Book cover of “Cultivating Disciples to Breakthrough“ by PurpleSpring

Cultivating Disciples to Breakthrough

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: PurpleSpring
  • Uploaded by user473604
Inside a tranquil pavilion perched atop one of the Heavenly Sky Kingdom’s tallest mountains, a young man opened his eyes, his expression a mix of resignation and resolve. He gazed down at the swirling fog at the mountain's base, contemplating his unusual predicament. This young man was no ordinary cultivator. He was the youngest Core Elder in the h... 

Xuan Hao

"Elder Xuan, the entrance examination for the new disciples is about to begin, would you like to come and join the other elders this time around?"

Inside an isolated pavilion located at the top of a tall mountain peak, Xuan Hao slowly opened his eyes before looking in the direction that the voice had come from.

"Sure, I'll be there in a moment."

After replying, Xuan Hao watched as the person who had arrived in front of his pavilion began making his way down the mountain peak with a happy expression on his face before disappearing inside the fog that had formed around the base of the mountain.

"Earth, Ewaria…"

Letting out a soft sigh as he thought about his current situation, Xuan Hao could not help remembering what had happened over the past few weeks.

Originally he was not from this world. Instead he was from another world, to be more precise, Earth.

Transmigration. Something that he had only ever read about in fantasy novels and webnovels, happened to him, he even had his own system that could be accessed inside his sea of consciousness... And that is not mentioning the fact that his soul had already fused together with the original owner of the body.

Although it did not feel like this had affected him in any way, Xuan Hao understood that he could no longer be considered the same person he was before his transmigration. In a sense, he had become a merger between his former self from earth and his current identity as Xuan Hao...

"Elder Xuan…"

Xuan Hao's sect was called the Flying Sword Sect and was located in the northern region of the Heavenly Sky Kingdom. Although it was not the strongest sect in the Heavenly Sky Kingdom, it still had a lot of influence in the surrounding region... Overlord of the Northern Region of the Heavenly Sky Kingdom. That was the way people normally referred to the Flying Sword Sect!

Even though it was considered the weakest of the four large sects in the Heavenly Sky Kingdom, it was still the fourth strongest sect overall.

Not to mention, inside this sect, Xuan Hao was a core elder!

The youngest core elder in the history of the Flying Sword Sect. Having reached the Nascent Soul Realm at the young age of 21!

The fifth nascent soul elder of the Flying Sword Sect!

Even with all of this information, it had still been a little hard for Xuan Hao to understand his identity after first transmigrating. Even with the memories of the former Xuan Hao merging together with his own.

At the moment, the Flying Sword Sect only had five people at the Nascent Soul Realm. The sect master, vice sect master and two other elders excluding himself.

He was at the Nascent Soul Realm, an elder of a large sect, and an expert ranked among the top five in the entire sect.

This starting point was far better than becoming someone who had to start from the beginning and slowly fight his way up the through endless life and death situations...

Now about the Nascent Soul Realm... In simple terms, it was an extremely powerful realm. Even across the entire Heavenly Sky Kingdom that the Flying Sword Sect was located inside of, the Nascent Soul Realm was the peak.

Even the supreme expert from the Heavenly Sky Kingdom, the ancestor of the royal family, had only reached the Peak of the Ninth Stage of the Nascent Soul Realm!

At the moment, Xuan Hao himself was at the First Stage of the Nascent Soul Realm.

This strength, however, was only considered strong within the Heavenly Sky Kingdom. Outside of it, on the Ewaria continent, a kingdom like the Heavenly Sky Kingdom was common, you could not even count the exact number of these kingdoms, there were simply way too many of them out there!

The Ewaria continent that he was now living on, was split into four large regions. The North, South, West and East Regions. Each Region had dozens of empires and each empire had hundreds if not thousands of kingdoms like the Heavenly Sky Kingdom under it.

From what information he had managed to gather so far, the Heavenly Sky Kingdom was located in the southern region of the Ewaria continent.

It was easy to imagine how large the Ewaria continent was. Let alone what existed beyond it.

Now... On to the cultivation and the different realms.

On the Ewaria Continent, there was the magical thing known as cultivation, a path to immortality! At least that was what most of the people had said laid on the end of the path...

The cultivation was divided into different large realms that were further divided into even more smaller realms in between the larger realms.

The large cultivation realms he knew of so far was the Qi Condensation Realm, Foundation Establishment Realm, Core Formation Realm and Nascent Soul Realm. Nothing out of the ordinary from what Xuan Hao could remember about the cultivation described in novels of his past life...

