Book cover of “Ascension of the Unholy Immortal“ by ChaosMajesty

Ascension of the Unholy Immortal

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: ChaosMajesty
  • Uploaded by user662516
In the boundless expanse of infinite domains, where time falters and eternity is but a fleeting notion, countless souls are consumed by the quest for immortality and everlasting life. At the core of this cosmic tapestry stands a six-century-old expert, a name that instills both fear and reverence across the realms. Constrained by the limitations of... 

Liang Yifei

The sound of swords clashing echoed through the quiet forest, reverberating off the ancient trees that stood as silent witnesses to the intense battle unfolding. Mist curled around the two figures, adding an ethereal atmosphere to the scene. They were locked in a deadly dance, their movements swift and precise, the clash of steel filling the air with a symphony of danger.

The first figure stood tall, his commanding presence radiating an aura of dominance that seemed to permeate the very air around him. His long, obsidian-black hair cascaded in sleek waves down his back, catching the slightest hint of the wind as though dancing to an otherworldly rhythm.

His eyes, dark and piercing, burned with an intensity that could rival the flames of the fiercest inferno. In their depths, one could catch a glimpse of a tantalizing balance between cold detachment and smoldering ambition.

Clad in the traditional garments of a cultivator, his robes were a tapestry of intricate designs and symbols. The rich fabric flowed around him, resembling the dark, swirling mists of the abyss, lending an air of mystique to his already enigmatic presence.

Wrapped around his wrists, intricately woven bands of black leather coiled like sinewy serpents. His hands, honed to perfection through endless battles and countless nights of meticulous training, clutched a sword adorned with engravings that depicted scenes of strife and conquest. Its blade, glinting with an ethereal gleam, seemed to possess a life of its own as it sliced through the air with deadly precision.

But there was something more to him, something that set him apart from the other cultivators. It was in his eyes, the windows to his soul, where a touch of darkness lingered.

Unlike those who pursued cultivation for virtuous reasons, he lacked the moral compass that guided their actions. He was a man fueled by his insatiable desires, his ambitions consuming him like a ravenous fire. Power was his obsession, his driving force, and he was willing to tread upon the gray line of right and wrong to claim it.

His name was Liang Yifei, a name that struck fear into the hearts of many. He was known far and wide by his enemies for his ruthless and venomous nature.

He was not someone to be trifled with, but people often underestimated him, thinking that he was just another ambitious cultivator looking to carve a name for himself.

But they were wrong.

His journey toward darkness had a humble beginning. Once a ten-year-old boy, he bore witness to the cataclysmic battle between two formidable cultivators. The village he called home had been reduced to a wasteland, its life extinguished in the flames of their wrath.

Fate had spared him that day, keeping him far from the clashing blades. But the sight forever imprinted upon his young mind, etching a burning desire to rise above the frailty of mortality.

In the blink of an eye, the two god-like cultivators had killed each other, bringing an end to their fierce duel. It was then, amidst the wreckage and the loss, that Liang's mortal life was forever changed.

Taking the belongings left behind by the deceased cultivators, he embarked on his cultivation path, determined to seize the power that had cost so many their lives.

Driven by an unquenchable thirst for power, he embarked on a cultivation journey that spanned six hundred years. With each passing year, he grew stronger, his heart hardening and his ruthlessness deepening.

With just a mediocre talent, he ascended to the Nascent Soul Realm, surpassing expectations and defying the limitations of his potential.

But time was no ally to his ambition, for with every passing day, his mortality hung over his head like a shadow waiting to consume him.

Yet, he had a plan meticulously crafted over the years, a plan that would rewrite his fate and ensure his ascension to the pinnacle of power.

It was a path that strayed far from the norm, one that took him down forbidden avenues and exposed him to secrets that most cultivators would shudder to even contemplate. Forbidden texts and hidden techniques had become the cornerstone of his knowledge, and he had forged alliances with beings whose names were whispered only in hushed breaths of fear. All of it was a means to attain more power, to grasp hold of the reins of destiny and mold the world to his will.

Now, standing at the precipice of his grand design, his eyes surveyed the valley below. The lifeless body of his fallen opponent lay nearby, a testament to his inexorable rise. He could feel the Qi, the essence of the world coursing through his veins, imbuing him with a surging energy that raged like a storm within. In this moment, he felt invincible, an unstoppable force that no mortal or deity could defy.

For a fleeting moment, as he looked up at the tapestry of stars dotting the inky night sky, a pang of introspection gripped his heart. Was power truly everything? Was the sacrifice worth it? These questions gnawed at his very core, but he banished them to the recesses of his mind. The allure of dominion over all consumed him, a fire that burned brighter than any doubt.

With a decisive flick of his wrist, he sheathed his sword, the silent declaration that he was ready to embrace the unknown that awaited him.

As he made his way down the mountain path, the forest fell into an even deeper silence with only his voice could be heard.

"Power is but a fleeting illusion. Yet, in this illusion, I shall leave an indelible mark upon the world."

Whatever the future held, whatever adversity or triumph awaited him, he would face it head-on. For he knew no other path, no other purpose, but to seize the power and alter his destiny.

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