sister, she would definitely rip Mia's head off of her neck and not feel guilty.

Rather than venting her rage at Mia, she turned to face October. "Are you now content? You cursed today for me! Do you need to have all the information? You are so self-centered, mom!" Even though she had tears on the bridge of her eyes, she made an effort not to cry.

"Calm down, baby. Just because your mother learned about your birthday plans doesn't mean your birthday is cursed." Grabbing his jacket, Edward got up from his chair. He walked up to Scarlett and put his hands on her shoulder, making her face him. "If you stay here and argue with your mother, we'll be late for the game. You should smile; it's your birthday."

Edward barred Scarlett from getting inside the vehicle after leaving the house and arriving there. "You know I love you, right?"

Scarlett nodded. "We are best friends, Daddy." She smiled as she said.

"Yes, we are and that is the main reason why we need to talk."

Curiosity grew for Scarlett. Was her father going to let her down once more and leave for his trip like he always does without keeping his words?

"Daddy, what is it? Did I do anything wrong?"

"It's about your mother, Scar."

Scarlett's expression changed and she began to frown. "I hate her." Her arms were crossed across her chest.

"Don't say that. Never say you despise your mother. I am aware that what she did in the past wasn't accepted, but Mia and Belly have moved on. You should too. For my sake, Scar. Please respect her as well; she loves you."

October had never been a good mother to Scarlett or her siblings since they were young. She was the type of person who used alcohol to escape her problems.

On the other hand, because of her father's busy schedule, October was left in charge of caring for Scarlett and her sisters. Due to her habit of waking up inebriated, October constantly forgets to attend Scarlett and her siblings' competitions or class meetings.

It wasn't once, twice or three times but a couple times and Scarlett hated her mother for it. Because of her mother, her grades dropped and because of her mother, she was asked to change schools.

The fact that Edward made sure October's attended counselling didn't mean she immediately stopped drinking. Mia and Belly have forgiven October for what she did, but Scarlett would never. She simply doesn't want to forgive her mother. Scarlett also believes that her mother is not deserving of her pardon.

"Daddy, she doesn't love me. She loves herself."

"Hon, that's not true. Although she may appear to be very obstinate, your mother loves you." Edward decided to make Scarlett feel better after observing her reaction. "All right, let's set that aside for the moment. It's your birthday and what do we do when it comes to the NBA game?"

"We roar!" Happy, Scarlett yelled.

As Edward began to laugh, Scarlett joined him. "Yes, we roar. Go Lakers!"

"Go, Lakers!" Scarlett uttered as she sprinted to get in the car. She firmly fastened her seatbelt and waited for her father to start the car.

She couldn't wait for them to get there. Finally, she would be able to fulfil her lifelong dreams. To accompany her father to a game.

Once they were moving, Scarlett went to get a pretzel from the back seat and handed one to Edward. Her father finally stepped onto the one-way road as she started to eat and the two of them continued to discuss the game.

"We'll arrive there shortly. Are you that excited?" He turned his attention away from the road and toward Scarlett.

Scarlett gave a nod. She grinned broadly and when her eyes returned to the road, she let out a startled yell and started tapping her father's hand. "Daddy. Dad! Stop the car!" She yelled, gesturing toward the street. "There is a large bear on the road!"

Edward returned his attention to the road. He made an effort to prevent the car from colliding with the animal he could see in front of his screen. However, the animal was not at all like a bear; rather, it was a werewolf waiting to eat his next victim.

It had large, dark werewolf fur and red eyes. Scarlett does not know anything, so her only concern was preventing her father from running into the bear on the highway.

Without a doubt, if Edward decided to stop the car after turning it to the left, the car would crash into the tree.

"Daddy, what are you doing?" Scarlett yelled.

"Saving us both."

Scarlett was bewildered. She has always been a bookworm and thought that animals are friendly and not dangerous. "What?"

"Hold tight!" Her father said. He tried everything he could to stop the car, but when he finally did, the car collided with a tree and Scarlett's head hit the glove compartment because her seat belt wasn't properly buckled and was already almost loose.

As the car came to a stop, he called out, "Scarlett?" and turned to face her. She was wailing and her head was bleeding. "Are you okay?"

"It hurts."

"Hon, don't worry, you'll be fine," he said as he got close to her to look at her head.

"D…dad," Scarlett spoke, trembling. "What t–the heck is that?" She stuttered as she gestured toward her father's window. Her vision was already becoming blurry, making it impossible for her to see what was coming toward them.

Edward whirled around to see what Scarlett was talking about. When he noticed what was coming toward him, his eyes grew wider. His daughter was not in danger; he was.

"Dad..." Scarlett said, fadedly. Weakly.

She extended her hand to try and touch him. She fought to stay awake even though her eyes were trying to close. She fought to reach out to her father, but it was impossible.

She suddenly heard the sound of glass shattering, saw her father being dragged out from the window and heard his scream before she fell unconscious.

Hi, guys. I am the author of “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Hot and Cold.” Please follow my Instagram account @emmaline_fadaini if you want to know more about me. Your thoughts are needed also.

What do you think about this chapter? What will Scarlett do when she wakes up and find out that it was all a nightmare and not something real? Or was it real?

Find out in the next chapter.

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