Book cover of “Arcane Academy: The Divine Extraction Legacy“ by xlntz

Arcane Academy: The Divine Extraction Legacy

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: xlntz
  • Uploaded by user908648
Faced with the looming specter of certain death, Kyle had no choice but to wager everything. Warned of the perils that awaited him at the Arcane Academy, he clenched his teeth and embraced the risk. This daring decision led him to uncover myriad secrets about a mysterious world, delve into mystical practices, and encounter forbidden relics destined... 


"Are you an applicant? You're late…"

A calm but intimidating voice stopped Kyle in his tracks.

However, instead of feeling terrified, the latter heaved a sigh of relief as he felt safe in his vicinity. They were currently at the bottom of the mountain and up ahead was the recruitment site.

Kyle didn't know the person guarding the gate but the people chasing him would certainly think twice if they still wanted to capture him.

"Y-yes… I'm an applicant. Here's my token." Kyle stuttered as he brought out the token that was with him all this time.

He was keeping the token inside his inner coat so even if he was dirty, soaked, and filled with bruises, the token remained clean in his possession. It also rained last night but the wooden token remained dry.

The guard looked at the young man's token and nodded. He can guess what happened to this person on the way to this site. He shifted his gaze to the long road behind the young man and felt the presence of a few people who were probably chasing him.

If this young man failed to be recruited by any academy on site, he would certainly be welcomed by these people with bad intentions.

Anyway, it wasn't his job to meddle with their affairs. As long as those people knew how to draw the line, he would remain in his station and guard the gate. Today is the last day of recruitment as well, so he didn't want any trouble.

"I heard that there are only four Academies left… Good luck." The guard reminded as he let the dirty young man enter.

Most Academies don't care about the identities of their students so it's not unthinkable to be recruited if he's capable despite his appearance. What they cared about was the talent you had and whether you suited the Academy's standards.

Furthermore, the young man wouldn't get the applicant's token if he was just an ordinary young man. Though he looks pathetic, there must be a story about why he became like this.

"Thank you." The young man replied, filled with gratitude.

"Mhmm…" The guard waved his hand as he wanted him to leave right away. Kyle stinks for a bit, after all.

Nevertheless, Kyle was still thankful since he thought that the guard would make it difficult for him because of his attire. After running away from his pursuers for three days and two nights, he looks more like a beggar.

It wouldn't be surprising if he was chased away, so he was even prepared to give his entire savings. It was only five hundred zen but it should move the guard's heart and let him in.

Since he was allowed to get in without any issues, he was really grateful to this hardworking man.

Kyle then looked at the stairs heading to the top of the mountain as he composed himself.

He was uncomfortable with his wet socks and underwear that turned coarse while walking but he didn't mind it. What's important is to get recruited today…

It took him more than 20 minutes to reach the top and enter the recruitment site. He then realized that there weren't many applicants left. Furthermore, they are gathered in three different places.

The site has twelve buildings that should represent the twelve academies in the region. It seems that the other academies have already reached their quotas and closed their recruitment…

'Hmm? I thought there were still four Academies. Why are they only lining up for three recruitment buildings?' Kyle mused as he looked around.

He soon found the other open recruitment building without any people lining up. It looks like a normal big house with a cloud of black smoke coming out of its chimney. Well, it looks like the other recruitment buildings, but the difference is the banner written outside the building.

Vermont, Academy of Dark Arts.

Kyle finally had an idea why no one was coming here to try their luck. Based on the memories of the original owner of this body, the Dark Arts only became legal a decade ago after the Treaty of Keslore was signed.

However, even if it had become legal to practice Dark Arts, it doesn't mean that it is publicly acknowledged.

People will still frown at those who train such ill-fated practices.

Of course, he has no plans of enrolling here as well, so he immediately went to see the open recruitment sites.

Lakrine, Academy of Summoning Arts.

Dorelts, Academy of Mystic Arts.

Rakmiths, Academy of Elemental Arts.

Kyle helplessly smiled after seeing this… He had previously been hoping to enroll in the Knights Academy, but it seems that he was too late.

His second option was the Academy of Alchemy Arts since it has low requirements, but obviously, it was closed as well. They might even be the first Academy to reach their quota…

'Although the chief told me that I have no talent except for my good physique, I should still try…' Kyle had no other choice but to fall in line in one of the academies and hope to be recruited by any of them.

He first went to the Rakmiths Academy.

In any case, Rakmiths Academy is one of the largest Academies not only in their eastern region but in their entire country. Unlike other academies that focus only on one type of element, this academy teaches every one of them.

Today is the last day of recruitment, and it is already five in the afternoon. The recruitment should be until eight in the evening so he should still have some time…

While he was in his line, he wasn't bothered by anyone, perhaps because of his attire or his smell. They only looked at him with a condescending look which didn't hurt him.

Even while others were chatting with their friends or making some acquaintances, Kyle remained quiet, waiting for his turn.

However, he was actually cursing his terrible fate deep in his mind.

He was simply walking his dog to the park to befriend some beautiful girls who also owned some cute dogs… It was a technique that was taught to him by his friend to meet some new girls. Unfortunately, before his plan bore fruit, he was stabbed by a fleeing robber after attempting to stop him.

