Book cover of “Demon Sect Cultivation: I Can Disable Debuffs“ by Barber Number2

Demon Sect Cultivation: I Can Disable Debuffs

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Barber Number2
  • Uploaded by user751853
Transmigrated into the treacherous world of the demon sect, our protagonist finds himself a mere disciple with a dark destiny. Armed with a unique technique modifier, he sets out to become a towering figure in the demonic realm. [Detected technique: "Blood Nerve," which cultivates power by consuming blood] [Side effects: susceptibility to the spiri... 

Demon Path Disciple

Inside a cave filled with a strong smell of blood.

A young man sat cross-legged with his eyes closed. He was motionless like a stone statue.

In front of him, there was an empty basin with red liquid residue at the bottom, which seemed to be the blood of some creature.

After a while, the young man suddenly opened his eyes wide and looked around with a bewildered expression.

"Where am I?" Zhang Chen remembered he was playing games all night at home.

It was a recently popular cultivation game with a very high difficulty level, and the techniques in the game all had serious side effects, which could lead to death at any time.

He had played for an entire night without clearing a level, so he downloaded a modifier tool and prepared to cheat.

But before he could use it, he lost consciousness. When he opened his eyes again, he found himself in this place.

Did I travel through time and space? he wondered.

Looking at the unfamiliar environment and his own body, Zhang Chen had to accept the fact that he had indeed transmigrated.

Immediately after, an unfamiliar memory appeared in his mind, causing Zhang Chen's expression to turn ugly.

This was a cultivation world with gods, immortals, demons, and ghosts.

The immortal cultivators were divided into two factions, the righteous and the demonic.

The two of them attacked each other and fought over resources.

The original owner of the body was also called Zhang Chen, and was an outer sect disciple of the Blood God Sect, which belonged to the demonic faction.

The Blood God Sect's cultivation technique was called the Blood Nerve Technique, which required the consumption of blood to cultivate. At the highest level, one could be reborn by dripping blood and become immortal.

In addition, the Blood Nerve Technique had a special effect. Cultivators could devour each other's blood and perfectly absorb the opponent's cultivation level.

For Blood Nerve Technique cultivators, other cultivators were walking elixirs and magic pills.

Although the Blood God Sect forbade disciples from killing each other, there were still many who took risks in secret.

Since it was a demonic faction, their actions were naturally evil and deviated from established norms.

Of course, the Blood God Sect was not only nurturing disciples, but also raising 'pigs'.

Disciples who were unable to break through their cultivation within the stipulated time frame would be deemed as having poor aptitude and not worth nurturing. They would be stripped of their disciple status and demoted to blood slaves.

From then on, they were no longer in control of their own bodies, and their blood was drawn every day to be used by other disciples for cultivation.

Outer sect disciples used blood from demon beasts for cultivation, inner sect disciples used blood from outer sect disciples, direct disciples used blood from inner sect disciples for cultivation, and sect elders used blood from direct disciples for cultivation.

It was a never-ending cycle, with the top-level members being the ultimate beneficiaries.

Survival of the fittest, that was how the demon sect worked.

If one didn't want to become a blood slave, one had to constantly become stronger and demonstrate one's value to the sect.

Everyone in the Blood God Sect was constantly cultivating, afraid of becoming food for others.

The original owner of the body took risks and consumed large amounts of demon blood in order to break through their cultivation realm within the specified time.

Unfortunately, he was unable to eliminate the ferocious aura in the demon blood, which caused his consciousness to dissipate due to the overwhelming ferocity.

The practice of demonic cultivation techniques was fast and powerful, but came with endless troubles. Even a slight mistake could result in death.

"According to the memories of the original owner, I have one month left. If I don't break through to the fifth level of Qi cultivation within that time, my blood will be drained and I will become a resource for the inner sect disciples to practice."

Zhang Chen's expression changed indeterminately. It was sometimes fearful, sometimes regretful, and sometimes anxious.

He had fantasized countless times about cultivating immortality, flying in the sky and burrowing into the ground, and living forever, but he would rather not have such a situation.

