Book cover of “Death Guns In Another World“ by Nickaido

Death Guns In Another World

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Nickaido
  • Uploaded by user153393
Alexander Kael Touch, a self-made young billionaire, saw his meteoric rise tragically cut short during a seemingly ordinary school trip. Yet, fate had other plans, whisking him and his classmates away to a realm of swords and magic—a world where power manifested as unique "Gifts." While his friends awoke to awe-inspiring Gifts, Alex's bestowed only... 

Chapter 1

After what felt like an eternity, Alex stirred from his slumber, feeling groggy.

He had been convinced he was done for.

"Where am I?" he murmured to himself, shaking his head.

The surroundings were unfamiliar - not the interior of the bus he remembered, nor a hospital. Everything around him was a stark white.

"Ugh, where are we?" a sweet voice beside Alex wondered aloud.

He recognized that voice instantly. It was the voice of the enchanting Maria. He turned to confirm his suspicions and, indeed, it was her.

But they weren't alone.

Several others were there too. From his quick assessment, Alex estimated there were around ten people in total. The gang of thugs weren't present, along with a few missing faces. Not that he particularly cared.

Among them was the loathsome Leonardo and his entourage, as well as Dodolus and his siblings. A peculiar name, yes, but who was he to judge?

Suddenly, a blinding white light filled the space. Once it dimmed and everyone's sight returned, they were met with the sound of a woman's voice.

"Welcome, Otherworlders."

Following the disembodied voice, a figure materialized before them. She was stunning, with a face as beautiful as the finest jade and skin as smooth as cream. Her lips, naturally the color of rubies, were beautifully contrasted by her bright blue eyes. Those eyes were pools of vibrant color, pure yet mysteriously captivating.

She was adorned in an elegant white robe that accentuated her flawless figure. A golden necklace was draped around her neck, adding a touch of sophistication.

In essence, she was a goddess. Her beauty was such that it seemed to transcend the very concept of beauty itself.

The sight of her left Alex and the other men in awe, their minds filled with wild fantasies.

Just as he was getting lost in thought, Alex felt a sharp pain in his right thigh, snapping him back to reality. He was shocked to find that Maria was the culprit, glaring at him before she spoke in a chilling tone.

"Snap out of it, you're drooling," came the abrupt remark.

Startled, he quickly wiped the drool from his chin. "Ah! Yes," he stammered, trying to regain his composure.

Leonardo shot him a piercing glare, his eyes filled with anger. And who could blame him? The girl everyone admired had just playfully pinched his thigh, and envy consumed him. Alex couldn't help but chuckle inwardly. Serves you right, he thought to himself.

As Alex and Leonardo locked eyes, their glares intensifying, Maria watched the scene unfold with a smile. She found their petty rivalry amusing.

However, their little confrontation was soon interrupted by a voice that seemed to echo from another realm. It was ethereal and captivating, commanding their attention.

"Welcome, travelers from another world. I am one of the overseers responsible for the rebirth of world N° 7543, the world you humans refer to as Earth. In simple terms, you can call me a goddess. My name is Mea, and I am in charge of this sector."

The group was dumbfounded. This sounded like a line straight out of a cliché novel. N° 7543? Earth had a number? How many worlds were there in total? Alex's mind raced with questions.

Unfazed by their astonishment, the self-proclaimed goddess, Mea, continued her speech.

"You all perished in a tragic bus accident. I am here to guide and oversee the eight of you. As for the others, I cannot say."

She said it matter-of-factly, her expression devoid of emotion. Then, as an afterthought, she added,

"Oh, and I almost forgot. The men responsible for the accident have already been condemned to Hell for their crimes. They got what they deserved."

The group was overwhelmed by the flood of information. It was a lot to process. They couldn't help but interject, "Wait, wait, hold on. That's a lot to take in, don't you think?"

But Mea didn't pause to acknowledge their confusion. She simply continued, as if their questions were irrelevant.

"I'll make it brief. You are deceased, and I will facilitate your reincarnation into another world. Your current bodies are temporary vessels. The world I will transport you to is a realm of fantasy, filled with swords and magic. Please refrain from asking irrelevant questions such as why you were chosen or if you can return to Earth. It is impossible. You have two choices: agree to be reincarnated in the new world as you are, or opt to enter the cycle of reincarnation, erasing all your memories and starting anew as a newborn. What is your decision?"

She posed the question, but they were in no state to answer. Imagine being suddenly informed that you are dead. It's not something you can respond to immediately. You would be shocked, unsure of what to do. Time would be needed to process such a revelation. After all, Alex and the others were not characters in a novel. This was real life, undeniably real, where dreams had no place.

Once again, it seemed that the self-proclaimed Goddess Mea was disregarding their emotions and mental well-being as she continued.

