Book cover of “Apocalypse: Infinite Evolution Starts from Attribute Allocation“ by Little Piggy

Apocalypse: Infinite Evolution Starts from Attribute Allocation

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Little Piggy
  • Uploaded by user269902
In the distant future of the Blue Star, a mysterious red beam of light descends, triggering a rapid evolution among animals and plants. This unprecedented event brings forth ten colossal cosmic monsters, plunging humanity into an unending spiral of disasters and chaos. Enter Wang Ye, who finds himself unexpectedly transmigrated into this apocalypti... 

Wang Ye

Eastern Base City, West Camp medical room.

When Wang Ye gradually came to, he felt a throbbing and piercing pain in his head.

Smelling the pungent smell of disinfectant in the air, he propped himself up with great effort, feeling as if all the bones in his body were broken.

Where was this place? A hospital?

He didn't attend any social events yesterday and had rejected invitations from all his female friends.

He had only worked overtime for three nights and had not slept for 72 hours, and just because of that, he fainted?

Weak! He had to train his body properly later.

Wang Ye's gaze swept across the blue curtain separating the hospital beds, as well as the ECG monitor at the side. The white blanket covering his body had the word "West Camp" printed on it.

He instinctively felt that something was wrong.

Following this, he lowered his head to look at himself, then stretched out his hands again. Looking at the fair and slender arms, his breathing quickened.

He had transmigrated!

The moment Wang Ye came to his senses, the stabbing pain in his head intensified, and memories flooded into his mind.

Wang Ye, male, 18 years old.

A resident of the Eastern Base City in Huaxia.

On July 1st, 2050, he was recruited into the Evolution Camp as a student of the West Camp's 101st batch in Class 23.

This was a parallel world that was very similar to the Blue Planet. However, the development of technology was slightly slower, and the era of artificial intelligence did not appear.

Instead, on July 7th, 2045, a devastating catastrophe occurred.

A blinding red light suddenly appeared without any warning, exploding all over the world and completely subverting the original order of Blue Planet.

10 cosmic monsters descended from the sky, wantonly destroying and killing as if they wanted to destroy the entire world.

Every country tried their best to stop the monsters but failed. Not even nuclear bombs could kill them, let alone missiles.

The ocean turned blood-red, and red rain fell from the sky.

The animals and plants on Blue Planet began to mutate.

Most of them died in the barbaric evolution, but those who survived became especially terrifying, gradually turning into creatures like the monsters that fell from the sky.

Doomsday had arrived.

"This is hopeless."

Wang Ye massaged his swollen temples.

As a man who worked in a large factory, he quickly sorted out his thoughts (recognized reality) and was ready to accept everything.

The sound of the ward door opening rang in his ears. Then, hurried footsteps sounded, and the curtains were pulled open.

A female doctor with a beautiful face and an impressive figure in a white coat arrived with two nurses.

After checking his body condition, the female doctor looked over calmly.

"Do you still remember what happened?"

"No," Wang Ye thought for a moment before saying.

"You were attacked by a mutated monster when you were training in the wild. Your life was on the line. Fortunately, an Evolver passed by and saved you," The female doctor seemed to be talking about a very ordinary matter when she suddenly paused, "But you have bruises and external injuries all over your body, and the back of your head was hit hard."

"Maybe the actual combat sparring was too harsh," Wang Ye said simply and asked, " Do you know who the Evolver who saved me is? I'd like to thank him in person after I recover."

"It's Captain Song from the rescue team. Song Shirui. You don't have to thank her," The female doctor said.

"Then I can only devote myself to her," Wang Ye sighed.

"You wish," The female doctor glanced at him, "If you can joke, then there's no big problem. Rest well for a few days. If you remember anything, I can help you tell the instructor."

"Thank you," Wang Ye smiled, "Doctor Shu you're such a kind and beautiful person."

Doctor Shu lowered her head and looked at the employee ID card on her huge breasts. She didn't say anything else and turned to leave.

After the two nurses finished cleaning up, they closed the curtains and went to the next bed.

Under the dim light, the smile on Wang Ye's face slowly disappeared. Leaning against the pillow behind him, his eyes flickered.




The Eastern Base City maintained its normal operations.

The Evolution Camps were built at the edge of the city, making it convenient to fight monsters and protect the base city.

There were a total of four Evolution Camps, one each in the east, south, west, and north. They were equipped with a large number of firearms.

"Beep! ID: W1012323."

After the facial recognition was successful, Wang Ye entered the basement of the West Camp.

The students' dormitories and training grounds were all underground.

Only after successfully receiving the evolution drug and becoming an Evolver could one enter the ground level, protect the base city, and participate in various rescue operations and missions.

In three days, not only had his body recovered, but he also learned more about this world through the Internet.

Every era had different rules of survival.

In ancient times, it was power. In the modern world, it was money. In this future where human lives were as insignificant as grass, it was... Strength.

If one couldn't become an Evolver, never mind whether one could survive under the claws of the monsters, one would even be bullied by the strong.


Wang Ye returned to his dorm.

The 15-square-meter room wasn't big.

On the left was a single bed, on the right a desk and a laptop, and a washroom at the end. Although it was small, it had everything.

Although it was his first time here, he felt an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

After tidying up the messy bed, Wang Ye took his phone and started a video call.

"Hello, Mom. Yes, I'm fine."

"In the dormitory."

"No need, I have enough money."

"Alright, take care of yourself and take good care of little sis. I'll be back in a month."

"Okay, I'm hanging up."

The original owner of the body was the second oldest in the family. His elder brother was working while his little sister was still in school.

His family was originally well-off, but since the catastrophe five years ago, their situation had been deteriorating.

The pillar of the family, his father had gone missing without a trace. After the family moved to the Eastern Base City, they could only live frugally.

Even so, Wang Ye still envied the original owner of this body.

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