'I shouldn't have meddled with their affairs… I was too hasty showing my manliness in front of those cute--'

Kyle shook his head to erase his random thoughts. There's no point thinking of this right now, he can only learn from his mistakes.

He had transmigrated in a younger body with the same name and living in some alternate world. Based on his memories, this is somehow similar to the Victorian Era, with the vast industrial revolution going on.

As a matter of fact, his father is a train operator or engine driver in one of the steam-powered trains in the city. He's well aware of the situation of this current era… or at least, on the commoner's side.

The only difference in this world is that Arcane Studies exists… Although only minorities can learn them, it still greatly shows how different this place was compared to his previous Earth.


Suddenly, he heard the voice of the person guarding the doors of the recruitment building…

It was finally his turn…

The twenty or so people who were previously in front of him had either remained inside or were sent out after failing.

As soon as he entered, the facilitator of the recruitment waved his hand and washed away his filth using some sort of water spell.

It seems that his smell was truly unbearable…

"Thank you…" Kyle expressed his gratitude as he finally felt a bit more comfortable.

The middle-aged man with thick sideburns only nodded at him as he offered him a seat. He then explained to Kyle what he should do.

There were a series of tests to see whether he suited the Academy.

In this world, magic comes from life itself. All living beings possess magical energies within themselves, but only a select few can tap into these energies. For better or worse, life has changed drastically as a result of all these magical energies, and the limits are far from being discovered.

"I will be imbuing my energy to trigger your hidden potential… Don't resist. You just have to accept it." The middle-aged man said.

Seeing that Kyle was ready, he started…

He first checked the vitality of the young man and confirmed that he hadn't learned any Arcane Studies yet. Then, he proceeded to use his elemental energies. He started with the water element, which is the most common affinity that people with potential could easily awaken.

Unfortunately, there was no reaction even after three minutes… He then proceeded with other elements.

After almost twenty minutes, the middle-aged man finally frowned.

"I've wasted my time… You can leave now."

Kyle failed the first assessment. He didn't even pass the most basic part, so there was no reason to continue with the second and third assessments.

Kyle had already lowered his expectations, but he was still disappointed after hearing the man's words.

He had no time to pity himself as he proceeded to the two other recruitment sites…

Unfortunately, the results are all the same. He has no talent. He didn't even pass their first assessment and he was also ridiculed by the facilitator at Lakrine Academy.

In the end, he found himself in front of the Dark Arts Academy recruitment building. This is his last option since he can't really go down the mountain or his death is guaranteed.

As he was about to walk inside, he heard a voice behind him.

"Hey, black-haired guy… Are you thinking of enrolling there? I wouldn't do that if I were you." A blond young man wearing an oversized coat called out to Kyle.

He looks like one of those guys delivering newspapers in the city.

"Why?" Kyle bluntly asked.

The blond young man didn't mind as he answered.

"Their recruitment process isn't as gentle as the others. If you don't pass the remaining academies, I don't think that you'll be lucky there. I'm just giving you some advice, don't bother…"

Before he finished his words, he saw the black-haired guy enter the recruitment building without any hesitation.

Kyle entered the building not because he wanted to die but because he would certainly die if he didn't get enrolled today.

"Welcome… I'm Lesley, and I will be assisting you with your enrollment."


To his surprise, the person who welcomed him was a beautiful woman who seemed to be around 18 years old. He was expecting another old and strong-looking man to conduct the assessment, but this didn't seem too bad.

"Wait--Am I going to be enrolled right away?" Kyle asked doubtfully after recalling her words. Shouldn't he complete their assessment first?

"Ahh… We've been watching you since you entered the site. Even if you don't have talent, you can still learn the Dark Arts."

The young woman's words immediately put hope in his dreary eyes… He couldn't contain his excitement and asked.


"Of course, you simply need to complete the enrollment. We have a different way of assessing our students, after all."

'Finally!' Kyle was truly glad that he didn't listen to the young man's words. He didn't expect that he was talented in Dark Arts.

He completed filling out the form and paid his admission fee… It was 1,000 zen and since he was lacking, he owed the academy 500 zen. According to Lesley, he could make a promissory note and pay it at a later time. The Vermont Academy seems very nice to its new students.

"Great… Now, student Kyle Marshall, you only have to completely awaken your talent… You just have to drink this potion and you'll be a talented student once we arrive at the Academy." Lesley explained with a gentle smile on her face.

Kyle didn't find it suspicious since he heard about this before. It happens in other academies as well after you complete their assessment. It'll also leave a trace or mark on your body that'll help people identify you as a student of the said academy.

Also, anyone without this mark can't enter the Academy.

Kyle accepted the black potion and drank it upon Lesley's instruction…

Gulp… Gulp…

He emptied the vial with two gulps and felt his body heating up…

Soon, blood started oozing out of his orifices and he couldn't describe the pain he was feeling… He didn't even have the chance to scream as he felt his life disappearing… again.

Finally, he clutched his chest in pain and looked at Lesley who had betrayed him.

He wanted to punch her in her face but in the end, he died…

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