Given the aptitude of this body, it was almost impossible to break through to the fifth level of Qi cultivation within a month. That was why the original owner took the risk of devouring a large amount of demon blood.

He had also thought about running away, but the Blood God Sect was shrouded in a formation, and without a token, he couldn't leave.

"Unless I have a cheat." Zhang Chen felt somewhat desperate.

[Ding! Modifier activated.]

As if responding to Zhang Chen's words, a mechanical voice rang in his mind.

[Please wait a moment, the system is scanning…]

"Cheat, I really have a cheat!" Zhang Chen was extremely excited. He did not expect the modifier he downloaded to also transmigrate with him.

[Detected cultivation technique 'Blood Nerve'. Relies on devouring blood to cultivate.]

[Side effect: Easily influenced by the mental effects contained in the blood, becoming bloodthirsty, murderous, insane, or even brain dead.]

[Please wait a moment, system modification is in progress…]

[Ding! Modification complete. Side effects canceled.]

"Does this mean that I can freely devour demon blood for cultivation in the future without any side effects?

"This is amazing, truly amazing. The modifier is worthy of its name!" Zhang Chen was ecstatic.

After a while, he calmed down and regained his composure.

If it was really as the system said, then it wouldn't be difficult for him to break through to the fifth level of Qi cultivation as long as he had enough demon blood.

However, he was not entirely convinced and couldn't trust everything the system said.

In order to avoid ending up like the original owner, he needed to experiment and confirm if the modifier was really effective.

Disciples of the Blood God Sect could receive a bowl of demon blood every day for cultivation, and he happened to have not received his share for the day.

But, before that, he planned to get familiar with his body first.

"I feel like I can knock out an ox with just one punch!"

Excitedly, Zhang Chen clenched his fist and swung it in the air.

This body had a cultivation of the fourth level of Qi, which was considered weak in the memories of the previous owner. After all, there were many people in the sect who were stronger than him, so he belonged to the lowest level.

But for Zhang Chen, who was just an ordinary person, it was like suddenly becoming a superhero.

The power was incredibly strong!

The physical enhancement was only incidental, the true ability came from the blood spiritual power cultivated through training.

The spiritual power cultivated by the Blood Nerve Technique fused with the blood, and the blood in the body was both a means of attack and a means of cultivation.

With some unfamiliarity, Zhang Chen began to operate his Blood Nerve Technique, mobilizing the blood spiritual power within his body.

Instantly, the blood in his body surged and roiled as if it was filled with spirituality and coming to life.

Then, a large amount of blood oozed out of his pores, rendering Zhang Chen into a bloody man.

It could be said that it was indeed a demonic cultivation technique. It looked extremely evil and terrifying.

Zhang Chen raised his hand, and the blood moved like jiggling jelly, quickly gathering in his palm to form a sphere.

Miraculously, there was not a single drop of bloodstain on his clothes.

With a thought, Zhang Chen made the blood in his hand constantly change shape.

Sabers, spears, swords, halberds… he was having a lot of fun.

"Let's test the power again."

Zhang Chen waved his hand, and a drop of blood shot towards the stone wall ahead.


A red light flashed, and a thumb-sized hole 10 centimeters deep appeared on the wall.

"This power is comparable to a bullet, isn't it? If it's this strong at the fourth level of Qi cultivation, how strong would it be at the Foundation Establishment, Golden Core, and Nascent Soul stages?"

Zhang Chen's eyes shone with excitement and anticipation.

Moreover, according to the original owner's memories, he had not yet learned any spells. This was only just the most basic use of blood spiritual power. If he used spells to attack, the power would be several times greater.

In the Foundation Establishment stage, various attribute abilities could be added to the blood, the most common of which was highly toxic.

Blood containing highly toxic substances would kill ordinary people upon contact.

It was said that there was a Golden Core elder in the Blood God Sect who once poisoned an entire city with a drop of blood.

"From now on, I'm also a cultivator.

"No, I should say, a demonic cultivator."

Looking at the crimson blood in his hand, Zhang Chen sighed softly.

With a thought, the blood was reabsorbed into his body. He could clearly feel that he had lost some blood earlier, and that it had been consumed.

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