Book cover of “Debauchery of a Soul-Eating Wraith“ by NatePrince

Debauchery of a Soul-Eating Wraith

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: NatePrince
  • Uploaded by user764620
"From here on out, I'll only do what I want. What makes me happy." After years in a dead-end job, Evian finally musters the courage to quit and pursue his passions. Just as he begins to savor his newfound freedom, tragedy strikes, transforming him into a creature of Decadence. Condemned to a life of devouring souls for strength, Evian is torn from ... 

I Became A What?

"If you walk out that door, you are fired!"

"Fuck you, I quit!"

Evian walked out of his Boss's office without a second look back. He went straight to his desk and started clearing out his things.

A man approached him almost immediately with a shocked expression.

"Hey man, you can't be serious about quitting."

Without slowing down packing his things and without looking at the person talking to him, Evian nodded aggressively.

"Oh yes, I am, John. Twelve years I've been here. Twelve years!

Working this dead-end job and the one time I ask for a raise, a raise I deserve, I'm told I still have to earn it?"

John's lips twitched.

"Well, we- we all have to work to earn-" he started to say when Evian looked up at him. His black eyes filled with rage.

"Don't give me that bullshit, John.

You've gotten a raise twice and you've only worked half the years I have.

Hell, a lot of people here MET me here and still got promoted before me. I'm done!"

With the last word punctuated sharply with his anger, Evian lifted his box of stuff and walked toward the Elevator.

Without another look back at his former co-workers, he stepped into the Elevator and it took him to the ground floor where security was already waiting to escort him out.

"I know the way out, dickwads" Evian said and pulled his arms out of thier hold.

He stepped out of the building and paused.

He closed his eyes and raised his head before taking a deep breath.

'Oh yes, the smell of freedom.'

Evian had been postponing the decision to finally cut the cord on the stupid job he had and try and make positive strides into the future.

"The hard part's over. From here on out, I'll only do what I want. What makes me happy"




-Black out-

'Wh-What just happened?'

Evian looked around. There was devastation everywhere. The entire building, the same one he just stepped out of, had been blown to bits.

Paramedics were now on the scene as well as Fire fighters trying to water down the residual flames. There was clearly no point trying to find survivors inside such a destroyed building but they were likely going to try anyway once the flames had been doused.

'How- How did I survive?'

Evian wondered while looking around and then he looked down at his body and saw it was naked, grey and transparent with his leg floating about three inches above a charred dismembered body.

'I'm a ghost?'

Evian wondered as he raised his hand and stared at his ghostly form and then he observed the charred body his leg was connected to.

'Is- Is that my body?'

[Congratulations on becoming a Wraith]

'Congratulations on becoming a what? Wait- who said that?'

[Now Preparing you for a suitable body for the start of your degeneracy]

'The start of my what? Wait, why do I keep hearing that voice in my head? Why can I only think and can't speak out loud?

What the hell is going on?'

[Preparations complete! Beginning Search]

Before Evian could think up another word, he was wrenched away from the spot he was floating at and pulled through thin air.

Evian still couldn't produce a sound but he was yelling in his head all through the mystical journey his ghostly form was on.


No one heard him and Evian had a feeling that had he even been able to speak, they still won't be able to hear him.

He eventually stopped yelling and 'enjoyed' the ride he did not understand.

Whatever was controlling his body was getting him pulled through buildings, through cars, through people and they didn't feel a thing.

The controlling force took him all over the world.

Evian saw many iconic locations but he was always pulled away before he could appreciate any of them. He was usually taken to recent scenes of accidents and deaths.

From crashes to burnings and even to emergency units of hospitals.

At one point, Evian was hovering in a hospital corridor listening to flat lines, and to every single one of them, the voice in his head kept repeating [Not Compatible] over and over again.

The more they searched, the more Evian got the gist of what was eventually going to happen.

'Umm, not sure how I feel about entering someone else's body' he thought but of course, he never had a choice.

[World is incompatible for a Wraith.

Souls are of inferior quality.

Growth will be slow.

Expanding search parameters]

This time, he was pulled through an invisible wall that threatened to tear apart his ghostly form.

Evian found himself getting pulled through the cosmos- At least that was what the collection of stars and planets looked like to him.

He was pulled so fast that he did not even have a chance to observe where and what he was being pulled through and then he stopped moving and was flaoting above land again.

In this world, everyone he saw appeared dressed in ancient attires.

'Wait- Is that a sword strapped to that guy's back? Where are we? The 18th Century?'

[World meets required parameters for a Wraith's growth.

Commencing Search]

Once again, Evian was pulled all over until he ended up at a massive Estate and even before he proceeded into the Estate, Evian could feel a somber atmosphere over the entire area.

Maybe it was because he had been around a lot of death recently or maybe it was because he WAS dead but Evian could tell immediately,

'Someone died here. Recently.'

He was pulled into the Estate, through the walls until he was inside a room.

The room was large. So large that the king-size bed did not look out of place and still left a lot of room.

A young man with dark-brown hair was lying down on the bed. His eyes were closed, his skin was deathly pale and he wasn't breathing.

He looked to be in his early twenties and was quite handsome. Almost too handsome. Like some obnoxious pretty boy. The sort Evian would have hated in college for stealing all the girls he never had the courage to ask out.

'Ah, that brings back memories. Being unable to talk to girls, watching my crushes go on dates with handsome douchebags. I didn't even hate the douches, I usually just wanted to be like them.

I mean, I did grow out of my awkward phase and got better at communicating.

I compensated for my average looks by knowing exactly how to work a lady's strings. I got good enough to get dates.

Haha, I can't over-emphasize how satisfied I am that I didn't die a virgin.

Anyway, I doubt this handsome bastard would need to compensate for anything with those looks.

And what is with all the beauties all around him?'

Every lady on the scene was good-looking but the one that got Evian's attention the most was the woman holding the handsome young man's hand with tears streaking down her face.

She had brown hair to match that of the handsome young man.

'They must be related'

"Witch, you must do something!" the beautiful brown-haired woman said.

The one she was talking to was an equally beautiful woman who had dressed to be especially attractive and eye-catching. She was dressed in black robes that were gilded with silver lines and the neckline of her robe was plunging and showed off the milkiness of the melon-sized breasts she was hiding.

The woman with the plunging neckline did not object to being called a 'Witch'. She simply shook her head with a sad look.

"I'm sorry but there's nothing I can do. Young master Evian has moved on to a better place now.

May the goddess grant him a place for his soul in her abode."

'We share a name and he dies the same day I die. Seems Evians all over are not having a good day' Evian said while shaking his head and floating in the air still.

He had just had this thought when the Witch looked up and appeared to be scanning the room.

'Can she see me?' Evian wondered but then the Witch looked down to the dead Evian on the bed and began to chant under her breath.

Dead Evian on the bed started to glow before a ghostly figure began to pull itself free of his body. Dead Evian's ghost looked exactly like his body. Handsome and dripping with attitude.

He didn't even acknowledge the second ghost Evian in the room and just immediately made to move through the walls out of the room.

[Soul Detected. Commencing Absorption]

'What-' Evian started to say before a suction force started coming from his body and pulled at the handsome ghost.

Evian was forced to open his ghostly mouth and with his eyes wide in shock, he swallowed handsome Evian's soul in a single gulp.

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