Book cover of “Deities: Starting from Goblins“ by Gray Ashes

Deities: Starting from Goblins

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Gray Ashes
  • Uploaded by user317264
The Super-Dimensional Game has descended upon Blue Star, a world where everyone can enter and claim a World Fragment, ascending to deity status to lead their tribes in conquests across realms, even into alternate worlds. Logan, a transmigrator in this new world, possesses a unique advantage: the Drop System. This extraordinary ability ensures that ... 

Chapter 1

T04 World Region,

Under the illusory sunlight,

The dense forest seems a bit deep and mysterious; pairs of green glowing eyes flicker in the dark, constantly shifting.

Goblin Warriors, as tall and burly as black bears, hold stone spears in their hands, and their feet move quietly and nimbly without making a sound. Their cruel gazes watch their prey in the jungle, revealing a hint of excitement,


"We've been searching for this group of first-tier Steelback boars for a long time!"

"For the glory of the spirit!"

"This hunting sacrifice will surely please the great deity!"

As weird screams rise from the jungle,

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

One by one, the stone spears are thrown forcefully by the thick, powerful green arms and then pierce the massive bodies of the Steelback Boars!


As the tyrant of the forest, Steelback Boars have always attacked other creatures, but they have never received such a fierce attack after reaching maturity.

Suddenly attacked, their eyes instantly turn bloodshot, and they furiously charge at the source of their attackers!

A faint silvery-black glow emanates from the backs of these Steelback Boars, hence their name. Their charging motion seems earth-shaking, but it doesn't shake the murderous intent of the Goblin Warriors.


"Shred these boars!"

The enormous Goblin Warriors are not to be outdone, their green bodies bulging with muscles.

They jump around in the forest, easily dodging the charging boars, and then attack their sides with their sharp claws, tearing these Steelback Boars apart!


Shush! Shush!

Large amounts of black and red blood gush out, and the fetid innards flow in clumps.

After a few rounds of the gigantic shadows in the forest, the battle nears its end. The mighty Steelback Boars collapse to the ground, blood gushing from their bodies and their eyes expressionless and unwilling!

However, the group of Goblin Warriors doesn't immediately leave the dangerous forest with the corpses of the Steelback Boars.

Instead, they look up and let out a deafening roar, then pile the corpses of the Steelback Boars up and dance the most primitive ritual dance around them.

"Great God of Goblins and the Hunt!"

"Praise you!"

"To gain your pleasure, your faithful people present you with a brilliant hunting performance!"

"Your loyal people hope you can accept this offering!"

As the ritual dance begins, the space subtly twists.


A pair of eyes symbolizing terror and cruelty, blood-red in color, quietly surface over the jungle.

It gazes coldly down upon the Goblin Warriors dancing constantly below, bringing these warriors endless oppression.

But these Goblin Warriors are fearless and rejoice, for the one behind those terrifying blood-red eyes is their Father Deity, their great and merciful father—

The God of Goblins and the Hunt!

And the arrival of the crimson eyes signifies that their great Father Deity is watching them and may even bestow divine grace upon them!

This is their supreme glory!

Shortly after, the corpses of these Steelback Boars shrivel up, and a handful of blood-red mist descends from the sky, making the Goblin Warriors feel as if their previously consumed energy has suddenly returned, and their bodies seem even stronger!

"Great Father Deity!"

Suddenly, the cheers continued!


[Log]: Detected life span reaching the standard (18 years old), enough to withstand extremely trace amounts of time dust erosion!

[Log]: Congratulations on successfully entering the Hyperdimensional Game..., bound to Hyperdimensional Mark, obtained Starless "Freeman" status.

[Log]: Randomizing World Fragment for you..., T04 World Region is randomized for you, Dust-class World Shard, material richness is appraised as "Rich."

[Log]: Randomizing initial race for you..., Goblin Tribe is randomized as your initial race, with the quality of Prisoner breeds.

[Log]: Your race, the Goblins, has settled down in the World Fragment!

[Log]: Civilization Points+10!

[Log]: Faith Points+100!


[Log]: Your followers have performed a primitive sacrifice for you!

[Log]: Your faith points+236!

[Log]: You have descended with divine grace!

[Log]: Your followers defeated a first-tier warrior-class "Steelback Boar," and you got a - special effect "Steelback"!

[Log]: Your followers performed a primitive sacrifice for you, and you got a - "Totem· Hunting Godliness 0.9%"!


Above the dense forest, Logan looked down at the followers who had just completed the sacrifice, busily processing the Steelback Boar's corpse and retrieving the Stone Spears. He couldn't help but smile.

He could now only appear in the form of a pair of eyes in his World Fragment, and only within the range explored by his followers!

"Fortunately, after coming here, I also have an external device that allows my followers to drop items directly by killing or defeating them, enhancing my followers, which are these goblins."

"Otherwise, I really don't know how to survive in this dangerous Hyperdimensional Game!"

Logan recalled the moment he entered the Hyperdimensional Game and found that his initial race was the lowest-level prisoner breed goblin. He was a little stunned.

How could he survive in the cruel Hyperdimensional Game with these skinny goblins, who couldn't even beat a wild dog?

And now these goblins have evolved into strong and robust Goblin Warriors, thanks to his efforts and the help of the drop system!

The place where Logan was located called Blue Star, an immensely large planet, with a fairly large part still unexplored by humans.

Dozens of years ago, suddenly the Hyperdimensional Game appeared, and all intelligent beings could enter it, obtain a World Fragment, and become Deity Players.

Even more surprising was that everything in the Hyperdimensional Game could be brought back to Blue Star by paying Faith Points, which meant Blue Star gained countless resources out of thin air!

Even the powerful among the Deity Players could easily manipulate the stars, tear the void, and wage war in the universe.

But it's not all good. Entering the game would bind the dimensional mark.

If their world in the Hyperdimensional Game was occupied or even destroyed, they would die in reality as well!

After all, in the Endless Void, the rule followed is the Dark Forest Rule. If a World Fragment is discovered by other beings, it's most likely an inevitable battle!

And in battle, there will be death...

Even more terrifying is that due to the advent of the Hyperdimensional Game, the spatial rules of Blue Star are no longer stable, and at any time, spatial rifts might open up, and a large number of monsters will flood in.

So far, due to the monster slaughter, only one-third of Blue Star's original human population remains!

This has led to the fact that although humans know that the Hyperdimensional Game is extremely cruel, they have no choice but to enter it in search of powerful forces to defend themselves.

And this has created a situation where the initial race of each Deity Player is extremely important.

Even to the extent that the quality of the initial race has already determined the lower limit, and even the upper limit, of the player.

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