Book cover of “Apocalypse - Evil Shelter System“ by AllenWorker

Apocalypse - Evil Shelter System

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: AllenWorker
  • Uploaded by user602355
[Shelter System successfully bound to host!] [Option One: City of Light—save the survivors of the apocalypse and become a glorious and benevolent savior.] [Option Two: City of Darkness—humans who enter the City of Darkness will become your slaves, and you will be the devil ruling over the apocalypse.] Sorry, I am no saint. I choose the City of Dark... 


"Our food and water can last at most another week!"

In a warehouse of a school in Jiangcheng City, a group of people gathered together, all with somber expressions.

Among them, an older man wearing gold-framed glasses continued to speak:

"To ensure everyone's survival, we must send someone out to search for food and water!"

"So, the main purpose of calling this meeting today is to select someone for this task..."

Everyone exchanged glances, their faces filled with heaviness and fear.

The middle-aged man was the school's guidance director.

The others were students who had survived in the school.

"But teacher... outside are all zombies! Going out is like walking into death!" a petite and cute girl student said softly, her voice tender and pitiable.

"Are we just going to wait here for death? I support Mr. Terry's proposal!" A handsome boy in sportswear stood up and spoke assertively.

This boy, named Digby, was a well-known bully in the school, and everyone used to be afraid of him.

"Digby is right, I also agree with Mr. Terry's proposal!" A skinny boy looked at Digby appeasingly, in agreement.

Everyone present knew that Digby's family was not only wealthy but also had an uncle who was a general in the military. In these end times, perhaps the only ones who could save them were the military.

Following a rich second generation with a military background obviously increased their chances of survival.

Everyone knew who they should please at this time.

"Since that's the case, let's choose someone!" Terry pushed his gold-framed glasses up, speaking with authority.

For a moment, everyone fell into silence.

Nobody wanted to go out.

Because all of them were students with no survival experience.

Everyone was acutely aware of this.

Stepping out was akin to courting death!

Rather than going out to look for food and water, it was more like sending someone to die to conserve the food in the warehouse!

After a period of silence, following Digby's gaze, everyone turned their attention to Alex, who sat quietly alone in a corner.

"We are all children of wealthy families, with no survival experience. Only Alex Cromwell, who comes from the countryside, a person who has always lived at the bottom of society, should be more accustomed to hardship. I think it's most suitable for Alex to go out for food!" Digby said disdainfully, looking at Alex.

"Digby is right! Alex eats and drinks the most every day, consuming as much as two people! If everyone ate like him, wouldn't we not even last a week?!" The skinny boy, while fawning over Digby, didn't forget to blame Alex.

Completely forgetting how grateful he had been when Alex had saved them initially!

"I also agree with Digby's proposal. Alex is the strongest among us and eats the most. More work for the capable, right?" Darlene, the school beauty, known for her stunning looks and figure, spoke arrogantly.

Watching as everyone raised their hands in agreement with Digby's proposal, Alex's heart turned ice-cold.

When the zombie virus outbreak began, if it weren't for him opening the door to let these people hide in the warehouse and sharing the food and water, they would probably have died long ago!

But now?

These ungrateful wretches were complaining about his eating habits, wanting him to go to his death!

Indeed, the human heart can be more terrifying than zombies!

After so many days of living together, Alex had finally seen through the wickedness of the human heart.

If given another chance by fate, he would definitely not show mercy to anyone again!

"Cough, cough!"

Terry coughed lightly, speaking with authority, "Since most people agree with Digby's suggestion, then let Alex go out to find food and water! Alex, do you have any objections?"

After speaking, Terry stared at Alex with an air of unchallengeable authority. As the school's guidance director, he was used to wielding power among the students. In such a small group, he naturally assumed he should be the ruler.

No one should defy his will!

"But... the warehouse and the food inside originally belonged to Alex... If it weren't for Alex taking us in, we would probably have become zombie food by now..." Myra, a frail and cute girl, muttered somewhat discontentedly. She didn't dare to speak loudly, as she too wanted to survive and not be cast out to die by the group.

"Hmph! If you're not satisfied, you can go out with him!" Darlene said coldly, "Keeping a useless woman like you around is just a waste of food!"

"Then why don't you go out and find food yourselves? Digby, you're so capable, why don't you go?" A burly boy who hadn't taken a stance before stood up and retorted, "Alex saved us, and now we are going to drive him away. Isn't that inhumane? How are we any different from villains by doing this?"

"We are voting now, the minority must follow the majority, do you understand? If you have an objection, you can go out with him too!" Digby dismissed him scornfully.

If heaven were to grant him another chance to choose, he would definitely not show mercy to anyone again!

"Cough, cough!"

Terry coughed lightly, speaking with authority,

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