Book cover of “Changing the Billionaire’s Heart“ by marshmallowssprinkle

Changing the Billionaire’s Heart

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: marshmallowssprinkle
“I did not choose the rich life,” he said. Spoiled but independent, Sereia Philomena Isolde does not just back down from anything, even if it means having to face the famous heir to the multibillion Soller Corporation, Phoenix Mason Hill. He’s a humble billionaire who didn’t choose a rich life. When she learns that her precious land back from h... 

Chapter 1. Your Name

"Why do you want to buy my land again?" He asked. 

I contemplated what to answer. Well, I clearly know the answer, I just don't want to explain it. "This is precious to me. There are many memories that happened here. Plus, I already had a plan. I want to cultivate this land and form it into my own farm and resting house.”  

He raised his eyebrows at my response. "Just that?" 

My eyebrows met, looking at him in the eye. "What? I'm sure you know my grandfather is the past owner of this land and now, I want it back." 

At this moment, both of us were standing up now. His eyes were turning dark now. "Well, princess. It's unlikely to happen because as far as I know, I didn't put a 'For Sale sign outside this house. It's mine and I'll decide whether to sell it or not." 

I gritted my teeth. Damn this man. Annoying! I thought he was reasonable enough!  

I sighed. Calm down, you are an elegant young lady. You are Sereia Philomena Hudson Isolde. You can do everything. Face this.  

I blinked and heaved deeply. When I was calmed enough, I asked again, "You're really not going to sell it to me?" 

He shook his head. "No." 

I met his gaze, not daring to back down. His hazel eyes clashed against my brown eyes. I almost drowned in his gaze, feeling a bit intimidated. He then blinked, and I hatched a plan.  

"What should I do for you to sell it? You're a billionaire, right? You're wealthy and can afford any land you want. Can't you just give this up?" I asked. 

 I swear, I'll do anything, except selling my body or fake pretending to be his wife or something because I'll strongly reject that idea.  

He paused, considering my request for a second before grinning. "Well, there is a way..." 

My ears perked up at that. "What is it?"  

He pointed at his lips, smirking as he looked at my lips. "A kiss...How about you kiss me?  

I thought about it for a second before agreeing, "Okay." 

His eyebrows raised at that, surprised at my answer. "Wow, you're really agreeing just like that? That easy?"   

"I'm not easy. I'm just desperate." I interjected him.  

He shook his head. "I see. So you're really that desperate to regain your land. You'll really do it right?" 

"Yes," I answered and without thinking, I leaned into him and smashed my lips on his.  

A gasp escapes from his lips, watching me do all of that. He really couldn't believe it.  

The kiss lasted for only a few seconds and I pulled away from him quickly.  

I smirked at him, then winked. "What about now?"  

I already gave my first kiss away anyway. It's not like I'm losing anything. And I don't care anymore.  

Phoenix blinked, pulled from a trance. He sighed dreamily, touching his lips.  

How did we get into this position you ask? Believe me, I'm confused.


I was always the patient one...the type of girl to be goody two shoes and always obeying every command of my parents.  

However, this situation is an exemption. I could feel my blood boiling as my temper ran out.  

Plus, having to speak to my grandfather is not helping me at all. 

I was just shopping at the mall for my bag collection when I received a call from Uncle Adam, which is my mother’s little brother saying I have to come home as soon as possible.  

I almost dropped the handbag I was holding in shock, my heart beating so fast.  

I trembled in fear, knowing it all too well that something just happened, and I don't have to be a genius to know it.  

Breathing deeply, I paid for the bag I was getting but stopped when I saw a Ferrari driven by the road.  

The door of the car opened and three men in black suits wearing some black sunglasses popped out of it. They looked around, before whispering to themselves.  

Just then, a man in a dark grey suit hopped out of the car, checked the time with his Rolex, and looked around.  

Like the other three men, he also had an eyeglass that hid his eyes. He looked important, standing elegantly by the sidewalk with the three other men beside him. I'm guessing he's among them.  

Well, that's not my business anyway. But my eyes can't help but get glued to the man.  

I could sense him looking in my direction and I felt my heart skipping a beat.  

I shook my head, snapping out of my thoughts.  

Oh, right, I have to get home soon. Waiting for a taxi to drop by, I can't help but steal a last glance at them, seeing them entering the shop I was just in.  

 The man whom I just guessed as their boss was walking ahead of them while the other three were following him behind. When they got near me, I caught a whiff of their scent. 

They smell good, I admit. Opening my handbag to get my phone, my hands trembled, and I accidentally dropped my foundation, and it rolled on the sidewalk.  

Seeing that the four men were just in the way, I cleared my throat, hoping to get their attention. "Excuse me?"  

They all paused at that, turning their heads in unison. I pointed at the foundation on the ground, just in front of them.  

"Can you please get that for me? That's mine." I chuckled sheepishly.  

They all seemed to process what I just said and one of them raised a question to me, "Are you ordering our boss to get that?" He asked, like what I just said was a huge crime.  

I blinked at them, they were waiting for my reply. The atmosphere was filled with tension as silence passed by for a moment. I chuckled again just to ease the awkwardness I felt. 

 "Why? I can't? It's just a small favor. Unless you are a mafia boss or something." I joked at them. 

 And when I saw none of them laughing, I bit my lip, regretting I said that. What if they really are? A mafia group or something.... 

Their boss in front looked at me up and down, the corners of his lips turning upwards, before silently continuing on walking like he didn't hear what I just requested to them.  

His feet then stomped on my foundation, he glanced to see my reaction before motioning for his men to enter the shop.  

All the while, my mouth just hangs wide open as I watch the scene. I stumbled on the floor, grabbing my foundation. 

