Book cover of “Cultivator With Modern AI“ by JosieGan

Cultivator With Modern AI

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: JosieGan
  • Uploaded by user867073
Long Tian was a legendary genius cultivator known by many names, such as the Ruthless Emperor and God Physician. His mastery spanned across countless eras and disciplines: medicine, martial arts, the art of killing, modern technology, and more. Yet, despite his unparalleled abilities and countless accomplishments, his greatest obsession was his und... 

Another World

Year 2XXX

In a laboratory that seemed to have just had an accident, a lot of broken advanced equipment was scattered everywhere. In the center of the laboratory was an ice coffin, and inside the coffin was a woman whose beauty was genuinely matchless.

The woman was wearing a dress as white as snow, with her black hair loose. Even so her face and lips looked pale from being inside the ice coffin, but even so it did not decrease her peerless beauty.

There is a large circle with various engraved symbols under the coffin, and it looks like a circle of forbidden art, and only certain races can use it. But those who see it must find it strange to find an ancient forbidden art circle in such an advanced laboratory.

"Lifen... I'm sorry." A man was lying on the floor staring at the ice coffin before him, his body covered in blood. His face was deathly pale, and his eyes had lost their glow. "Cough... I have failed... Cough... to revive you..."

The man kept spitting blood from his mouth; even the wounds on his body looked gruesome, and he tried to move his hands to reach for the ice coffin. Unfortunately, his body had no strength, his breathing had faltered, and his heartbeat had weakened. "Lifen... I... love..." He finally breathed his last.

Just as his soul began to disappear as punishment for using the ancient forbidden art, suddenly, a giant black hole appeared and sucked in the remnants of his soul.



[System reboot in progress...]


[System entirely online...]


[Combining newly received data...]


[Upgrading System...]


[System has been upgraded]

"UGH!" A young man groaned because of the unbearable pain in his body, and his groans startled the young woman in maid clothes who was cleaning his body with a damp cloth.

"Ah! Young Master!" The young maid jumped in surprise while exclaiming, but she hastily covered her mouth.

The young man had his eyes opened, but his gaze was strange. As he muttered, he seemed to be thinking about something foreign to him. "Where am I? Shouldn't I have died by the backlash of that forbidden ancient art?"

"What... What are you talking about, young master? You... You are still alive, but your injuries are serious, and you are now in your room." The young maid said fearfully to the young man.

He then turned to look at the young maid, who seemed to be deliberately keeping her distance from him, but when he was about to speak to her, his mind suddenly was filled with other memories that didn't belong to him. The memories made his head hurt a lot, and he groaned in pain again. "Ugh!!"

The young maid ran outside as she said to the young man. "Young master, I will inform Madam Liu Ying first."

The young man didn't answer her, for he was digesting all the memories of the previous owner of his body. From those memories, the young man discovered that his new body's previous owner was Xia Tian, the second young master of the Xia branch family residing in the Zhu Kingdom.

His father had been killed in the forest many years ago, and he has been raised by his mother ever since. In addition, he still has grandparents, he also has two aunts, and he also has two cousins who are the children of his first aunt.

At first, Xia Tian grew up like his peers; he was a friendly, intelligent, warm, kind-hearted young man with a very handsome face. But due to an incident, his life and character changed drastically. It all started when someone attacked him, and that person crippled his spiritual root. Since then, he has become lazy, insolent, and rude. He also turned into a debauchee and often seduced many women to sleep with him, both single and married. He also often went to brothels and slept with prostitutes.

A few days ago, Xia Tian went hunting with his companions, but they encountered a Bronze Rank Beast while they were hunting. They had already tried to escape the Bronze Rank Beast, but Xia Tian was unlucky because he tripped over a tree root. Since his friends weren't strong either, they decided to leave Xia Tian behind. And Xia Tian was attacked by the Bronze Rank Beast until he almost died, but then he was saved by an old man who happened to be passing by in the forest and recognized him. The old man saved him from the Bronze Rank Beast and brought him back to Xia Manor. Even though his wound had been treated by his family, since his injury was so severe, in the end, he still died.

The young maid who took care of him, she was Mo Xiaoqi. Xia Tian's mother found her in the slave market because his mother felt that Mo Xiaoqi was really pitiful, so his mother decided to buy her from the slave market, and she assigned Mo Xiaoqi as his personal maid. But Xia Tian never treated her well; he was always rude to her, and she was also molested by him often. That's what made Mo Xiaoqi so scared of him.

After digesting all the memories, the young man let out a heavy sigh as he muttered. "I never expected that my soul would transmigrate to another world, and now my soul inhabits the body of this man named Xia Tian. But this body is too weak, and his spiritual root has also been crippled. It seems fate is deliberately messing around with my life, I was Long Tian, and I used to be the strongest, but now I'm just a pathetic crippled debauchee."

Suddenly, he felt something strange in his consciousness; Xia Tian then closed his eyes and entered his consciousness. As soon as he entered into his soul consciousness, the soul remnant of the owner of his new body immediately asked him. "Who are you? How did you get into my body?"

- To Be Continued -


[Author's Thought]

Sigh, I don't know why there are so many brainless brats on this platform, I already wrote clearly in the review that there are illicit relationships in novels, and incestuous relationships are included in it. If you guys don't like such a relationship, all of you can immediately leave my novel.


If you guys find any misspellings between him or her and she or he, and any grammar you think is wrong, please point it out to me with a paragraph comment, and I'll fix it ASAP.

I am aware that my English is not good, and many grammars are not right. As I said before, English is my 4th language. My main languages are Indonesian and Javanese, while my third language is Chinese.

If you guys mind helping me fix it, please don't say I have to go to language school like some people before. At 42 years old, with a wife and two kids. Do you think I still have time to go to school again? And also I have to work from 6 AM to 5 PM!

Anyway, I started to edit every old chapter using premium Grammarly, but I will do it very slowly.



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