There were of course realms above Nascent Soul, but he had no idea what they were at the moment. All he knew about the realms above the Nascent Soul Realm, was the fact that those who surpassed the Nascent Soul Realm were referred to as Lords, capable of destroying an entire kingdom by themselves.

The ones above that were even more terrifying and were were even referred to as emperors. Rumoured to have the power to destroy hundreds of kingdoms with ease.

Not to mention the terrifying emperors who were said to only appear in the core of an empire, Xuan Hao had never seen a so-called Lord level expert before.

The strongest person in the Heavenly Sky Kingdom was after all still at the ninth stage of the Nascent Soul Realm. The neighbouring kingdoms surrounding the Heavenly Sky Kingdom also did not have anyone who surpassed the Nascent Soul Realm and were in a similar state as the Heavenly Sky Kingdom...

A Lord Realm expert was considered strong, even wandering around the Ewaria continent inside the core of the powerful empires. A true expert who could start a kingdom by themselves and reign as a king.

All in all, a person at the Lord Realm could easily destroy the entire Heavenly Sky Kingdom and the Flying Sword Sect along with it... And because of all of this, to many people, a Lord Realm expert was already a mythical existence that only appeared in legends to most ordinary people.

Even with the thousands of years behind the Heavenly Sky Kingdom, it still never had anyone surpass the Nascent Soul Realm. At most someone half a step into the Lord Realm had appeared and that had been the founder of the Heavenly Sky Kingdom!

Breaking through from the Nascent Soul realm and into the realm above was a terribly difficult thing for any Nascent Soul Realm Expert.

Of course, that was for other people. To Xuan Hao, who wanted to reach the pinnacle, surpassing the Nascent Soul Realm was just considered the beginning. Even the rumoured experts referred to as emperors should be within reach!

Smiling widely to himself as he thought about all of this, Xuan Hao entered his sea of consciousness and glanced at a panel of characters that had appeared there.

Name: Xuan Hao

Talent: ???

Realm: Nascent Soul Stage 1

Sect: Flying Sword Sect

Disciples: N/A

Main Quest: [Any disciple reaches the Foundation Establishment realm.]

Main Quest: [Reward: ???]

Side Quest: [Recruit your first disciple!]

[Requirement: At least a talent value of 10]

Quest Reward: [Cultivation Increase of 1 small realm], [Comprehending Sword Intent]

The Rewards for the first main mission was mysterious and the second one was a side quest with generous rewards.

The cultivation increase was nice, but the best thing was the sword intent.

Sword intent was not some special move or anything like that but was rather a concept of sort that would increase his strength in combat.

Those who could comprehend sword intent were all geniuses who had taken the first step on the path of becoming a real sword cultivator.

Sword cultivators were extremely terrifying and could fight those several realms above themselves, that was how the Flying Sword Sect had earned its place as the overlord of the northern region of the Heavenly Sky Kingdom in the first place.

Sword cultivators who comprehended sword intent were even more terrifying.

However, even though the rewards were tempting, he first had to complete the quests.

The first main quest required him to have a disciple reach the Foundation Establishment Realm, while the side quest required him to take in a disciple with talent a talent value of 10 or more.

Both quests wanted him to become a teacher and take in disciples.


Letting out a slightly exhausted sigh as he thought about taking in disciples, Xuan Hao got up from his meditative position before getting ready to leave.

These two quests were the reason for him to join this years entrance examination for new outer disciples of the sect even though he did not really want to. After all, quietly cultivating until he reached the pinnacle seemed way more relaxing to him compared to taking in a group of disciples to train... But if he wanted to improve his strength faster, he would have to take in disciples...

"I hope that the upcoming entrance examination has someone suitable, hopefully someone who is quiet, well mannered, easy to teach... And most importantly, does not disturb me..."

Xuan Hao honestly did not have much motivation when it came to teaching a bunch of young people. Even if he had the memory, fighting experience and feelings of the past Xuan Hao after merging together with him. Both of them, were quite laid back. One wanted to just quietly spend his days meditating and increasing his cultivation without any disturbances, while the other spent most of his time sitting down with a good cup of tea, reading a good book.

Thinking about this to himself, Xuan Hao wondered if he could be considered as the past Xuan Hao or a new Xuan Hao, as both of them had merged together during his transmigration and inherited each others Personalities-

Not that there was much of a difference in the first place...

Throwing these thoughts to the back of his mind for now, Xuan Hao made his way towards the entrance of the sect, where the examination for new outer disciple would be held.

First chapter ! :d


Rewrite/edit: 03/01/2023

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