Book cover of “Apocalypse Chaos - I Am the Villain“ by HikaruKiki

Apocalypse Chaos - I Am the Villain

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: HikaruKiki
  • Uploaded by user841929
Hikaru was living a peaceful life when he was suddenly thrust into a chaotic apocalyptic world by an enigmatic system. This new reality is a patchwork of countless apocalyptic novels, each teeming with its own dangers and heroes. But Hikaru isn't cast as the main character—instead, he finds himself in the role of a villain. Surrounded by an array o... 

I am Villain!

In a luxuriously decorated bedroom, a young man lies on a 2.5-by-2.5-meter bed. He was looking up at the ceiling, his face full of surprise and disbelief.

The young man was about 175 cm tall, his face was a bit handsome, and his hair was parted in 3–7 parted curls. He looked like he was about 24–25 years old. If calculated by normal beauty standards, this young man would score 80 points.

"System, are you crazy? I am a villain."

That young man suddenly spoke up; he felt like his heart was about to collapse, and tears threatened to fall from his eyes.

His name was Hikaru; he was not from this world; yes, he was from Earth.

For a person who often reads novels and watches anime like him, going to another world was a dream come true.

However, he didn't want to cross over into this world.

As he was passing through, the System told him that this world was a chaotic combination of many "apocalyptic" books (these books are all fictional).

But the special thing was that Hikaru was not the main character. Yes, he was the villain.

[That's right, master. If this was a book that had 4,000 chapters, then you are the type of villain who would die in the first 500 chapters.]

Hikaru was silent; he didn't know what words to use to scold the system. The system had forced him through this world and made him a villain. Hikaru was so saddened that he felt like committing suicide.

On Earth, he had a stable job, a stable income, and a stable life. Although he was an orphan and had neither a girlfriend nor too many friends, he was still satisfied with his life.

To many people, such a life seemed very boring, but for Hikaru, that life was very wonderful.

Hikaru was an orphan; when he was young, he lived in an orphanage. In that place, he couldn't eat well; he also didn't have warm clothes in the winter, and he didn't have a fan in the summer.

More than 50 children were crammed together in the orphanage, so it smelled bad, and the whole place was filled with the cries of children and the stench of mud.

However, everything was different now. He owned an apartment of more than 70 square meters with two bedrooms. In the winter there was a heater, while in the summer there was air conditioning. He could eat the food he liked and travel anywhere he wanted.

In the house there was also a large 55-inch TV, a PS5 game console, a super PC, and a high-speed wifi connection.

He even had an insurance package worth over $300,000; even if he had an accident or cancer, the hospital would take care of him completely without bothering anyone.

Hikaru also left a will stating that if he died, all of his assets should be donated to the orphanage that had raised him.

Such a life was heaven for him.

If he went to a fantasy world as a prince, he wouldn't need to worry about money problems, and he would be surrounded by many beautiful women, but now he was a villain in a chaotic apocalyptic world.

Hikaru was not crazy; in this world, he was a villain, so he could be killed by the main character at any time. Besides, there was danger everywhere, as he was surrounded by monsters and zombies.

If this was going to be his life, then he wanted to go back home and continue his old life.

The system spoke again.

[Master, don't worry. As long as you try to survive until the end of the book, you will receive many rewards.]

"Rewards?" Hikaru happily asked, "What are the rewards?"

[Master, you know that this world is a chaotic world, and it is the combination of many apocalyptic novels. In this world there are also many main characters; as long as you destroy them, you will get amazing things.]

Hikaru was silent; this was not a reward; he felt like he was being pushed into the gates of hell.

Would the main characters die easily? The answer was no, the main characters would never die; even if there was a life-threatening danger, they could still overcome it.

If the main character could die easily, all the novels would only have a few chapters.

Hikaru held his head and asked the system: "System, are you sure I can kill the main characters?"


Even though the system gave a definite answer, Hikaru still couldn't believe it.

Seemingly understanding Hikaru's plight, the system continued to explain.

[Master, you've probably read many apocalyptic novels too; you definitely understand where the protagonist's strength and opportunities come from.]

[That's why you just need to take their opportunities, and then you can gradually weaken the luck of those main characters. When the main characters' luck is only half your luck, you can kill them.]

Hikaru nodded at that, and he asked: "But how do I know the luck of the main characters?"

[If master accepts to stay in this world, I will provide you with a beginner's gift package. Inside there is a skill that will allow you to see the main characters' luck.]

