Book cover of “Always Been Yours“ by BlackFol

Always Been Yours

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: BlackFol
  • Uploaded by user123383
Sasha Jones, once a carefree high school student with dreams that reached beyond the stars, finds her world crashing down as her family's financial woes deepen. In her final year of high school, the harsh reality of her family's situation forces her to prioritize earning money over her long-held aspirations. As she navigates this challenging phase,... 

Chapter 1

Sasha Jones didn't normally like to frequent places like these; but today, she was leaning on the bar counter and downing glasses of liquor.

Her emotions were a chaotic mess, she threw her head back and guzzled the hard liquor. The burning sensation in her throat had tears pouring down her face, but her chest remained tight without a hint of respite to be found.

"Are you alone, miss?"

Someone placed their hand on her shoulder.

"Piss off." Sasha flung the hand away in disgust and stood up in shock, wobbling on her feet.

The man broke into a lecherous smile. "Women, when they say no, they mean yes. So, you don't have to be so feisty. I can understand you."

The man closed in on her, his smile not leaving his face. His eyes lingered on her face and he slowly lifted his right hand to her face.

Sasha's eyes vigilantly followed the movement of his hands. And before would know it, he was over her shoulders.


The very next second a loud banging sound erupted across the hallway with a body landing against the floor, earning the attention of the few people in the hallway.

"Well... I am the feisty one" Sasha snorted.

She then ran out of the bar. Her eyes squinted at the strangers who were mingling around the parking area. Her gaze snagged on a man some distance away.

Sasha dragged her feet and tottered forward in a stupor. She looked at the man, her vision blurring as she said, "Hello, I am a little drunk."

She stumbled around and almost fell, but the man held her up.

"Director...." Clark was standing behind him, looking at the woman in disbelief.

The man frowned; the situation did not perturb him at all.

Sasha grabbed the man's clothes tightly, kept leaning into him and started mumbling. "I am Sasha Jones. Please tell Jennifer Shore to pick me...."

Clark could not believe that this random woman had the guts to approach Ryan Shore but he was even more surprised when the latter didn't even react to her.

"Go! Get her! She was the one who attacked me!"

At that moment, a few security guards rushed over and encircled them.

Clark silently stepped before and shielded Ryan Shore behind him. "What is this about?" Clark lazily raised his eyelids.

"Who are you? What are you doing? Do you know who I am? I had my eyes on that woman!" His finger pointed at Clark's nose.

The leader of the security team stared at Ryan Shore for a short while. Suddenly, his legs started to shiver. He grasped Mr Hart's arm and said, "Mr Hart, I think he is…"

Special Assistant Clark Haskett flashed his businesslike smile and handed over his business card. "Don't ruin everyone's fun here".

Mr Hart was about to say something until he saw the name on the card. The PKs GROUP


Sasha felt like a puddle of water when she woke up – weak and listless. She stared at the white ceiling as she regained her focus.

"Sasha! You are awake!"

Sasha tore a thin smile seeing her best friend.

Jennifer went to pour a glass of water and handed it to Sasha.

"Sasha, What exactly happened? I was so shocked when you showed up at my door with that grumpy Clark last night."

Sasha paused for a moment before taking the glass and downing the water in one gulp. Everything that happened last night started coming back to her.

Sasha took a deep breath and told her best friend about catching her boyfriend Adam and Mabel in bed.

"What? Adam did such a despicable thing? What a b*stard!". Jennifer was infuriated and started lambasting Adam.

Sasha had been holding her tears back there, but now, she could not stop crying uncontrollably.

"Sasha! Please don't cry" Jennifer hugged her tightly, her voice brimmed with distress. Sasha lifted her head slightly, but still, tears continued pouring down her face.

"Okay. Just cry your heart out this once. After that, forget him." Jennifer padded her back.

After bawling her eyes out, Jennifer dragged Sasha out of bed, forcing her to have lunch with her.

Sasha's eyes flew open the moment she followed Jennifer into the beautiful garden at the top of the hotel. She heard about the famous Light Restaurant in A City, but she never got the honour to taste the food.

Sasha knew her friend came from a pretty well-to-do family, but it was today did she finally realized how wealthy the latter was.

"Feeling Better?" Sasha asked.

Looking at her who was already seated at the table, Sasha couldn't help but nod her head with a smile.

"Thank you," Sasha replied.

"I know you will like it. I always wanted to have lunch with you here when I am on vacation but you always give excuses to me." Jennifer huffed.

"I am sorry," Sasha said in a mere whisper.

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