Book cover of “Apocalypse in the World of Magic“ by H0racio

Apocalypse in the World of Magic

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: H0racio
  • Uploaded by user740452
A young college student, burdened by the demands of work and study, tragically succumbs to exhaustion. Her life, once consumed by the pursuit of education, is abruptly cut short. But death is not the end for her. She awakens to find herself reincarnated into a mysterious new world, inhabiting the body of a 12-year-old girl named Lilian. "What? I'm ... 


Iféria is a post-apocalyptic world full of death and ruins, where constantly humans and monsters fight for survival against the spawn of the abyss. A world without colors, totally gray, the ground as if it had been burned, the sky never seems to be day, the trees with fewer and fewer leaves. But it was not always like this, records indicate that long ago there were six elemental rulers who kept the safety of Iferia.

Fatus, The Ruler of Fire, the source of all the heat in the world and revered by all creatures of the fire element.

Aquos, The Ruler Of Water, the one who commands the rain, the rivers and oceans, and revered by all creatures of the water element.

Sylph, The Air Ruler, the one who holds the power to control the wind, and revered by all creatures of the air element.

Terios, The Earth Ruler, the one who possesses the power to move mountains and venerated by all creatures of the earth element.

Gaia, The Ruler of Life, the mother of all flora and fauna, and revered by all living creatures.

Shade, the Ruler of Death, the source of all disasters and the one feared by all.

With these six rulers, Iferia was in full balance, there were vast forests everywhere you could see on the horizon; the sky was a beautiful blue filled with white clouds; rivers flowed with crystal clear water.

But not everyone was happy in this world, Shade, the Ruler of Death, was burning with jealousy of the other rulers, they were always revered by all, but was he also? No, everyone feared him. He was the greatest fear of all living beings, the one who brought destruction and death to everything they loved most.

Shade felt alone, he felt completely empty, was this his purpose? To live in solitude? No, he wanted creatures to admire him, to desire his power in battle.

Then an idea popped into his mind, and he went to meet his sister Gaia, her appearance was that of a young woman, emerald green hair, pale skin and wearing a long white dress. Gaia was walking through a forest when she sensed her brother's presence, "What are you doing here brother?", Gaia asked, surprised by her brother's sudden appearance with no early notice.

"Oh! My sister, I have been very lonely all these years... without any company", said Shade with a slightly sad look on his face.

Gaia was extremely surprised as to why her brother sought her out; she was very innocent and a good person, always trying to help everyone in need of something.

"Why don't you seek the company of the other rulers, my brother?", asked Gaia.

"That is not the kind of company I want my sister, all the other rulers have creatures of their respective elements roaming this vast world... but there is none of mine out there", said Shade.

Gaia understood what her brother was implying, all the other rulers could bless other creatures with their elements, but Shade could not, whenever he tried to do that the creature would die.

She decided to help her brother and tried creating a creature that could suit with the element of death, but they all failed in vain, Shade was already running out of hope when he had a sudden idea. "What if we merge our elements? Then we create a creature that is neither living nor dead!", said Shade thinking it would be a good idea and Gaia innocently agreed.

The two began to merge their powers, at first everything was fine, but then it became unstable, life and death are the complete opposite and would totally go against the laws of nature.

Shade and Gaia lost control of their powers, and a huge explosion occurred, a dense blue and gray fog swept over the entire forest, rivers and mountains around them, those animals that were in the forest were struggling going between life and death, however, they were not alive, but they were not dead either.

The nearby villages were in enormous despair, the humans started to vomit non-stop, their skin looked like it was burned, huge blisters appeared and they looked rotten, after their face changed they started to fall to the ground and when everyone else thought they were dead, they got up and attacked the other inhabitants, devouring them and those who survived the attacks were corrupted by the mist and turned into undead!

Shade and Gaia were in despair seeing what they had done, Gaia tried to stop the fog, however, she couldn't no matter how much of life element the fog held, it was now something completely different.

The more time passed, the more damage the fog did, entire cities were turned into ruins, priests after priests tried everything to purify the fog, but everything was in vain.

After a while the fog ceased and only a few powerful creatures and human cities survived.

The rulers who took power from nature became weak, it was only a matter of time before the last survivors perished and this world became abandoned by the gods.

But Gaia and the other rulers united and made a request, they asked the gods to help them fix their mistakes and save this world. The gods agreed to their request, but they would only give a small amount of help to the world in exchange for the rulers renouncing their existence to the gods.

The rulers agreed, even Shade, there was no good or bad ruler, they all had love for their world, and if there was even a small chance that this world would go through this difficult time they would not hesitate.

The existence of all six rulers would disappear, it was as if they had never existed, but in exchange the humans of the planet gained something known as the Helaisa System.

The Helaisa System was created by the gods to facilitate learning and to have a better notion of their progress, be it in magic, agriculture, fencing, among many others.

This system became something that humans awaken at the age of 12, and then start working to raise their levels, increase their status, and change or evolve their jobs.

The Helaisa System was called The Last Hope by the humans.

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Here just an introduction to the world.

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