Book cover of “Demon's Evolution“ by Horny_feet

Demon's Evolution

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Horny_feet
  • Uploaded by user889831
A new world teeming with nearly limitless possibilities—systems, classes, magic, skills, and monsters. It sounds exhilarating, doesn't it? But for Jin, the reality was far from what he imagined. There was no princess or goddess to greet him upon his arrival. His only lifeline was the enigmatic system he received. Cast into the void, Jin must naviga... 

New Life

Darkness. Pure Darkness.


I lost all my senses as I was enveloped in the terrifying darkness. I felt as if I was separated from everything I had a connection with, the material world, and my senses.

I tried to remember what happened to me, but all I could remember was that I died and found myself in a strange place before everything became filled with darkness.

Yes, I remember one more thing. The voice I heard before being enveloped in darkness was saying something about some system activating.

While I was dwelling on these thoughts, sounds began to come in from all directions, and just as they reached me, I heard a voice.

[System Activation Successful]



Is this what I think it is.....


HP: 50

DEF: 15

ATK: 9

[Other stats are locked]

Holy shit! So if I am correct, I just got reincarnated into some world with a system. Does this mean I am some hero with OP skills like in those novels I read!?

[Skills: Scavenging (Common); Iron claw (Common); Sprint (Common); Play dead (Common)]


Forget what I said, what kind of skills are these!! Where is my dark magic or my destruction magic or at least a teleport ability?

[Species: Newborn Imp]




What is this stupid system?! Imp? That ugly mob-like thing in every game I played? And not just any Imp, a newborn Imp? What did I do in my past life to deserve this? Is it because I was cruel to my girlfriend? That can't be, I didn't even have one!

[Available Stat point:1 Available Skill point: 1]

[The System will lead you to Supremacy]

Supremacy? Supremacy your father! You stupid system! You can't even hear me, can you?

Sigh... I don't even have a choice. Since that's the case, let's see what this Imp looks like or actually how I look like. Those ugly bony legs have only three ugly nails or claws, two ugly hands have three claws like the legs, and the ugly face I can tell just by its appearance even though I can't see it.

Now, what in the world am I supposed to do now? I probably need to survive right? I don't even know anything about Imps. Did I kill so many Imps in the game that I got reborn as one?

Who am I even complaining to? No longer a human, now an Imp. FINE! I love my ugly face.

I should actually question why I am here in this place but if I keep on wasting time, I won't survive long. Years of reading fantasy novels will finally be put to good use!

First, I may as well find out where I am currently. The thing I noticed first is that my vision feels like it is obstructed by something. I can't see much at all, and the place appears to be dark.

I don't know what abilities an Imp has, can I check this somehow? Status?

[Species: Newborn Imp]

HP:50 DEF: 15 ATK:9

[Skills: Scavenging (Common); Iron claw (Common); Sprint (Common); Play dead (Common)]

Newborn Imp huh...

[Newborn Imp: The newly formed lifeform of the race, Lesser Imp. Have great skills in tricking other lifeforms]

WHOA! What a surprise. I hadn't expected it to happen. Yet that provides no useful information. Then maybe I should just explore the area where I am at the moment.

With hesitant yet eager steps, I began to move towards the direction the light was coming from. My surroundings made me feel dwarfed in comparison to myself. I can't even see the ceiling of this damn place.

It sounds like something is happening. The sound is similar to the crunching noise you hear when eating fried chicken or something similar. My attention quickly shifts to where the sound comes from and I see it.

A creature that looks too much like me lies on the ground, its hands and legs being crunched on by a mysterious entity that I can't recall anything about.

In the meantime, the predator snaps its jaws several times as it crunches the imp into pieces.


I am outta here.

There stood a wolf-like creature in front of me, but it was much larger and scarier than it appeared from what I recall. Fortunately, it doesn't seem to notice me. Right now, the best thing I can do is.... run for my life!

