Book cover of “Billionaire's Embrace: A Tale of Love and Legacy“ by Canis Major

Billionaire's Embrace: A Tale of Love and Legacy

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Canis Major
"Why?" Fathia's frustration manifested in her question. With her eyes wide open, she cast a sharp, intense glare, their breaths engaged in a race. The man positioned himself above her, offering a slight, dismissive smile. However, truthfully, the man's patience was wearing thin in the depths of his eyes. Months had passed for her to grasp how much... 

Chapter 1

There's only one thing Fathia understands. How much she adores his touch and everything the man could give her tonight. All the things that have ever been in her little head are now clearly projected by the man. Relentlessly. Without pause. And what's even more surprising to Fathia, it all seems real.


"Why?" Fathia asks in a frustrated tone. Her eyes are wide open, glaring sharply as their breaths race each other. The man, positioned right above her, only gives a slight smile. As if belittling, yet truly, within the darkness of his eyes, the man is already incredibly impatient.

It took her dozens of months to realize how tormented she was by the distance between them.

"One... or two?" The fingers that have been inside Fathia, he withdraws them. Clear fluid from within coats them. Slowly, he brings those fingers and touches them to the cheek of the girl who looks flushed beneath him.

Fathia grumbles in annoyance. "I'm done!" She roughly pushes the man's body that's above her. Quickly, she gathers the scattered clothes. Don't ask about the girl's face; it's a complete mess. Her face is also turning deep red. Angry.

"Are you sure?" Sebastian chuckles. His eyes seem relaxed as he watches the ash-brown-haired girl start to dress. Some signs of redness from his actions are evident in a few spots.

"Don't play around with me, Sebastian. Finish it," Fathia turns and still gives a piercing look. "Or I'm leaving."

"Your choice. I just want to make sure you and I are satisfied. That's all."

Fathia rolls her eyes with annoyance. She quickly puts on a covering over her thighs. "Oh, I just remembered. I have a date with Kenzo in two hours."

Fathia can witness for herself how those coal-black eyes quickly turn cloudy again. The intimate aura from earlier changes so swiftly. Is Fathia scared? No. Ah, it's not just fear. She wants it too. In one swift motion, the man has already pulled her. Holding her without mercy.

"In your dream!"

Fathia laughs contentedly. "Never play games with me, Sebastian. Never."


June 2, 2014

Without hesitation, Fathia sprinted down the school corridor. Beads of sweat had already started to dampen her forehead. She didn't care. Her thoughts were solely focused on the principal's office. Word had it... there was a visitor, someone connected to her father.

Since last night, her emotions had been in turmoil. And as the morning progressed, not a single word came from the people she cared about. Her older brother usually reached out whenever he had the chance. Well, maybe they were all just busy with their own matters, she thought.

That's what Fathia kept telling herself. She pushed herself to take all the exams she had until... the call for her came.

Her breath was racing, her eyes confirming once more that the room she was heading to was indeed the right one. Throughout her time at Buston University, she had never set foot in here. Even the few times she entered the teachers' lounge were for specific purposes, delivering assignments and other instructions from her homeroom teacher.

It took her a couple of minutes to steady her heartbeat. Also, to regain control over her breath, which had been racing due to her earlier sprint. Feeling sufficiently composed, she mustered the courage to knock on the elaborately carved wooden door; "Head Master" it read in the center.

"Good afternoon, Sir," Fathia greeted once she was well inside the rather spacious room. This was only after she was invited in. Her gaze wandered a bit. Nervously shutting her eyes, she wasn't ready to move from her position near the door. To her right, a large glass-fronted cabinet displayed numerous trophies. There were also framed certificates of achievement in one corner. Fathia's school could definitely be considered a top-notch institution in all of New York City.

She quickly lowered her eyes as Horrison Stone turned towards her.

"Ah, Fathia," Horrison cleared his throat briefly. He glanced at his conversation partner for a moment and then continued, "Please have a seat."

Fathia complied, and once she had settled into the chair, her brow furrowed involuntarily. She knew this man. But what was going on?

"Fathia," the man called.

"Sebastian." Somehow, the unsettling feeling that had been brewing within her intensified in her chest. "What's going on?"

What Fathia got wasn't an immediate answer but just an exchange of glances between the principal and the man she recognized as her beloved brother's fiancé, Sebastian Sachdev.