"I believe you have all chosen the first option, so I..."

However, before she could finish her sentence, Maria interjected, her voice laced with fury, a stark contrast to her usual demeanor.

"Wait just a damn minute, will you? You come barging in here, spewing words without giving us a moment to digest what you've just said. Are you some kind of politician? Why the rush? It is your responsibility to properly explain things to us, so do your job."

"What the fuck? Is this really Maria? The composed and elegant Maria? Or is this some kind of imposter? I've never seen this side of her," Alex pondered, bewildered.

Even Leonardo was taken aback, just like the rest of them. Only Luna and Sakuya, Maria's closest friends, seemed unfazed. They simply covered their faces with their hands, muttering to themselves, "Here we go again."

This outburst was not the first of its kind from Maria.

Goddess Mea's expression contorted, black lines appearing on her face. She appeared on the verge of exploding, but quickly regained her composure, transforming into a professional demeanor. Clearing her throat, she spoke with a seemingly genuine smile.

"My apologies, I seemed to have forgotten that you all need time to process this information. I sincerely apologize for my haste. I will give you fifteen minutes to collect your thoughts."

It was clear that Mea didn't let Maria's remark slide, but Luna and Sakuya managed to restrain Maria from further confrontation.

After fifteen minutes had passed, Alex and the others had finished their discussions. Ultimately, there was no other viable option but to choose the first one. Opting for the second choice would mean leaving behind everything they knew and loved, erasing their memories and starting anew. It was a decision that no one in their right mind would make. Besides, the allure of a fantasy world held a certain appeal. Thus, they all unanimously voted for the first option.

Despite their choice, Alex and the others couldn't help but feel a deep sense of sadness knowing they would never see their families and loved ones again. Their hearts ached with the realization that they would be gone forever.

Turning his gaze to his right, Alex saw Maria quietly weeping in a corner, her shoulders trembling with sorrow. It was a heart-wrenching sight.

As he watched her tears flow, Alex felt a strong urge to offer her comfort. Slowly, he approached Maria and gently took her small, delicate hand in his own. Looking directly into her tear-filled eyes, he made a heartfelt declaration.

"Don't worry, don't be sad. Even though we don't know what lies ahead in this new world, I promise to protect you. You can count on me. And if it ever starts raining, I'll use my body like an umbrella to shield you from getting wet. It may not seem like much, but at least it's a way for me to help, right?"

As the words left his lips, Alex couldn't help but feel a tinge of embarrassment. It felt like something straight out of a cliché novel, something a naive and inexperienced protagonist would say. He almost blushed in shame, but he quickly reminded himself of his thick skin and maintained his composure.

Maria's melodious laughter filled the air.

"Pfft! Hahahaha! You're a comedian, Alex, you know that? Thanks, I needed that. And don't fret, if trouble ever knocks, my door is always open." Her smile, radiant and captivating, snagged at Alex's breath for a moment.

'Dangerous,' he thought, heart skipping a beat. The way she held a power beyond words.

On the other side, Leonardo's face contorted with barely contained fury, locked eyes with him. Alex gulped, the unspoken challenge clear.

Accepting reincarnation seemed the only choice, and as they faced Goddess Mea, her understanding smile mirrored their decision.

"Excellent," She began, her voice echoing with authority.

"One by one, approach the white orb and place your right hand upon it. This will awaken your Gifts, unique privileges bestowed upon you, Otherworlders. In your new world, magic flows freely, wielded by mages, swordsmen, and more. But only the chosen few possess Gifts. These gifts will set you apart, grant you the potential for extraordinary power. Once activated, you may walk the path of a mage, a magical swordmaster, or something entirely different. The possibilities are endless. Now, begin."

Anticipation filled the air, especially for Alex. His Isekai adventure was about to begin!

"Tremble before the might of Alexander the Grand!" He cackled maniacally, picturing his glorious future in this new world. As he revelled in his daydreams, he observed the others awaken their Gifts.

Leon went first, followed by Dodolus and the others. Maria and her friend stepped forward, their anticipation mirrored in their eyes. Finally, it was Alex's turn.

He approached the orb, feeling a strange pull from within. As he placed his hand upon its surface, a blinding white light engulfed him. It pulsed through his body, leaving a tingle in its wake. When the light subsided, he felt...different, somehow, but powerless. Confusion clouded his face.

Goddess Mea clapped, the sound drawing his attention. "Wonderful! Now that your Gifts are awoken, simply think 'Status' and a screen detailing your abilities will appear before you. Give it a try."

Filled with a mix of excitement and apprehension, Alex closed his eyes and focused. He would soon unlock the secrets his Gift held, and his Isekai adventure would truly begin.


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