Book cover of “Cultivate, Sign In, And Be Rewarded Handsomely“ by Real Estate Magnate

Cultivate, Sign In, And Be Rewarded Handsomely

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Real Estate Magnate
  • Uploaded by user324557
Li Yuanqing found himself transmigrated into a new life as the crown prince of the Northern Kingdom. However, his fate took a cruel turn when he refused to marry a princess, leading to his cultivation being crippled and his meridians shattered. Cast out to the borders and forbidden from ever returning to the palace, he faced a bleak future. Just wh... 

Brother, You Must Live!

"Crown Prince Li Yuanqing disobeyed the decree and acted recklessly. He is to be abolished of his cultivation and the position of Crown Prince and is banished to the harsh and cold lands of the Wilderness, never to return to the palace…"

Li Yuanqing, who was wearing a four-clawed python robe and a green hat, looked at the majestic palace behind him.

A single imperial decree had changed Li Yuanqing's status tremendously. Almost no one who had been exiled all these years survived in the harsh and cold lands of the Wilderness. Li Yuanqing was probably doomed this time.

This father of his was really temperamental and hated him to death. Wasn't he just unwilling to marry the princess of Myriad City as the crown prince? His father flew into a rage and exiled him to the Wilderness. He even crippled his cultivation.

Forget it, forget it. This was his choice. Li Yuanqing did not regret it at all. He was prepared to sacrifice himself to head to the Wilderness when an anxious voice rang out behind him.

"Brother, you must live. Other than my father, I only have you…"

A little girl with swollen eyes tugged at Li Yuanqing's sleeve, reluctant to part with him. Although she was dressed luxuriously and had exquisite features, there was no innocence in her eyes. There was only the early wisdom of a princess of the royal family.


The cold and cheerless Li Yuanqing revealed a smile on his face when he saw his only sister, Li Zhaoyang. His meridians had been crippled and his cultivation had been destroyed. He was now a prisoner who was going to be exiled from the throne.

Under such circumstances, the only person who could still smile was Li Yuanqing.

"Blessings do not come in pairs, misfortunes never come singly. Zhaoyang, I'm afraid of death. I'd rather be exiled than marry a princess of the Myriad City. This is my choice. Don't worry…"

His mother had passed away early, leaving only the siblings behind. Princess Zhaoyang was ten years younger than him. Even though she had the noble bloodline of a princess and was doted on by the Emperor and Li Yuanqing, she was exceptionally quick-witted.

At this moment, she was tugging on her brother's sleeve. Her head was not even up to Li Yuanqing's waist, and tears were rolling in her eyes. However, Princess Zhaoyang held back her tears and refused to let them fall.

"Brother, don't worry. I will let you return to the palace. I will!" Princess Zhaoyang suddenly hugged Li Yuanqing's waist and swore in a voice that only the two of them could hear.

The tears finally fell on Li Yuanqing's sleeve. Even after he had walked far away, Zhaoyang's tears were still wet.

"You silly child. I'm going to the bitter and cold Wilderness, I might have a slim chance of survival. But if I go to the Myriad City Kingdom, I will definitely die because of the princess of the Myriad City Kingdom. Hahaha…"

Although it was a thousand miles to the Wilderness, Li Yuanqing finally arrived after a few days of trekking. He was not treated harshly by the garrison general. Instead, he was sent to a valley at the edge of the Wilderness to live.

In the bitter cold of the Wilderness, there was only a vast expanse of white other than summer. It was like a world of ice and snow. Ordinary people wouldn't be able to stay here for more than a few days. They would either freeze to death or go crazy!

When Li Yuanqing arrived at the valley, he pushed open the creaking door, looking unusually calm.

"Your Highness, we'll deliver food to you every day. There are many wild beasts in the Wildlands. If you don't want to die, don't walk out of this door so easily…"

The person in charge of guarding Li Yuanqing was called Wang Shun. He was a guard in his twenties who loved to gossip. He was specially dispatched by the garrison general to deliver food to Li Yuanqing.

Even though the Crown Prince had been crippled, they were still used to addressing him as the Crown Prince in this desolate Wilderness. Li Yuanqing could not be bothered with it.

In any case, in the eyes of outsiders, he was a useless and miserable Crown Prince. Only he himself knew that he was doing this on purpose. To be able to live an ignoble existence in this savage land for the rest of his life was better than being a hostage in Myriad City Kingdom.

There were already four or five groomsmen who died because of that princess of the Myriad City Kingdom. As long as there was news that someone could become the groomsman, that person would definitely die within three months.

"Go ahead. I'll go by myself…"

In the valley of the Wilderness, one could see a sparkling white. Even though it was cold, it made Li Yuanqing feel extremely comfortable. He was someone who liked silence rather than noise. The scheming in the palace made him feel really tired. He might as well stay here alone and find a way to recover his crippled cultivation.

The moment he stepped through the door, a voice rang in Li Yuanqing's head.

[Wilderness Host, you have activated the Hundred-fold Sign-in System. You are entering the entrance of Wilderness Valley, do you want to sign in?]

Fortunately, there was no one else around. Li Yuanqing almost bit his own tongue. It had been almost three years since he transmigrated from China to the crown prince of the Northern Kingdom. He did not expect that he would only get the golden finger after coming to the Wilderness to survive.

"Sign in!"

These words suddenly flashed across Li Yuanqing's mind.

Hundred-fold Sign-in System activated.

[Sign in to the Wilderness Valley was successful, you would be rewarded with Replenishing Pill!]

[System reward (available!)

One: 100 Basic Level Replenishment Pills.

Two: 1 Restore Origin Pill.]

A system reward? And it was one hundred Replenishment Pills?

Li Yuanqing was elated. His cultivation base had been crippled after his meridians were broken. Initially, he had thought that he would be able to cultivate again after a few years. But to think that he would unexpectedly get a Hundred-fold Sign-in System!

He would be able to sign in immediately just by going through the main entrance. Would he be able to get a hundred Replenishing Pills every time he signed in?

It had to be known that even within the imperial palace, Basic grade Replenish Pills were rare items. Otherwise, Princess Zhaoyang would definitely think of a way to get him a Basic grade Replenishment Pill. But the system would reward him with hundred of them.

This was too generous. As expected of the Hundred-fold Sign-in System!

Very soon, Li Yuanqing tried to communicate with the system while suppressing his excitement. However, there was no response. But, he had figured it out as well. He could only sign in once a day, and some places could be repeated, while others could only be signed in once.

The places he could sign in were random, and there were no restrictions. The Wilderness was thousands of miles wide, and there were simply too many places to sign in. Furthermore, every time he signed in, he would be rewarded a hundredfold.

Who would have thought that the desolate land he was exiled to would actually become his own wonderland?

Li Yuanqing felt that it was a blessing in disguise that he was given a Replenishing Pill the first time he signed in with the system. It was way too easy for him to recover his original cultivation base.

However, should he choose 100 Basic Replenishment Pills or the Restore Origin Pill?

In the palace, Basic Replenishment Pills were precious items. Even though he had never seen them before, he had heard of them before. But Li Yuanqing, who used to be the Crown Prince, had never heard of the Restore Origin Pill before.

He could not be blamed for being ignorant. It was just that the item produced by the system was too advanced!

Li Yuanqing hesitated. Which one should he choose? Did he want a hundred Replenishment Pills or one Restore Origin Pill?

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