 My hard-earned money! To think that it was even from a well-known brand. I worked hard for it. That's too expensive for me but I still bought it!  

My poor baby!  

Glaring at them, I made my way in front of them to block their path. "Stop!" I yelled in the middle of the afternoon. Sunlight was beaming now, and I felt sweat forming in my head but all I could think of was going for revenge.  

"What is it again, miss?" One of them asked.  

"Do you still have some humanity in you! How could you step on my foundation powder!" I raged.  

I don't care if I'm making a scene here. Or the whispers I could hear behind me. I could hear them, but it didn't matter to me. 

"I just requested you to pick it up since you're on the way, did you even hear what I said? Or are you deaf?" I continued, breathing heavily.  

The man in front of them, who is their boss, put down his sunglasses and I could see his hazel eyes."Are you done screaming?" He asked, raising his eyebrows. He seemed irritated as he crossed his arms in front of me and looked at me like I was dirt on the ground.  

I huffed. "Yes."  

"So your problem is, me stepping in that thing?" He asked. 

I nodded, "Yes."  

"Then fine. I'll just pay for it." He said, motioning for his men behind him to assist him but I stopped them.  

"No, I don't need your money," I said.  

He scoffed. "Tsk, then what do you want?" 

"I want an apology from you." I dared him. 

"Ooh, feisty. I like it. What's your name again, miss?" He asked, now looking at me with interest in his eyes. Before I could reply, there was a loud shrieking voice from a girl.  

"Phoenix! Phoenix Mason Hill is here!" Said the girl, pointing in our direction. 

Wait what? Who? I blinked.  

He muttered a curse under his breath.  

"Boss, let's leave this place." His men said to him, now in full alert mode. He nodded at them. "Lead the way."  

Some people looked at us in confusion, and the man in front of me gulped, looked at me, and grabbed my hand. He started to drag me away as people started to come closer to us. 

 He led me to an alley along with the men behind him and rode a car there. I began to panic, thinking of all the bad possibilities he'll do to me.  

Gosh, it's bad enough to ride in a car to someone you do not know. A total stranger.  

"What are you doing-" My sentence was cut off as he shushed me.  

"Just listen to me." He said. 

"No. Let go." I ordered. "And what was that? Who was that Phoenix that the girl  


Then it took me, the heir of the Phoenix Corporation, to be named Phoenix. I'm not sure since I only see him on the news sometimes. "No way, are you the heir of the Phoenix Corporation?" I asked. Wow, and here I was thinking they were a mafia group or something.  

The Phoenix Corporation is the top leading corporation in the Philippines. I had heard that the CEO of the corporation was an Australian, Mr. Arthur Hill who migrated to the country and settled down with his Filipina wife.  

From what I could remember, his full name was Phoenix Mason Hill...He could literally buy my whole savings and house and it would still not be enough. Or he could easily erase my whole being. I shuddered at the thought.  

"Sir, shall we leave now?" One of his men asked, taking hold of the steering wheel.   

"Yes, Andre." The man seated beside me, now I know as Phoenix replied. So I was right. He is someone important. Well, not just important but he's really really important. The car then took off and we were away from the crowd.  

Beside me, Phoenix sighed in relief. He then facepalmed himself. "Ugh, I hate this." He then glanced at me. "Why did I even bring you here with me?"   

I shrugged, "I don't know, ask yourself." Then I remembered what I should do. I should get home soon! "And why are you kidnapping me?"  

He chuckled at that, "Oh right, I took you here by force."  

He seemed too calm for a kidnapper. Well, even I'm too calm with all of these.  

One of the men asked him, "What shall we do with her sir?"  

"Throw her outside." He replied.  

I almost choked at my own spit at what he said, "What?" 

The driver then spoke up, "You did the right thing, sir. If your fans were to know that you talked with another woman, then I fear for her fate. The recent woman you talked to was too traumatized by your fans." 

"Wow you have crazy fans," I commented. I heard of that news. It was all over the media and I once was disgusted at the fans  

I couldn't help but look at Phoenix's face beside me. His hair was jet black and his skin was smooth. I stared at his hazel eyes. They were shining, and I felt like I could be lost in them. His jaw was so sharp that I feared it could cut like a knife. Overall, his strong features were prominent.  

He spoke up, and I saw his smirk. "Did you just check me out?"  

I instantly shook my head no, denying it. Well, he's right with that. He's handsome and hot. I couldn't deny that. And I'm a bit...weak to handsome people… 

Then the reality just hit me. It feels weird to have a chat with a billionaire. I once thought that they were too out of reach. Who knew I could luckily talk with one, and what more, I was just taken in the car with him!  

This feels like a dream. I thought this happens to movies only? It's too cheesy. Eww. I feel disgusted.  But then must be nice for a son of a billionaire. And he would be the heir of their company since he doesn't have a sibling from what I heard.  

Just then, he handed me a cheque. "Here. For stepping on your thing earlier."  

I shook my head, refusing it. I don't want to owe anyone. That foundation was expensive, but I still have some pride left.  

He sighed. "Whatever, it's your choice. What's your name again?" He asked.  

"I'm no one," I replied. For all I know, he would hire someone to track me down.  

My life's in danger now. Great. Way to go, Sereia. Gosh, now I regret what I just did earlier. If only I could turn back time.  

He stared at me. "I won't track you down unless you want me to."  

I gasped, "You can read my mind?"  

He snorted, "No, I can read your expression."  

I rolled my eyes. He's quite funny for a billionaire. But I'm allergic to rich guys.  

They're all too arrogant, dumb, narcissistic, or manipulative. I should never get tangled with them.   

"Sereia. I'm Sereia." I finally said, regretting it the moment I blurted it out.  

"Okay Sereia. Where do you want us to drop you off?"

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