Book cover of “CEO's Ex-Wife Stunned the World“ by Cathy Colborn

CEO's Ex-Wife Stunned the World

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Cathy Colborn
  • Uploaded by user659096
Four years ago, Julianna Reece’s life was torn apart by the malicious scheming of her stepmother. Framed for a scandal she didn’t commit, her reputation was left in tatters. The final blow came when her husband, succumbing to the lies, cast her out, leaving her to face the world’s derision alone. Julianna became a pariah, a laughing stock, shunned ... 

Chapter 1 Divorce

At night.

It was pouring with rain.

"Sign this divorce agreement! As compensation, I will give you 80 million dollars as alimony."

"Edwin, did I do something wrong?" Julianna was used to being humble in front of Edwin Keaton.

"Kate is back. She doesn't want to see you!

"It's time to end our marriage, so you must leave!" Edwin crossed his long legs and leaned on the sofa indifferently. His facial features were as cold as a stone statue. He was handsome but cold.

"You want to divorce me just because she is back? Do you think marriage is just a game?" Julianna's pale lips trembled.

"The woman I want to marry is not you in the first place. Two years ago, it was you who schemed and forced Kate away. Now that she is back, I will not let go.

"Hurry up and sign the divorce agreement! I compensate you with 80 million dollars for two years. You are valuable enough." Edwin had always been harsh and never left any mercy.

"What if ... I don't sign it?" Julianna asked unwillingly.

"Trust me, you will sign it!"

Edwin smiled confidently.

As the successor of the top consortium in Philadelphia, what Edwin wanted to do had always been easy. In Philadelphia, who would dare to go against him?

Two years ago, the Keaton family and the Reece family were connected by marriage.

At Edwin and Katelyn Reece's engagement party.

Edwin was drugged and mistakenly recognized Julianna as Katelyn in the lounge!

The next day, the scandal of Julianna of the Reece Group hooking up with her brother-in-law spread throughout the media.

Katelyn was so angry that she went insane and was sent to a sanatorium abroad for treatment.

Everyone was scolding Julianna as the most shameless "the other woman", who even snatched her brother-in-law!

Edwin hated Julianna even more, believing that Julianna had tried every means to drug him and climb into his bed.

However, the Keaton family and the Reece family were old friends, and the marriage was more of a business marriage.

Under the pressure from Julianna's grandpa, Carsen Reece, and Edwin's grandma, Melina Wallace, they could only force Edwin to marry Julianna, regardless of whether it was right or wrong.

But these two years of marriage, for Julianna, were like a hard journey in hell!

She only got more humiliation and torture in exchange for forbearance, tolerance, and affection. She was already exhausted.

It was good to get a divorce. Julianna really had enough!

"Alright, I'll sign it, but I have a request."

"Say it!" Edwin guessed that Julianna wanted more money!

After all, a scheming woman like Julianna only cared about money.

"I want to properly have sex with you.

"In the past two years, every time you slept with me, you always called out Katelyn's name. Well... You made me feel like I am the worst woman in the world. I have had enough!

"I am your legal wife. I want you to call my name and officially do it with me one last time.

"I am Julianna and not Katelyn!" For the first time, Julianna was hysterical and trembled with anger!

In these two years, every time they had sex, Edwin would deliberately call out the wrong name! He had sex with Julianna just to punish her and humiliate her. There was absolutely no love!

"Stop messing around. Someone is waiting for me downstairs..."

Julianna smiled.

The person waiting for him was probably Katelyn!

"Then let her wait a little longer. She's been waiting for two years. There's no need to wait a little longer.

"It's up to you whether you want to do it or not. I don't mind being on the trending topic one more time!"

Edwin hated being threatened the most. He sneered for a few seconds. "Alright, I will agree to your request.

"Julianna, don't regret it!"

Edwin stood up, grabbed her shirt, and carried her over.


The buttons on her shirt burst open...

There was no foreplay at all!

"Ah!" Julianna cried out in alarm as she closed her eyes.

Edwin was as ruthless as ever.

It was as if she would never feel pain. Or perhaps, he just liked to see her in pain!

Good! Very good!

Julianna would never forget how ruthless Edwin was to her.

"Julianna, Julianna, are you satisfied with this?"

Edwin finally called her real name as he was having sex with her.

Despite the humiliation...

Julianna could finally swallow the anger that had accumulated in her heart over the past two years.

Tears rolled down the corners of Julianna's eyes, and she said with a broken heart and determination, "Edwin! I won't love you anymore!"

When Edwin heard this, he disdainfully held her lower jaw and sneered at her face!

Her face ... was beautiful!

Julianna had such a pure and beautiful face, but deep down, she was scheming.


Her love only made Edwin feel disgusted and hypocritical.

"Sign the divorce agreement, take the money and leave Philadelphia!"

Edwin finished speaking and left without looking back at her.

Two months later...

In the hospital.

"Ms. Reece, you're pregnant. You have multiple births.

"But I suggest you reduce the fetus. Otherwise, there will be too many fetuses, and it will be dangerous for you!"

Reduce the fetus?

No, Julianna didn't want to deprive the right to live from any child!

They were her children, and it had nothing to do with anyone! No matter what, Julianna had to give birth and raise them well...

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