Book cover of “Divorce Is the Best Choice“ by Riley Mccarthy

Divorce Is the Best Choice

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Riley Mccarthy
  • Uploaded by user919737
After two years of marriage, Jason suddenly filed for divorce, his words a cold dagger to Sarah's heart. "She's back. Let's get a divorce. You can ask for whatever you want." His tone was dismissive, as if their two years together were nothing more than a contractual obligation, easily nullified by the return of his ex-girlfriend. Sarah, though dev... 

Chapter 1 She comes back, we divorce

Atlanta, Night, Paradise Villa Area.

Two people sat opposite each other in the spacious and bright living room. A divorce agreement was placed in front of them.

The man was wearing a pressed and flat suit, with perfect facial features and indifferent look.

There was a strong sense of oppression all over his body.

He looked at the silent girl opposite coldly, and his eyes were as pitch-dark as the midnight outside.

"Divorce on Monday." Jason said without any doubt, his voice was cold, and his voice was deep.

"You can ask for anything you need besides the compensation in the divorce agreement."

"Why is it so sudden?" Sarah's voice was lower than before.

Jason said simply, "Jenny is back."

Sarah knew who Jenny was. After a short silence, she agreed: "OK."

Jason paused.

It seemed that he didn't expect she would agree so readily.

Sarah opened the divorce agreement, read the words on it, and remembered her encountered with Jason in the past.

Two years ago, they met at AY Club at Atlanta.

She was preoccupied and met the lovelorn Jason.

After two drinks, they seemed to have found a confidant and talked happily.

They left after drinking and did nothing afterwards.

She saw him again on the third day after that night. Jason came to her with a special assistant to talk about marriage.

She agreed.

After getting married, he was really good to her. He took good care of her. He helped her to solve her problems as soon as possible.

When she was sick, he gave medicine for her personally. After washing hair, he took the initiative to help her dry it.

They had such a good relationship.

Until half a year ago, he answered a phone call.

He changed after that call.

He was indifferent to her and was no longer gentle.

It was on that day that she learned that the reason why Jason married her and treated her so well after marriage was because she looked like his ex-girlfriend Jenny.

Thinking about this, Sarah pursed her lips and asked Jason lightly, "Did you just say that I can ask for any compensation?"

"Yes." Jason said concisely.

"Any compensation?" Sarah raised her eyes and looked at him. His delicate facial features were not as energetic as he was in the past.

Being stared with such eyes, Jason felt a little guilty: "Yes."

He thought about it.

As long as Sarah's requirements were not excessive, he will try to meet them.

In the past year, she had been very good to him.

"Well, I want the most expensive supercar in your garage."


"A villa in the suburbs."


" Split billions of money you made in two years of marriage."

When he heard about it.

Jason, who had remained calm, finally moved his eyes.

Afraid that he had heard it wrong, he opened his thin lips and asked, "What did you say?"

"The property after marriage belongs to the joint property of the husband and wife.

Based on my calculation, besides your investment and financial management, your salary in the past two years of marriage plus the company's dividend will amount to tens of billions."

Sarah said seriously and didn't mean to joke at all. "I don't want more. I just want forty percent of it."

Jason: "??"

Sarah then said, "Of course, I will give forty percent of my income to you."

"Sarah!" Jason was very angry.

Just now, he must be crazy, feeling guilty about her. Why didn't he find that she loved money so much before.

Sarah looked up at him and asked him seriously: "Can't you?"

Of course not!

Jason denied without thinking about it.

"If it doesn't work, it doesn't matter." Sarah put down the signature pen and said,

"The next time I meet with your elders, I will tell them about your spiritual infidelity in marriage. I believe they will support me."

Jason's whole body was cold, and his eyes were like knives.

He did not expect that this woman had two sides. So she pretended to be innocent in the past.

"Are you sure you want to talk to me like this?"

"Yes. "

Sarah stared at him.

She knew that he hated threats most, but so what? She also hated marital infidelity most.

"Fine." Jason's eyes were deep and his face was cold.

"I'll give it to you, but if the divorce is not going well, you know the consequences."

"Mr. Noth, are you threatening me?" Sarah sat on the chair, and her eyes were serious.

This look.

Jason had never seen it.

Sarah had been sensible, obedient and gentle since they got married for two years. She had never been so confrontational with him.

"No." Jason had already figured out how to deal with her, and his voice was cold.

"I will give you house, car, and money. Divorce on Monday."

Sarah turned her eyes and said slowly, "There is one more thing."

"Say." Jason's patience gradually disappeared.

"Go shopping with me tomorrow." Sarah didn't seem to feel the chill on his body.

"After shopping, I will go back to your family with you and tell the elders about our divorce.

The reason of our divorce is I don't like you anymore."

"Good." Jason agreed.

After talking.

Jason didn't want to stay here for a moment. He walked out coldly.

Before he came, he even thought that if Sarah could hardly accept the divorce, he could give her more time to get used to it.

Now when he thought again.

It's not hard to accept.

She was eager to divorce him early so as to share his property.

If Sarah knew his idea, and she would laugh: will I care about your money?

"I won't be back tonight. I'll pick you up at nine tomorrow morning to go shopping."

When he came to the door, Jason stopped and said, "You should list the places you want to go in advance."

"Are you going to find Jenny?"

"It's none of your business."

"I don't like being betrayed." Sarah did not pretend after having the talk with him, "You'd better not ask her to go to bed before divorce."

Jason's face darkened.

He stepped back and came to Sarah and looked at her from a commanding position.

Sarah was not affected by it: "Why, you can't wait for two and a half days?"

"I know you have a grudge in your heart, so don't use these words to stimulate me." Jason was not angry. He thought carefully.

If he were treated like this, he might be more extreme than her. "We are just divorced, not enemies."

Sarah: "..."

Can he be more shameless?

"Take an early break." Leaving this sentence behind, Jason left.

The moment the door closed.

The divorce agreement was quietly placed on the table, and Sarah stood there for a long time.

It was not true that there was no mood fluctuation.

From the moment she knew she was being treated as a substitute half a year ago, she suffered.

Jason was her first love in her 24 years of life. Before the phone call, he was a perfect husband in everything except being reticent.

He was patient and gentle, and hardly bothered her.

Therefore, at the moment when she learned that there was someone in his heart, although she could not accept it, she asked him to divorce and let him find his ex-girlfriend.

But Jason didn't agree.

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