My apologies, my friend! You'll always be in my mind for your ugly face!

As I stumble and become accustomed to my new body, I rush in the direction from which I came. Don't look back! IMMEDIATELY!

In my frantic escape from one of those beasts, I came across three at the same time. This place must be the hideout of these beasts. Above that this time, they noticed me. The momentum I am riding causes me to stop too quickly, resulting in my falling to the floor. What a shame I can't see clearly! There is a way for me to escape, but I am unsure whether it will work.

Damn it, I'll just have to try!


[Play Dead: Stops all movement and emit a foul smell that monsters avoid]

I hope this works!

[Gained skill proficiency: Play dead(C)>>> Play Dead (Uncommon)]

Following the trail I left behind, the three beasts came close to me. I waited in silence, frightened out of my mind and hoping they would ignore me. I was about inches from them, and they immediately retreated, a foul odour striking their sensitive noses as they retreated.

Howl!! Roaring they backed away.

It Worked!! Holy...Now I just have to wait for them to get away from me. I guess the skill does not have much effect as it is low-level. But as long as they don't come after me, I'll be fine.

A little while later, I think the three beasts had disappeared out of my sight.

I have to find somewhere to hide and gather my thoughts. If I can't find one then I have to make one. These ugly claws of mine still have some uses. In an isolated corner of the landscape, I decided to build a shelter.

With that, I put force in my hands and dig without rest until I carve out a small space where I can fit in. I don't know if I accomplished anything, but staying inside here made me feel safer than wandering blindly through this place. Basically, if any monsters were blocking the entrance, I would not be able to escape unless I dug my way through the ground.

Sitting inside my dark hole, I begin to ponder my circumstances.

Those wolflike beasts that I saw are certainly not the ones that exist on earth. That is some ridiculous nonsense right here.

A little help or guidance? You stupid system?

Of course not!

Let's just check out what I can do with the system then.

Skills! Skills!?? Huh, why isn't it working?


[Species: Newborn Imp]

HP: 50 DEF: 15 ATK: 9

[Skills: Scavenging (Common); Iron claw (Common); Sprint (Common); Play dead (Uncommon)]

So I have to open the status first. Let's check out the skills I have. Scavenging? Do I have to feed on someone else's remains? Seriously?

[Scavenging: Ability to absorb every little essence from dead bodies]

What? Essence? What is that supposed to be?

[Essence: Energy required to upgrade the existing body parts or upgrade to a higher class being]

[Higher the rank of essence more options of evolution will be available]

What is all this sh*t? So this skill allows me to get stronger! Finally, I have an idea of what I need to do.

Let's check the next skill.

[Iron claws: Enhanced the strength of your claws increasing damage by 20%]

An attack-type skill... This is probably the only skill I have to defend and hunt based on the names of the skill. And the next skill is most likely a movement skill.

[Sprint: Increase movement speed by 15%]

Bingo! Well, it wasn't that hard. I am a genius anyway.

The final question is: how do I spend my stat points and skill points? I remember that I had one of each.

[Would you like to spend your points?]

Easy as pie. HAHAHAHAHA I am so smart. How is it possible for someone else to do this as easily as I can?

[Skill points: 1 Stat points: 1 Essence: 0]

[You can use skill points to upgrade your current skills or buy new ones]

[You can use stat points to strengthen your current stats or unlock new stats]

[You can use essence points to upgrade the current form or evolve to a new one]

AMAZING!! So you mean not only can I upgrade my skills, I can buy new ones?

Basically, so long as I have skill points, I can be a monster!

Unlock new stats... Hmm, that's interesting. What stats do I actually need?

Let's see what stats I can get first. But before I could even try, an ear-wrenching sound echoed.

Screech!!! Screech!!

There is a sound similar to something being dragged. Throughout the area thumping noises filled the air, and I could sense the ground vibrating.

Gulp...this doesn't sound good to me.

I carefully came out of my hole to see what it was and I saw it.

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