Book cover of “Demonic Evolution“ by 100YearsLoneliness

Demonic Evolution

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: 100YearsLoneliness
  • Uploaded by user616907
Welcome to the enchanting world of Gracia, where monsters, Beastmen, Elves, Fairies, and countless other fantastical beings coexist. Here, the power of 'Mana' enables all creatures and objects to evolve, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. In Gracia, evolution knows no bounds. An ordinary tree can become a mystical one, bearing fruits... 

Prologue - Unfilial


His vision blurry with a tinge of red.

Gilbert is currently laying in the middle of the road after his body got hit by a truck...

Everything happened so fast.

There was a sudden black-out so everything was dark. And out of nowhere, he got hit by a truck when he was crossing the road.

The truck was strangely over the speed limit.

And because of the absence of headlights, the truck was like an invisible assassin in the dark when it hit Gilbert.

The truck driver did not even bother about Gilbert, as the truck continued on the road without stopping.

A hit and run...

Was the driver drunk?

Gilbert didn't know, and right now, after cursing the driver at first, he didn't want to bother thinking about it anymore.

His current thought was focused on himself.

Gilbert knew...

His life was ending...

With Gilbert's life on the edge of death, he is starting to remember his life.

Ever since he was little, he had done everything his parents asked for him.

He had studied hard and achieved academic results that satisfied his parents.

He isolated himself from people his parents thought are a bad influence.

He did his best.

Blood and sweat...

People didn't know how much Gilbert had sacrifice just to achieve his current status.

Gilbert had done most of his parents' expectations.

With the exception of one.

A grandson...

If there was one thing they wanted that he hadn't managed to give yet then it was a grandson.

He got zero experience in women and didn't have anyone in mind right now, so he could only disappoint them.

"Ha... haha... haha..."

A somewhat distorted laugh came out of Gilbert's mouth.

His life was boring...

He hadn't wished for anything and had just lived his life as what his parents wanted.

Like a puppet...

Gilbert didn't hate his parents... In fact, he was grateful for them for giving birth to him and giving him a chance to be properly educated.

However, he had reached his limit.

Every day has been monotonous with everything he does feeling like a chore.

The thought that he would live the rest of his life with such days ahead had already long made him unable to look forward towards every tomorrow.

Such a life was suffocating.

Especially since he had to work his blood and sweat to achieve such a result.

Gilbert had enough.

He wanted to be free from the suffocating feeling.

There was so much the world has to offer him.

He could travel the world, visit historical ruins, visit the wonders, and meet interesting people.

To then try meeting a person that would become his partner for life...

He was itching to find color in his colorless world.

For even if he was alive, he felt lifeless.

A living zombie.

He felt like his life has no meaning.

Gilbert was lonely.

Because of his habits, people would find him an eyesore.

A tryhard who always strived to be perfect.

People hated him.

He didn't have friends, but he has a lot of enemies.

And because of his fierce eyes and large build, he was giving off an intimidating vibe that would even scare the most extroverted person in a room.

That's why, besides his parents, Gilbert got nothing...

However, even then...

Gilbert planned to confront his parents this time.

And tell them that he would quit his current job and travel the world...

He wanted a break, and try finding meaning in his own life.

Discover the things that make him happy, and discover the things he wanted for his future.

He knows that they would be angry... but after a few months... no, perhaps a few years...

They would probably forgive him...

He was thinking about it for a long time.

He wanted to do what he wanted.

And he was prepared to meet the consequences.

But alas, the world never gave him the chance...

"I wanted... to be... selfish once..." With these words, Gilbert closed his eyes...

'Forgive... your unfilial son... It seems like a grandson, would be impossible... after all...'


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