Book cover of “Dragon Blood Warrior“ by 21man

Dragon Blood Warrior

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: 21man
  • Uploaded by user636861
Aiwa, a descendant of the dragon blood warriors of the Hass Empire and heir to the Holtzer clan, faces a mysterious anomaly during his gene identification. The unexpected reaction raises questions and challenges that Aiwa must navigate with the skills he acquired in the East, including the elusive sexual qi techniques. Will these techniques help hi... 

Chapter 1

"My beloved Margaret, Aiwa will be going through the gene identification soon. If I have not guessed wrong, in a month he will be assigned to a small garrison! You know, he's our Holtzer clan's future. Unfortunately I fear he may become like my little brother, Bagot, the type of person that shrinks from responsibility. Bagot's already almost 35, yet he's still an officer so I really don't see him accomplishing anything by age 40."

"Similarly, I fear our Aiwa may suffer the same fate. He had been sent to the East Empire to study but I feel that the East Empire's education is impractical. Although you aren't his birth mother, you are the only one that can handle the heavy responsibility of cultivating him. You have to be like a mother and protect him. Our Holtzer clan's future rest on his shoulders. That's why I wish that while he's stationed at a garrison, you will serve as his assistant."

As the highest ranking general in Montelago City spoke while smugly rubbed his hands, a thirtyish beauty was standing in front of his desk listening.

This woman was Master Kyle's second wife. She had a head full of curly brown hair, deep eyes, and a tall nose giving her a delicate appearance. In addition, her tall stature made the mounds on her chest particularly conspicuous. Her officer uniform also gave her beauty a heroic spirit; however, I'm afraid you cannot describe her temperament with the same words.

"Me? To be a child's assistant?"

Margaret thought that there must have been something wrong with her ears. She never would have imagined that Master Kyle would make her, an officer, go and be her immature little stepson's assistant. Preposterous!

"Don't look down on our son... Oh. I'm sorry. I forgot. He's not your biological son. However, don't forget that his birth mother is the empire's famous general ranked Dragon Blood Warrior. We have the same lineage, so our son will definitely be an authentic Dragon Blood Warrior. The gene identification is just a procedure. Once the results come out, he will obtain some territory from the empire. I hope his future will be brighter than mine!"

Master Kyle confidently looked at the beauty in front of him.

Although Margaret was unwilling, her husband was her boss and she could only obey.

"You don't think this arrangement is inappropriate right?"

Master Kyle asked, his eyes flashing as he watched her.

"No... No problem!"

Margaret hesitated at first, but in less than half a second, she answered with a very resolute reply expressing her determination. However, she really wanted to tell this stubborn old man that Aiwa - her stepson would not have a future any brighter than Bagot's, She unexpectedly found out that he had been secretly peeping at her from a slit in the door while she showered. However, now she suddenly changed her mind. She wanted to 'cheerfully' accept this duty, so that she could discipline this disrespectful little bastard and let him taste her Rou Qian martial arts!

"Very good, the fact that you can answer so quickly makes me very happy."

Master Kyle walked by and patted her shoulders. "The empire's future is in your hands!"

"Informing the General, Master Aiwa's identification results have finally come out!"

A captain came in and snapped a salute. Then he bowed as he offered the identification report. Margaret took the report from the captain's hands, taking a quick look before giving it to Master Kyle.

Master Kyle's face was filled with an indescribable excitement. His eyes moved away from Margaret's charming appearance, and fell on the report.

But Master Kyle's excited face suddenly froze. Then his lips quivered: "How can this be possible?"

His hands holding the report were trembling.

"What's wrong?"

Margaret had taken a quick glance at the report, but she didn't see any of the specifics. She could tell from the look on Master Kyle's face that the contents on the report must have been quite different from the old general's expectations.

"Aiwa doesn't have the Dragon Blood gene?"

Master Kyle's hands trembled as he pointed to the top of the report.

"Are you sure the blood flowing in his veins are yours?"

After Margaret said those words, she immediately felt that they were inappropriate. These words had too great of an effect on the normally proud Master Kyle. Shortly after, her quick mind immediately came up with a more appropriate reason that wouldn't aggravate the general. "I mean. During the time he was in the East Empire for training, could something have happened?"

