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  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Firework
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The Chaplain has returned! Driven by a fierce desire for revenge and a heartfelt need to repay kindness, he steps back into the world, a force to be reckoned with. His wife and daughter, who have endured years of suffering, now find themselves transformed by his unwavering resolve. Under his protection and love, they become the most blessed women o... 

The Chaplain Returned


"The young girl who sent a letter to the base and tried to look for her father has been identified!"

"She...she is your daughter, our junior—Olivia Walker!"

The first war god in America spoke with a sorrowful tone, "Olivia was diagnosed with leukemia, and she wants to meet you within the remaining days she still has!"

A cab was speeding through the rain and there was a fierce-looking man who sat in the backseat. When he heard the report, his body felt like it had been struck by lightning!

He felt his nose turn sore and tears appeared in his eyes!

He left home 8 years ago and never returned.

His daughter was already 7 years old, but she never knew what her father looked like.

If it weren't for this letter that had been delivered to the base, he would not have known about her.

He had failed in his responsibility as a father.

This man was known as Oliver Walker!

Eight years ago, when Indiana had been attacked by their enemies, on the night of his wedding, his wife had to pack his bags in tears while sending him off on the train to the warzone!

Four years ago, in one of the ambush missions, he stayed back in the canyon alone, with a flag on his back, in order to buy time for his team.

In exchange for being severely injured, he managed to annihilate hundreds of thousands of the enemies' soldiers.

In the next four years in recovery, he raised 5 gods of war, 6 godly doctors, and 8 businessmen that were in the top 50 of Forbes.

His sacrifice to the country had given him an untouchable position internationally, and he was known as the Chaplain.


The first war god did not get an answer from his master, so he started panicking, "Are… alright?"

Oliver Walker was drawn back from his memories, and his voice was cold as he asked, "Where's Emilia?!

"I have been giving her 10 thousand every month for her daily needs!

"Why didn't Olivia get treated in the hospital when she got diagnosed with leukemia?! Why was her condition getting worse?!

"Tell me! Why?!"

He could not understand why!

He felt frustrated!

He was the honourable chaplain of the country, but he couldn't even protect his daughter!

The guilt inside him was slicing his heart, and it completely destroyed all of the glory he had earned all these years!

"Your wife...she..."

The first god of war choked on his tears, and it was difficult for him to continue, "She...she was always at the club..."

These outrageous words should not be coming out of his mouth!

But….he had no other choice!

"She...she is not my wife!"

Oliver Walker uttered each and every word with difficulty. What was worst than the heartache now was his disappointment!

The woman from a wealthy family, who never disliked him even when he was a poor boy, had a change of heart!

Even if she wanted to marry someone else, he would understand!

But, after taking the money, she still abandoned her daughter and immersed herself in parties, money, and alcohol!

Was this something a mother should be doing?

Hearing how his daughter had been through so much suffering, Oliver Walker quickly ended the call and screamed at the driver, "Sir, please go faster!"

He was dying to meet his daughter. He wanted to compensate for all the suffering his daughter had been through for the past 7 years.


At the entrance of Walmart!

"I…..I didn't steal anything!

"I haven't even entered the supermarket. You're an adult….you can't accuse a child!


The rain was pouring heavily. Olivia Walker carried a washed-out bag, and her currently soaked uniform was a size smaller than it should have been.

She was surrounded by a group of adults with umbrellas over their heads!

They were accusing her, but there was nothing she could say to defend herself. She could only scream at the top of her lungs with the hope that the gods would hear her.

"My mother said that children should not be allowed to steal from others.

"Huhuhuhu….I never stole anything from here. You...You….Huhuhu...

"All of you are bullying me because I don't have a father?"

She was squatting in the rain without much energy left in her body. She felt wronged, but no one cared.

She was crying out loud as the tears rolled down her cheeks along with the rain!

She never met her father. She had been bullied ever since she was a child.

But, those were things she could still handle!

However, the lollipop in her hand now was a reward given to her by her teacher in school for being a good student.

It started raining, and her grandmother hadn't picked her up yet. Therefore, she ran to the supermarket to hide from the rain, but in the end, she was accused of being a thief!

She felt wronged, confused, and afraid as she stared at the adults surrounding her.

She was exhausted and no longer wanted to explain herself. She kept her mouth shut like always and allowed them to bully her...

"Your mother is a piece of rubbish!

"You are one as well. You're just a little girl, and you are already a thief! You will definitely be a scourge when you grow up!

"That wild father of yours must be someone dirty as well!"


Then, there was a man who was dressed in a suit with a tie around his neck. He stood under an umbrella with his neat hair.

As Olivia Walker heard the slandering words coming out of his mouth, she could no longer take it anymore and screamed out loud!

"My mummy isn't rubbish!

"She is the Goddess of Colorado!

"My daddy isn't a dirty man!

"He is the hero who fought in the front line of the battle in Indiana!"

Oliver Walker, who was trying to control herself, had a stubborn look on her childish face as she continued screaming, "You are not allowed to insult my parents!!!!!"


She….might not have met her father!

But, her mother once told her that her father was a hero who fought the battle in Indiana!

This was why he had no time for her!

Her mother was the best and she would never lie!

So, her father must be a hero!!!


George Johnson laughed, "Your father is a useless man. When your mother was kicked out of the company, he left Colorado. When did he become a hero?!

"My stomach hurts from laughing!

"If he was the hero who fought on the frontlines of the war in Indiana, then what does that make me?!"

His eyes were filled with hatred!

However, even at this point, he did not deny what Oliver Walker said about her mother being the goddess of Colorado!

This was because Emilia Davis was truly the goddess!

But, this goddess was a cold one. He has been trying to woo her heart for the past year. Even when she ended up in a horrible state and had to work in his club, surviving on the sad salary that he was giving her in order to afford the treatment needed by Olivia Walker, she didn't accept him!

Today… he was teaching Emilia a lesson!

He was a man but he was never a gentleman. Since Emilia didn't agree to marry him, he would mess around with this child until she dies!

Why didn't Emilia agree to marry him?

He could only guess that it was all because of this little sh*t!

"You're lying!! Huhuhuhu…..

"My father is a hero. I just wrote to him a month ago!

"Huhu….he will see my letter! He definitely will..."

Olivia Walker screamed and cried from the bottom of her heart...

If only her father...

It would be great if her father read the letter!

If her father read the letter, would he protect her mother and her so that they would not be bullied by these bad guys?

As she thought about it, she felt even more heartbroken!

"You little sh*t, take this!"

"Her soul isn't pure anymore. Clean her properly so that she has a clean soul!"


George Johnson laughed relentlessly as he took out his phone. He took a recording of how Olivia Walker was being poured from head to bottom with the rainwater on the ground.

He wanted Emilia to learn her lesson!

Her only option was to marry him and send this little sh*t to an orphanage!

She was merely an abandoned daughter of a rich family. How dare she reject him?!

How dare she?!!!


Olivia Walker couldn't even catch her breath as she continued crying, "Huhuhuhu..."

She was only a child that was 7 years old!

She had no idea what was happening in the adult world, but because of them, she was involved in these complicated situations!

'I miss daddy!!!!!!'

She hated all the adults who were bullying her!

Deep inside her heart...

She was feeling hopeless!

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