Book cover of “Becoming the Richest Person by the Daily Special Price System“ by Clouds Become Dragons

Becoming the Richest Person by the Daily Special Price System

  • Genre: Urban
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Clouds Become Dragons
  • Uploaded by user232447
[Ding! A Lamborghini Veneno is now on flash sale for $9.90!] [Ding! Shares in Target Corporation are now on flash sale for $99!] [Ding! A King Villa worth 100 million dollars is now on flash sale for $2!] After his girlfriend left him for a wealthy man, Christopher unlocked the Daily Special Price System. This extraordinary system allowed him to pu... 

Daily Special Price System

"Friend, I've said everything that needs to be said. As for how to resolve it, that's up to you."

Tom hung up after saying that. Only Christopher was left in the living room with a dark expression.

Earlier, Christopher's good friend Tom had said that his girlfriend, Lily, was hugging another man at a luxurious store. He had even sent a picture. This made Christopher extremely angry.

Lily, I treated you so well. I saved up money to splurge on you, I bought you bags and cosmetics. How could you repay me like this?

Christopher clenched his fists and suddenly stood up from the sofa. At this moment, he only had one thought in his mind—rush to the mall and kill the cheating pair.

However, at this moment, his phone rang. It was Lily. Christopher was stunned. Then, he took a deep breath and endured his anger to answer the call.

A familiar and sweet voice sounded from the phone.

"Hey, honey, I drank some wine with my best friend outside. I won't be going back tonight. I'll stay at her house!"

Hearing this, Christopher was furious.

"When did you get a male best friend? Why didn't I know?"

The person on the other end of the phone was obviously stunned, but she quickly recovered and asked, "What nonsense are you talking about? What male? My best friend is a girl."

Christopher sneered. "Do you want me to send you the picture of you hugging that man before you admit it?"

At this point, Lily couldn't be bothered to argue anymore. She sneered. "Since you know, I'll say it clearly. Christopher, your salary is only four to five thousand dollars a month. You can't afford a house, a car, or the life I want. We're not suited for each other. Don't disturb me anymore!"

Christopher's anger increased.

Damn it, you did such an absurd thing and still act as if it's natural!

He was about to flare up when the other party hung up.

Christopher was so angry that he had the urge to smash his phone.


However, after his anger, Christopher felt more helpless.

He slumped on the sofa, feeling helpless.

In this society, which woman did not want to find a richer man? A poor young man like him who had no power, status, or background was not worthy of love.

He couldn't help but smile bitterly. At this moment, a mechanical voice sounded in his mind.

"The Daily Special Price System has been successfully bound. Host, you are welcome to use it!"

Christopher jolted and stood up from the sofa.

What, system?

Special price?

What the heck is this?

He was filled with confusion when the system's voice sounded again.

"Today's special price item is 73% of Target Corporation's shares. The price is $99. Host, would you like to purchase it?"

Christopher's eyes widened when he heard this.

73% of Target Corporation's shares were only priced at $99. Was it crazy?

The most powerful and richest company in New York City, of which Christopher was currently an employee, was this Target Corporation. Not to mention 73% of the shares, even only 1% was worth millions!

More importantly, Target Corporation's annual revenue was an astronomical figure. As long as one held a bit of the share, the dividends would be uncountable every year.

Christopher was dumbfounded. Wasn't this special price of $99 basically free?

He immediately came to his senses and said loudly, "Buy it, quickly buy it for me!"

As soon as he finished speaking, a bell sounded in his mind.

"Congratulations, host. You've successfully bought it!"

After saying that, the system stopped operating. Apart from realizing that it had really deducted $99 from his account, nothing changed at all. He couldn't help but think to himself.

Could… could this be a scam?

At this moment, his phone rang. He picked it up and saw that it was an unknown number. Picking it up with suspicion, he heard a middle-aged man's solicitous voice.

"Hello, Chairman. I'm Target Corporation's General Manager, Pence. I've already received the news that you're now our largest shareholder. Please take care of me in the future!"

Christopher took a deep breath and felt his scalp go numb. He was shocked.

It was true. It was actually true. He had really become an important figure in New York City.

He held back his excitement and said calmly, "Pence, right? I'll go to the company to inspect it later. You can arrange it for me!"

Pence hurriedly smiled and said, "Yes, sir. I understand!"

After hanging up, Christopher immediately jumped up excitedly like a lunatic.

"I'm going to be rich!"

A moment later, he calmed down slightly. At this moment, he recalled Lily, who had just broken up with him. He couldn't help but smile coldly.

Hmph! Lily, I really have to thank you. If you hadn't broken up with me, I might not have had the chance to obtain the system. Now that my net worth is over a hundred million, just wait to regret it!

Then, he hurriedly packed up and rushed to the Target Corporation's building.

In New York City, in the bustling business center, there was a particularly eye-catching building. In this place where every inch of land was worth its value in gold, this building was like a golden mountain.

It belonged to Target Corporation.

Christopher stood at the entrance of the Target Corporation building and felt its magnificence. He couldn't help but smile.

It's mine from now on!

He was just about to step in when a woman's angry and sharp voice sounded.

"Christopher, didn't I tell you clearly already? We've already broken up. Why are you still looking for me?"

Christopher looked over and saw a woman with barely passable looks caked in makeup glaring at him. It was none other than his ex-girlfriend, Lily.

At this moment, beside her was a man in his thirties who was looking at Christopher playfully. He smiled and said, "Lily, is this your poor ex-boyfriend? He's really infatuated with you. He actually came here!"

Hearing this, Lily seemed to be a little flustered and hurriedly explained, "Darling, don't misunderstand. I have nothing to do with him anymore."

The man didn't care at all. He walked to Christopher and smiled as he mocked him. "You're Christopher, right? I'm Lily's current boyfriend, Luke. I'm also the one in charge of Target Corporation's marketing department. I advise you not to harass her anymore. Otherwise, you're just asking for trouble!"

He was arrogant, smug, and full of superiority!

Luke's face was filled with disdain for Christopher, but all of this became very laughable in the latter's eyes.

Christopher smiled calmly and said, "You're in charge of Target Corporation's marketing department? What a coincidence, we're colleagues. I'm Target Corporation's major shareholder at the board of directors!"

What, a shareholder?

This sentence stunned Luke.

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