Book cover of “As a Low-Level Warrior, I Can Copy Talents“ by DaoistmjJ0lp

As a Low-Level Warrior, I Can Copy Talents

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: DaoistmjJ0lp
  • Uploaded by user569329
Jack traveled a thousand years into the future, only to find a world that had abandoned its former social systems. In this harsh new reality, only the strong could survive. As a low-level warrior, Jack faced a daunting challenge: how could he change his fate in a world that valued power above all? But destiny had other plans for him. Ding Dong! The... 

Chapter 1 One Thousand Years Later

"My head hurts!"

Jack slowly opened his eyes, and then a new memory poured into his mind.

"I traveled through time!"

Jack couldn't help but scream when he woke up.

Because he found that it had been 3022 years!

And now, a thousand years later, it was also known as the prime soul era!

"The prime soul... The era?"

Jack closed his eyes again and began to digest the memory of the host.

It turned out that in 2500, some space on the earth had a loophole, and many fierce beasts had appeared from the strange space!

Then humans found that they couldn't kill the beasts with their weapons!

The only way was to use the prime soul!

And the human who could use prime soul was ordered by the scientist to be a prime martial artist!

"Prime martial artist, prime soul, fierce beast..."

Jack's eyes began to flicker.

Because the earth he was on now was a world of masters!

The stronger your prime soul is, the stronger your ability will be!

It could even awaken a stronger ability!

"I need to check my ability as soon as possible!"

Jack murmured and sat cross-legged on the bed.

But a few seconds later, he frowned slightly!


He had no talent?

"Am I so unlucky?"

Jack had been optimistic about his travel through time.

But when he knew that he had no talent, he suddenly became much depressed.

In this world without talent, one was like an ant!

Anyone can kill you!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

However, just as Jack was in a daze, there was a sudden knock on the door.

"Who is it?"

Jack got out of bed and asked.

"Brother, come out now. Your friend Tom was beaten outside!"

His sister Juliet's voice came from outside!


Jack recalled briefly.

He was his classmate and the two often practiced together.

And Tom had already become a medium-stage warrior!

If Tom was beaten, it meant that the people who beat him were at least at the medium stage!

But for him

Jack looked at his hands.

He was not only not gifted but also knew some basic skills. At most, he was a preliminary-stage warrior!

If he went there, he would be looking for a fight?

But without waiting for himself to think about it, a scream came from outside!


It was his sister's voice!

Jack pushed the door open and rushed out!

The next second, he saw a man full of muscles, pinching Juliet's neck with one hand. His expression was very ferocious!


Jack took a deep breath.

Then, he found a popup in front of him!

Name: Charles.

Talent ability: extreme cold windstorm.

Warrior level: medium-stage.


Jack was still thinking about how to deal with this troublesome guy.

The next second, he breathed a sigh of relief.


After he traveled through time, he obtained an ability that no one else could possess!

That was: Talent copy!

"Are you Jack?"

Charles sneered when he saw Jack come out.

Then he threw Juliet aside.

"Why are you looking for me?"

Although Jack could copy talent, he was still very cautious in communicating with his opponent.

After all, the talent of a medium-stage warrior was nothing in this world!

"Of course, I want to kill you!"

Charles stretched his wrists and took out a document from his pocket.

Kill me?

Jack was confused.

After all, he was an extremely ordinary warrior. How could he possibly attract killers to kill him?

But before he could think about it, there was an explosion behind Charles.



His friend Tom covered his right arm and rushed in.

"I didn't expect you to be alive!"

A cruel smile appeared on Charles's gloomy face.


Jack looked at his friend.

Then he discovered the talent of the opponent!

Name: Tom.

Talent ability: power awakening.

Warrior level: medium-stage.



Jack thought to himself!

Then he felt that his body had changed.

Like a mirror, he copied Tom!

Then he copied the talent of the other party into every corner of his body!


Jack suddenly felt that he was full of strength!

"Now that you two are together I don't need to waste my energy!"

Seeing that Jack didn't move at all with his eyes closed, Charles smiled faintly and raised his fist, intending to kill Jack in an instant!


But when he swung his fist, an exceptionally powerful counterattack suddenly came from Jack's fist!



Charles even heard the sound of his hand bone-breaking!

"How...How could you..."

His face was full of doubts.

Because when he took on the task, he had known the ability of Jack and Tom.

Tom was a medium-stage warrior and Jack was a preliminary-stage warrior.

But for why

Why his opponent was strong than imagined?

Jack was also surprised.

He didn't expect that after he copied Tom's strength awakening talent, he could smash the hand of a warrior at the medium stage with a casual punch!

"Watch out, Jack!"

Tom roared the next second.

When Jack came to his senses, he found that Charles had taken a few steps back, and an ice column had appeared beside him!

This was Charles's talent: extreme cold windstorm!

An ice talent prime soul skill!

"Talent... Duplicate!"

Jack and Charles looked at each other.

A virtual mirror appeared beside Charles.

Then Charles began to show his talent in the mirror!

In almost an instant, the opponent's ability was re-engraved in Jack's body!

Now Jack!

There were two talents in his body!

Extreme cold windstorm!

Power awakening!

"Go to hell, you loser!"

Charles roared and then shot an ice column!

Seeing this, Tom couldn't help closing his eyes.

Because his right arm was injured in this way!

In this case, for a warrior at the preliminary stage like Jack, he had no way to dodge or fight back.

Only death!

"Extreme cold windstorm!"

But to everyone's surprise!

A sinister smile slightly appeared on Jack's face, and the surrounding temperature suddenly began to plummet!

A huge ice wall suddenly appeared in front of him!

The ice column shot out by Charles hit the ice wall and broke on the spot!

"No, it's impossible!"

Charles was shocked!

But Jack didn't give him a chance to think about it!

"Freeze him!"

A gust of cold wind appeared from Jack's palm and successfully surrounded Charles!

The man wanted to run away.

But as soon as he reached out his hand, he felt the temperature plummet!

He looked at his fingers that touched the cold wind and found that they were all covered with frost!

"No... no!"

Charles's voice didn't spread far.

Because he had become an ice sculpture!

Without any signs of life!

"Jack, are you okay?"

Tom was also shocked by the scene in front of him.

But now there was something more important to tell him.

"I'm fine."

Jack replied indifferently.

But he was overjoyed in his heart!

Because he found that he had now become a medium-stage warrior!

And he also had two talents abilities!


Jack closed his eyes and began to feel that the two forces in his body were slowly merging!

"Let's go inside."

Juliet was also curious why her brother Jack and Tom would be hunted down.

So, she immediately led the two of them to the room.

As for Charles, who had become an ice sculpture outside, there was no need for them to do anything.

After all, the world was dominated by the strong warrior!

No one would care about a person's life or death!

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