Book cover of “Alpha's Defiant Mate“ by Sukhman_Gill_5407

Alpha's Defiant Mate

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Sukhman_Gill_5407
  • Uploaded by user417241
In a world ruled by the ancient laws of werewolves, the formidable Werewolf King thought he had everything figured out—until fate threw him the most unpredictable curveball: his destined mate was none other than a notorious rogue, a wild and untamed she-wolf with a penchant for defiance and no regard for rank or decorum. She was everything he never... 

Chapter 1


The mysteries of this world are something which cannot be told but only shown .Those who have seen believe, while those who haven't still refuse to accept the unknown.

But nonetheless, they believe or not doesn't matter because those who live inside these mysterious forests are nothing but beasts that can turn into humans.

Werewolves are what we call them, and their existence known even before humans.

Every full moon ,these wolves wish to escape there bodies and let out their wolves to feel free and untamable. The cold wind hitting their silken coats like a hand of a mother on her child's forehead. The feel of their claws hitting the ground like a surge of power making them run even faster.

Living with humans, they enjoy their lives to only return back to their packs at night.

And holding together this mysterious and unknown world are leaders known as Alpha's who are like guardians of the wolves in their sectors.Controlling their territory to report to their seniors.

'The senior ' sounds better because the strongest and the ones at the top of this chain is not a council or an organisation.

But instead a single man with the strongest wolf known to wolfkind.

The werewolf King is his position,and his aura is enough to make pubs run to their mothers and cry in fear.

Alexander Black

Is his name,a man with a soul as dark as his surname. Black with not a single ray of light or softness. He is the beast of beasts,whose one growl makes the entire werewolf kingdom to submit and oblige.

With infinite power and respect redefined.

He was the King in every sense.

Who ruled the werewolf Kingdom according to his whims.

But who would have thought that a human with tattoos running down her arms and a chewing gum in her mouth would disrespect him and refuse to submit to him.

Ignorance is a bliss

They rightly say because for our little firecracker Anastasia Grey, ignorance and bitchy attitude was all that made her challenge the strongest wolf in this world and that also in his own cave.

He made it clear as to what he wanted in his Queen

A sweet girl pure at heart,crown of a princess on her head,a firstborn of an Alpha and a submissive by nature.

Someone he would be proud to call his mate, someone he can show as his equal to the society.

But it seems even moon goddess does mistake because our little firecracker was no way near what he wanted,Instead she was the opposite.

A human,with tattoos running down her arms,piercings on her nose a chewing gum on her lips and rudeness her second language.

A mere human who has mastered her skills to it's best,and went hunting at nights killing animals that came in her sight.

Rude,arrogant,cold,fierce. You name it and she had it in her.

These opposites were bound by the strongest bond known in this world and it was yet to be tested that

Do opposites paired together is really a recipe for love,or was it a disaster that couldn't be stopped.

Place your bets because this pair is no way your usual.

And they will make your heart swirl with emotions.

He was Alexander Black,the strongest wolf known till date

And she was Anastasia Grey,his mere human defiant mate.

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