"Please... pay close attention to this news and,"

"And?" Fathia pressed eagerly. She couldn't wait. She couldn't wait so much that she shifted slightly in her seat, moving closer to the man she had met a few times before.

There was a long sigh before Sebastian finally spoke, "Your parents and... Felice," Sebastian closed his eyes for a brief moment, feeling the pain he had been carrying since before. Especially when he uttered the name that stirred so many emotions within him. "Were in an accident last night."

Fathia didn't blink. She just stared at Sebastian without interruption. Absorbing every word, she had just heard.

"And... they all passed away on the spot."


June 3, 2014

The drizzle coming down didn't bother the girl in the black dress as she stood beside the graves of her loved ones. She tried to stand strong amidst the three neatly covered mounds. Flowers were beautifully spread on top of them. Each one had a name attached, beautifully carved but so painful for Fathia.

The glasses she wore were simply there to hide her puffy eyes from crying. Especially when the hearse arrived at her home. She wailed, screamed hysterically, fainted several times, but still, the three people she cherished dearly wouldn't wake up to greet her. They were lying there motionless, peacefully facing God.

Leaving her, still so young, to face the world alone. The foundation Fathia had crumbled without any support left, especially when Sebastian broke this heartbreaking news to her. And Fathia's collapse worsened when, for the last time, she was allowed to gaze at her three family members. Dad, Mommy, and her older sister, Felice.

"Miss, have some milk first. Miss Fathia hasn't eaten anything since morning. Don't get sick," Naomi offered with a sad expression. Since yesterday, the youngest daughter of her employer hadn't swallowed or sipped anything. The girl claimed she had no appetite. Naomi knew the sorrow was too immense for Fathia, but she couldn't let the young miss fall ill, right?

"No, Naomi. I don't want to," Fathia refused, wiping her tears away. Family members, both from her dad's and mom's sides, were starting to arrive. They all hugged Fathia and conveyed their condolences. Fathia still couldn't believe that everything had happened so quickly.

How on the night they bid each other goodbye, Felice had advised her to be careful during the exams? If she got good grades, a vacation reward to Bali was waiting. Fathia pouted because last year, they all went to the same place for vacation - Bali.

If she remembered correctly, that night her parents had given her many messages. Starting from taking care of her health, not forgetting to eat regularly, and one thing that bothered her now.

"Fathia, you must be a strong woman. Overcome whatever comes your way. Never think of giving up. The Mehram Claire family never gives up, Fathia. You need to know that," Alvin Mehram said, while affectionately patting Fathia's head. His gaze was gentle yet stern within.

"I'm Dad's child. I definitely won't give up easily like big sis Felice who always won those tenders. Right?"

Alvin chuckled, tilting Fathia's chin with affection, a grin splitting his face. "You're right. Be like Felice. But remember one thing. Your dad prefers you to live life the way your heart desires."

Fathia's brow furrowed and furrowed even more as her dad continued.

"Because the heart knows best where to anchor."

"I don't understand, Dad." True, that was true. Fathia didn't grasp this. Her thoughts revolved around school, engaging in activities she chose as pastimes, and coming back home. Her life lacked color. Just ordinary. Even for a fifteen-year-old, having close friends of the opposite gender held no interest for her. Quite different from her friends.

Conversations often revolved around, "Look at that, huh? Our student council president is so handsome!"

"You don't need to understand. Someday you will. Just remember Dad's message, alright?" Alvin stared intently at Fathia. Meanwhile, the youngest daughter eventually nodded and smiled a small smile in agreement with her dad's request.

What she never anticipated was that this statement would become the last message before they were in different worlds now.

Once again, Fathia wiped her tears. The memory weighed her down.

"Let's go home," someone said, making Fathia turn her head. She had to look up slightly since the man beside her was toweringly tall. His posture was straight, and this time he wore a slightly soiled black shirt. Throughout the funeral procession, he didn't hesitate to assist in lowering each coffin into its final resting place.

"I want to be alone, Sebastian." Fathia resumed arranging her parents' graves. She crouched down a bit, wanting to hold onto her longing.

"I'll keep you company then."

She turned again, and indeed, Sebastian did the same. He positioned himself beside Fathia.

"You should head home, Sebastian. I want to be alone."

"I won't let you be alone."

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