"Impossible, this absolutely can't be possible. This must be that old bastard Groote's doing. He had already made our Holtzer clan his sworn enemy. I'm going to the hospital to ask Steven exactly what is going on!"

Master Kyle was so angry his beard was shaking. "Help me change my clothes! Prepare the carriage!"

Margaret quickly helped Master Kyle put on his military coat, then quickly ran downstairs and ordered for a carriage to be prepared.

Very soon, a luxurious carriage carrying the general drove out of the mansion racing toward Montelago's military hospital.

Seeing the General's carriage arrive, the two soldiers responsible for guarding the iron gate hurriedly pulled it open. Because the heavy iron gate couldn't handle the strain, it made a deafening noise as it was being pulled open. As the carriage charged through the gates, the coachman cracked his whip, bursting into the Montelago hospital.


When a captain of the guards saw General Kyle's carriage come charging in, he rushed forward to stop it. But Master Kyle grabbed the horse whip and mercilessly whipped it. A red bloodstain immediately appeared on the captain's chin. The captain immediately clutched his chin and stood to the side respectfully looking straight as the carriage rushed towards the hospital building. If Kyle hadn't shown mercy, the whip would have been sufficient enough to cut off his head.

Master Kyle was rarely active, but at this time he displayed his physical fitness. It's almost hard to imagine how fast he was as he jumped from the carriage, his large military coat unbuttoned. Walking like the wind his heavy coat fluttered behind him.

Kyle kicked open the door of the headquarter office. Inside several people immediately stood up.

"General Kyle?"

The person with the highest military rank in the hospital belonged to Steven. He was also the head of Montelago City's gene identification committee so naturally Aiwa's gene identification was under his management. This was why Kyle came to see him.

General Kyle did not speak. He grabbed Steven by the collar, and lifted his body up high: "I'll ask you once. How did you identify my son's genes? Isn't this report in your handwriting?"

Kyle glared at him. He had tarnished his reputation and now the Holtzer clan's reputation was ripped to shreds!

"We did not make a false report. We fully followed normal procedure while identifying your son's Dragon Blood."

Steven whose feet were in the air replied in a firm tone.

"You dare say you didn't do anything to my son's report?"

Master Kyle growled as if here were crazy, his eyeballs almost popping out. The one thing he hated the most were cheap tricks behind his back.

"I swear in the name of our supreme queen Sophia, that we were absolutely fair!"

Steven's collar was being clutched tightly by Kyle, so he was having some difficulty breathing. At the most crucial moment he used the empire's famous queen's name to save his little life.

"I want a duel with you!"

Kyle roared like a lion, his roar echoed through the large office building.

The air froze for nearly a minute.

"General Kyle. Please don't forget your rank. Since you're a general, you are not allowed to challenge lower ranking officers.

A beautiful and elegant female doctor walked out. Her dark blue pupils pierced the furious old general.

If you can hear her voice, you will think that she is an impeccable woman where even a hot tempered lion will stop roaring in front of her.


Kyle threw Steven forwards causing him to fly through the air like a bullet, falling heavily on the elegant couch he was originally lying on. Everyone present at the scene did not dare to make a sound.

"General Kyle. We fully understand your feelings at this time. However, the identification wasn't done by just one person. Because it was your son, all of the members of the committee participated in the identification. If you still have any doubts about the results of the identification, you can file a lawsuit in the Montelago court. We are willing to accept any investigation and the judgement of the court."

The woman spoke in a calm manner. In front of the furious general she showed no fear. Her eyes surprisingly bright, looked determined at Kyle.

"General Kyle. Are my words not enough to convince you but also Miss Ruth's? She's one of our empire's rare imperial Gene Identification committee members!"

After Steven was thrown onto the couch he didn't dare sit up but he still couldn't help but vent his frustration.

Miss Ruth only shot Steven a glance. She didn't express any gratitude for his compliment. She didn't need him to confirm her rank. While she was standing in front of Kyle she had already revealed her qi showing her strength to General Kyle. An attack domain ability of no less than rank 5 or 6. What surprised the general though was that her attack domain clearly wasn't her specialty.

"Then, my son's lineage is obviously Dragon Blood nobility. Why is there such a result?"

