Book cover of “Divorced but Delighted“ by Millie Huffman

Divorced but Delighted

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Millie Huffman
  • Uploaded by user249813
On the night of her wedding, Cierra Boyle's dreams of a happy marriage were abruptly shattered when her husband, Draven Trevino, sent her abroad without explanation. Confused and heartbroken, she spent three long years in a foreign land, her life in limbo. The day she finally returned home, hoping for a fresh start, she was met not with a warm welc... 

Chapter 1 Divorce

"Let's get divorced."

After three years of marriage, this was the second sentence Draven said to her.

The first sentence was spoken on their wedding night.

Cierra was dressed in a white wedding dress, held the wide hem, and spun in front of him. She smiled and asked him if she was good-looking.

The answer she got was...

"After the wedding is over, I will get someone to send you abroad."

Then, she was sent abroad for three years and was alone all the time.

She did not expect that she would hear such a sentence as soon as she returned.


On their wedding anniversary.

"Must we get a divorce?"

Cierra did not raise her head. Her long hair covered her face, hiding all the emotions in her eyes and face.

"Is there no room for discussion?" Cierra asked with a shaking voice.

Draven stared at her for a long time with his dark eyes. His cold voice was emotionless. "You know, if not for my grandfather's illness, I wouldn't have married you."

Three years ago, Ernest Trevino was seriously ill. His last wish was to see Draven get married and have a family.

This marriage didn't belong to Cierra. She was the girl that the Boyle family mistakenly took back. When she was eighteen, she was informed that the real daughter of the Boyle family, Aleah Boyle, had returned. As for Cierra, she was the person who took Aleah's position for a long time.

Everything she enjoyed should belong to Aleah, including the love of her parents and her elder brother as well as the marriage to Draven she was involved in at the time she was born.

However, Ernest said that the foundation of marriage was love. She and Draven were childhood sweethearts. Even if Cierra wasn't a real Boyle, they grew up together, and Draven had to marry her. Since the Boyle family still recognized Cierra, the two families would be in-laws.

Therefore, Cierra was married to Draven.

However, Aleah was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She could not hear Cierra's name or see her. After learning about the marriage, Aleah even committed suicide. She asked for Draven's company before she gave up.

To prevent Aleah's sickness from getting worse, on the second day of their marriage, Cierra was sent abroad by Draven without further concern from him and didn't return until now.

Draven handed over a contract. "I have asked the lawyer to draft the divorce agreement. Take a look. If you have no objections, just sign it."

Cierra lowered her head and took the document. "Can you give me some time to digest it?"

Draven looked at her. Her thick bangs covered her eyes. Living alone in a foreign country seemed to make her more reclusive.

"If there is anything you are not satisfied with in terms of property, just mention it. This villa will be under your name. I will give you one week."

After that, Draven turned and left the master bedroom.

When his fingers were on the door handle, he glanced into the room. Cierra's skinny shoulders trembled slightly, and she maintained her posture of holding the contract.

Draven's expression was gloomy as he closed the door.

The room was silent.

A moment later, there was a burst of cheers.

"Jerk! I finally divorced you!"

Cierra looked at the divorce agreement in her hand and couldn't help but laugh. Her shoulders were shaking even more.

In the three years when she was abroad, she did not receive any care from the Boyle family nor a single word of consolation from her nominal husband.

Even when she was stalked and almost killed, she couldn't reach out to Draven.

Her love had long since been buried in that winter.

After signing the contract happily, Cierra rolled around on the bed. Her bangs scattered along with her long hair, and there was no grievance on her beautiful face.

Just as she was about to pack up her luggage, her phone rang.

Cierra picked up the phone and said in a sweet voice, "Hello, William."

William went straight to the point, "Cierra, the people who tried to kidnap you at the airport when you returned have all been caught. They are also involved in the case of stalking you three years ago. Unfortunately, all the evidence is against your adoptive parents and ... your nominal husband."

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