"Accept to stay in this world?" "What if I don't accept it?"

[You will be immediately erased.]

"Erased? That means I can't go back to the old world?"

[No, you will disappear forever, it would be as if you never existed.]

Hikaru: "..."

"In the end, I have no choice but to accept existing in this world"

[That's right!]

Hikaru felt extremely dizzy. He asked, "What if I don't kill the main character? I mean, what if the MC and I can live together in harmony?"

It cannot happen. [The main character and the villain are like two colors: white and black; even if you do nothing, the main character will still hate you and try to kill you.]

Hikaru was silent; he didn't know what terrible crime he had committed in his previous life that made him a villain.

Hikaru asked: "So... what if I run away? I will hide in a place where no one can find me."

[Master, even if you escape to the center of the earth, the protagonist can still find you. Fate has arranged for the protagonist and the villain to confront each other, so it is meaningless no matter where you hide.]

Hikaru sighed; he felt that he must have been a serial killer in his previous life and that he had killed a lot of people, so now he had to suffer the consequences.

Even if he ran away, it was arranged by the fate of this world that the main character would definitely find him. Even if he didn't do anything evil, the main character would still kill him.

It seemed like the system was trying to find a way to destroy him.

However, he suddenly thought of something; he frowned then asked, "Wait, if this is a chaotic apocalyptic world, does the information in the books I have read still apply to this world?"

Yes, the chaotic world consisted of many novels; therefore, the timeline was also extremely chaotic, meaning that the locations and maps were chaotic.

So, was the memory of the novels he read still useful?

[Master, even though it's a chaotic world, there are definitely some special characteristics that are irreplaceable.]

[Besides, since you can't go back, wouldn't it be better to stay alive for the reward here?]

Hikaru sighed; he pondered deeply; he felt that the system's words were also quite reasonable.

Now, he had no choice but to try to survive in this world and receive rewards from the system.

"So, what is the reward if I survive till the end?" Hikaru asked.

[Rewards include crossing over through the fantasy world and possessing a skill of the highest level that no one else has.]

Hikaru was surprised to hear that.



"Are there mermaids?"

[Yes, and they are very beautiful.]

"Are there girls with beast ears and tails?"


Hikaru took a deep breath. That's right, the fantasy world was a world that many young people dreamed of going to.

"Good! I agree. But how long do I need to survive? You need to give me a limit; I can't stay in this world forever."

Yes, although Hikaru had the ability to kill other main characters, he also couldn't stay in this world and kill the main characters forever; there must be an end so that he would have the motivation to survive.

[Master, don't worry. You just have to survive until this world and another world fuse together.]

"Hm? This world will merge with another world; what do you mean?"

[Every book about the apocalypse reveals the secret that the apocalypse is not the end. That's just the beginning; later, of course, another world will appear and merge with this one. If there were no other worlds, then the apocalyptic books would only have 300–500 chapters.]

Hikaru nodded at that; he had also read many novels, so he knew what the system was saying.

He imagined a future where he was transported to the fantasy world and surrounded by all kinds of girls, and this thought made him extremely excited.

"Okay! I accept it!"

[Congratulations! This is a beginner's gift pack.]

[Ding Dong! Congratulations on getting the Villain's Insight skill; it shows the hints of novels that concern you for the next 15 days.]

"Villain's Insight?" Hikaru asked, confused.

It seemed that to answer him, a screen appeared in front of him like in sci-fi movies, and above it the skill information was displayed.

Name: Villain's Insight

Description: Helps the user recognize the main character and see the number of lucky stats they own.

Hikaru sighed, so the villain's insight skill only helped him recognize the main character and their lucky stats; other than that, it had no other function.

[Master, don't think it's useless. If you complete the quest given by the system, then you will have a chance to evolve that skill.]

"Skill evolution? Will it have other uses?"

[That's right.]

"So, I want to see my luck, stat?"

[Of course.]

Right after that, a bulletin board for Hikaru appeared.

Name: Hikaru

Villain points: 200

Skill: Villain's Insight

"What are Villain Points?" When Hikaru saw the information board, he frowned.

[ It's like the main character's luck points The higher your villain points, the luckier you are.]

[Besides, if you steal the opportunities that the protagonist should have received according to the novel, a part of that protagonist's luck point would be converted into villain points for you. The more important the opportunity, the more points you get.]

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