Book cover of “Broken Series“ by Kate Granada

Broken Series

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Kate Granada
Ten years ago, Kent Oliver Stone broke Lucy Mason's heart. Then they randomly reunited in a bar and hooked up. Lucy thought her dream man had finally come back into her life, but the situation was far from perfect. Kent was still married, and when she showed up for her first day at work, he turned out to be her new boss as well. Is she willing to... 

Book 1. Chapter 1. One-Night Stand

Lucy PoV

By simply looking at the glass of whiskey on my table, made me forget everything about my disastrous teenage life.

My first love and boyfriend dumped me on our graduation day. He went to the states to study and didn't come back even until now.

My life is full of thorns and stains.

"Waiter, another glass, please!" I called for the third bucket of beer and one bottle of whiskey.

After ten years of waiting, my life is still the same. It's better to die drinking than living with regrets.

"Here ma'am," the waiter said after serving me.

My eyes were heavy and my body feels weary. I gaze tipsy and smiled at him.

"Thank you" I mumbled.

The karaoke bar was filled with loud people. You can find anything here. Minors, adults, married people, widows, the LGBT community, and even singles who were being cursed to be alone forever, and I was one of them.

I grab one bottle of beer and gulped it all in one shot until I almost choked by the drinks themselves when I heard a man's voice near me.

" Looks like you're in your death wish, pretty lady" his voice sounds familiar.

I lean on the table and simply tilted my head to face him. I was not in my good state like I'm about to throw my bile somewhere. His face seems blurry since the alcohol is now wrecking my entire sanity.

"Hey, are you okay?" He asked me. I just nod my head even I wasn't.

"I'm good. See, I can stand on----" I stood up but hadn't finished my words when I bump into his biceps, and I accidentally vomited on his tuxedo.

"Fuck, what did---" he sounds pissed when he pushed me away from him.

I heard the waiter came and check on us.

"Is everything okay, sir?" He asked him.

I saw the guy help me by putting me on his back. He piggybacks me. I thought he's mad at me.

"We're good. I'll take her home. Don't worry." The effect of whiskey took me over until my mind feel hazy and no one knows what happened next after the dark shade enveloped my sights.

Kent POV

My life ends as I got a call from Eloisa's gynecologist that she had a fatal illness. We lived together for almost ten years and we were not lucky to have a child. Now, I know why she keeps pushing me every time I do intimate things with her. She can't have sex with me because she has stage four cervical cancer. What's the use of being married to her if my life is miserable and useless.

I loved my wife so much but I'm a man too. I need someone to touch me and to be satisfied. I don't want to go home yet because every time I came, I heard her screaming in pain, and it's tormenting me. It's better to stay outside than to see my wife in pain.

I took one gulp of whiskey and pour another glass again. As my eyes wandered around this crowded and loud bar, my eyes stop at a woman who was sitting in front of me. She was wearing a white blouse and a high waist silk skirt which made her look classy and sexy. Her ebony hair is hanging just above her waist. She seems drunk and alone.

I stood up from my seat and walked towards her. She noticed me. I cleared my throat.

"What is this pretty lady drinking alone in a place like this?" I sat beside her.

She was leaning her face against the table while intensely staring at me. She is cursing her life and fate.

"Are you talking to a useless and ugly lady like me?" She said and laughed at me.

"I think you drink too much!" I told her and about to help her but she tried to stand and accidentally bumps into my arms and to my surprise, she let out bile from her mouth.

"Shit!" I frowned.

The waiter noticed us.

"Sir, is everything okay?" I wave my hands with a good sign and help her out from this place.

I carried her at my back and I navigated the hallway out from the crowded bar. I heard my phone is vibrating inside my pocket and I think Eloisa is looking for me but I ignored her call.

I put her on the ground and she still keeps on vomiting. I caress her back to comfort her.

"Are you okay?" I asked her but my drunkenness subsided when she suddenly lifted her face.

"Lucy?" I muttered.

Am I drunk to see my ex-girlfriend right in front of me? The girl I left behind for almost ten years now? The heart-shaped lips, the mesmerizing eyes, and her curves, it's her. I walked back to confirmed it's her.

She laughed and glared at me.

"Yes, I am Lucy Mason, a girl who is still waiting for her first love!" She shouted at me.

First love? Does she mean, she's still single and lonely because she's hoping that I'll come back for her?

She slowly got up from the ground and I help her. I'm glad I brought my car with me. I can't believe that she waited for so long. I'm a bit guilty and mad at myself. I put her in the backseat and I hop in the driver's seat.

I'm still stunned right now but deep inside, I'm happy that I met her. I set a smirk on my face. I looked around to check if someone saw us. I am the CEO of Kings and Queens Hotel and I have a name to protect. If a scandal will be put in an article of any newspaper in the whole city, dad will kill me. I fix my t-shirt and focus on my driving.

We are now off the road when I got a call again from my wife. I turned it off. I'm still shocked about her test lab result so maybe she can give me space to breathe in. She keeps her illness from me for many years. Maybe I have the right to get angry, right?

"Hmmm" she let out a soft moan.

I think her head throbs so much because the liquors ruled over her.

I check her in my front mirror and I was out in my focus to the steering wheel when she unbuttoned her blouse.

"I feel hot. Can I have a fan?" She murmured.

I took a deep breath after taking back the steering wheel. We almost got into an accident. I don't know what to do but when I saw the half side of her purple lace bra, my thing keeps moving and erecting in between my thighs.

"Fuck! What are you thinking?" I mumbled to myself.

"May I know where is your house?" I said and she told me to stop.

"Just leave me here," she said and I help her to reach the red gate.

I looked at her place and this house still looks the same. Why didn't bother to move out? Because she was thinking that it's hard for me to find her if she finds a new place? I felt guilty for what I did to her back then but it's all in the past. I am taken and I love my wife.

I was about to go when she called my name.

"Kent? I know it's you!" She said and I was afraid that she might curse me if she finds out about my personal life.

I felt hands enveloping my waist.

"I miss you! I'm so happy you came back for me!" She happily said.

As her skin touches my body, I felt the burning sensation took over my nerves. I miss her too but I think what will I do is wrong. I can't control my emotions anymore. I quickly turned around and grab her head to find her lips and kissed her badly. We both caught our breath as our lips parted.

She walked inside her place and I followed her.

Without any words, I pulled her against my chest. I slammed my lips wildly on her lips while her hands are busy cupping my bulge. It's a passionate kiss and I feel like the feelings I'm holding on to for a long time will explode.

"I never thought you came back?" Lucy mumbled in between our kisses but I didn't have time to answer her.

All I think now is I need her tonight.


"Shit, keep going deeper Kent! Ahhh, it's so good!" Lucy screams in ecstasy as I slid my hardness deeper into her cunt.

We both naked on her bed. Her legs spread widely as I keep pushing my thing inside her. We both bath in sweats.

It's my first time in a while to have excessive orgasms, not to my wife but to the woman I left behind for ten years.

"I'm coming!" She moaned.

" Me too!" I scream as we both reach in unison.

I just realized I got a one night with my ex.

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