Book cover of “Dimensional Trading System“ by SomethingCringe

Dimensional Trading System

  • Genre: Young Adult
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: SomethingCringe
  • Uploaded by user190981
As the top student in my school, I had everything—a bright future, a beautiful girlfriend, and parents who were immensely proud of me. Life seemed perfect until the day I graduated from high school. Tragically, my parents died in a car accident, leaving my sister and me to fend for ourselves. To support my sister, I took a job at a construction sit... 

End Of Peaceful Life!

A 9- or 10 years old child could be seen reading books in the library.

A sweet voice called "Charles! Are you reading books again?" A beautiful blond-haired lady with pure blue eyes, a slim waist and curves entered the library.

"Mother, are Asuras real?" the boy who was reading books asked.

"Charles, it's just a legend from thousands of years ago" the blond-haired lady replied while leaning towards the book Charles was reading.

As she sat next to Charles, she asked him with a serious expression "And why aren't you practicing like your siblings?" Anger mingles with gentleness in her tone.

He replied innocently with a cute expression, "I don't want to work hard again!" Artemia didn't even budge, though. "When have you ever worked hard? I only see you reading books all day," she said while pinching Charles's cheeks.

"Ahh, So-sorry Mother! It hurts! I will start working hard from tomorrow I promise my dear good and charming, won't you forgive me?" He said with sparkling eyes.

She could not withstand his cute face and finally gave up. "You talk as if you have lived two lives," she said with a bright smile.

'Oh my lovely mother, how can I explain to you that I have lived two lives?' he thought to himself.

Oh yea, I haven't told you about my life, right? you should have guessed by now that I was reborn in another world.

Firstly, when I stumbled upon the isekai genre, I thought it was ridiculous but still hoped for it to be true because of my life. I mean my life was not that good.

As a top student in my school, I had a bright future, a beautiful girlfriend, and my proud parents, everything seemed to be going well but when I graduated from high school both my parents died in a car accident.

And to support my sister I started working at a construction site but due to some management mistake, an accident happened at the construction site, to protect my fellow worker's friend I jumped in.

As my vision was getting blurry the only thoughts in my mind were about my sister and girlfriend.


And The next thing I knew, I was in the body of Charles, I thought I transmigrated into the body of five-year-old Charles but after knowing that his health was good and nothing had happened to him I concluded that I had regained the memory of my past life.

So in this world, I am the youngest prince of the Griweth Empire,

Besides Griweth are two more empires and seven kingdoms and Griweth is the third strongest human empire, and what I mean by human empire is there are other empires like Ghilanna, the Elven Empire, Grusurk, the Dwarfs Empire, Akranes, the Demon Empire and Larron, the Dragonians Empire.


[Third person Pov]

"You and your sharp tongue, but always remember whatever you do your mother will always support you," she said.

Hearing that, tears flowed from Charles's eyes, he remembered the warmth of his former parents.

Seeing that Artemia hugged Charles "What happened Cha-" The words were interrupted by Artemia coughing blood.

"What happened, Mother?" Charles asked with a worried expression.

Soon the servants came and took her to the healer.

After about 2 hours the healers came outside and told him "She is poisoned with Krayt Dragon Poison, we are barely able to keep her life for an extra hour."

Upon hearing that, Charles became furious and grabbed the healer's collar "What do you mean? can't you use holy water or something?"

"Your Highness, Krayt Dragon Poison is different from other poisons, it directly destroys the mana core and it is quite difficult to detect if someone has been poisoned with Krayt Dragon Poison since the poison shows its effects only after killing the poison lich that produces it, and once it takes effect, no amount of holy water or a high ranking healer will be able to save them."

As he heard the healer he collapsed to the ground, He felt lonely as he stood in front of his unconscious mother trying to gather himself while silent tears silently ran down his cheeks from sorrow.

He could not even hear his mother's last word. After the incident, He started working hard on his swordsmanship and mana breathing after his mother passed away to take revenge, but he lacked talent and his peers were already ahead of him.


6 years later.

At the training ground, a handsome boy could be seen swinging his sword covered in sweat. But was interrupted by Emma and Steven, the children of the 3rd wife of the king.

"If it isn't the trash prince, what are you trying to accomplish by swinging your sword?" Steven asked arrogantly.

"Brother, don't talk that way to him, he's a poor soul who lost his mother and can't even avenge her" Emma spoke out with a cold smile.

They were waiting for Charles to react but he ignore them.

"It is absurd of you to ignore us, you lowly bastard!" Steven's nostrils flared in anger. He launched a fireball at Charles, but a barrier appeared and stopped the fireball from striking Charles.

Actually, the necklace protected Charles from getting hit, it was a treasure gifted to him by Lana, his childhood friend. The necklace can stop attacks under Advance level magic.

Seeing Charles unscathed made Steven even more angrier. He was about to launch another one, but Emma interrupted. "Stop it, Steven! We can't harm him!" she said with a smile but anger can be heard in her voice. "Let's go!"


On the other side, inside the palace, the nobles suggested the emperor exile, Charles, since he had no talent and was a disgrace to the royal family. The emperor also decided to exile Charles from the royal family.

"Send my message to Charles and tell him to come to the court immediately," Beric said while thinking.

As Charles arrived at the palace, most of the Nobels were also present there. As Charles kneeled in front of the king, his eyes were filled with anger, because his father didn't come to his mother's funeral, nor did he investigate the matter.

"I, as your father and the emperor, exile you from the royal family. You will be given 1000 gold coins for survival and, you can't use the family name for any matter."

After hearing that, Charles clinched his fist, and his veins popped, he was now in more anger, but

calmed down.

He looked at his father with cold eyes and said "Yes, your Highness I will leave immediately.



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