Kyle's fury subsided a little but he was still angry. He slammed the identification results into the conference table. When he raised his hands the identification report was deeply embedded inside the tabletop by one centimeter.

Hearing the deafening sound, Steven's body sitting in the sofa flinched. In the presence of everyone, only Miss Ruth's expression stayed the same.

"Your excellency. We were also bewildered. You and your wife are both Dragon Blood nobility. This was all recorded in the Dragon Blood Warrior gene pool libraries. But when your son was injected with the Dragon Blood gene serum, the effects of the serum were different from other Dragon Blood Warriors. Moreover, his gene sequence is undergoing an unidentifiable transformation."

Miss Ruth had a very serious expression. "Therefore, in the end your son Aiwa couldn't be recognized as a Dragon Blood Warrior. We still have to wait for Montelago City Court's final decision. Of course, if you are not satisfied with their decision, then you can also take your suit to the empire's Supreme Court. There the presiding judge will give you a final answer!"

Ruth's words were neither light nor heavy, but she managed to calm his rage. Her words weren't the only thing in effect. Her cool expression working together with her flattering charm could not be resisted by any man

"That's fine then. I will not give up. I will be waiting for the court's decision!"

General Kyle turned around. His large military coat spun creating a gust of cold wind, chilling everyone in the room to the bone. Some people could not help but shudder. However, the closest to him, Miss Ruth, did not change her expression, only her white lab coat fluttered in the wind quickly returning to its original state.

In fact, Aiwa was still under observation. At the moment he was lying in the Dragon Blood identification lab's complex metal bed. He was naked; his four limbs were firmly fixed making him unable to move. Since he was injected with the Dragon Blood serum, his body had been constantly undergoing changes. At the moment, Ruth didn't dare tell General Kyle what she had done. After all, this was his only son. If there was an accident even if Kyle didn't hold her responsible, she would still feel guilty.

She felt guilty because after Aiwa's gene sequence began to change from the Dragon Blood serum injection, she decided to act on her own accord and inject a resistance serum. However, it didn't work and instead made his muscles rapidly inflate making the metal buckles binding his limbs almost burst. Ruth had no choice but to loosen them by two holes.

She didn't know if his body would still undergo any changes, but if she let Kyle come into the lab now, he definitely wouldn't be able to recognize his son. Fortunately, Aiwa's muscle changes weren't necessarily a bad thing, because he now not only looked powerful and brave, but also a lot more handsome. Even lying there naked he gives off the impression of a rare handsome man within the empire.

"Aiwa, do you feel comfortable now?"

Ruth walked gracefully to his side. Even if she was still nervous in her heart, her expression was very calm. If she looked nervous too, she was afraid she would make Aiwa even more scared.

"Ah, it's not as painful anymore."

Aiwa had already been lying on the bed for nearly four hours. Although being unable to move made him uncomfortable, it wasn't as painful as when his body started reacting to the serum. Now he could feel the pain slowly subsiding.

As Ruth stood at the end of the bed Aiwa could just see her graceful curves. Ruth's two impressive peaks would make any man excited and as Aiwa laid naked on the bed, upon seeing her pretty face he had a reaction. What was originally soft moved a little.

Good. Ruth thought. If he has this kind of normal reaction then his body did not suffer any serious injuries. Ruth leaned over the middle of the bed, her slim fingers caressing Aiwa's legs. As she kept on caressing him, her slender and warm hands made Aiwa's rod quickly rise up becoming thick and long. Just like how his muscles suddenly increased, here also obviously increased a lot. As the palms of her hands touched his little guy, it went crazy. In less than a few seconds it already jumped out of the palm of her hand. Now it wouldn't fit in both hands. She estimated that the length must have been over 30 centimeters, and the diameter must have been no less than 6 centimeters.

"Can such a crude thing fit inside a woman's body? What kind of woman would be able to bear such a thing?" Looking at Aiwa's little guy, Ruth could not help but gasp.

Ruth sat on the side of the bed. She didn't let go of Aiwa's rod as she unbuttoned her uniform with her left hand. The uniform was specially made. It was made with a thin material that insulated heat well and so Ruth was wearing only a thin shirt inside. Her shirt was wrapped tightly so that you could almost see the tips of her twin peaks.

"Is this a type of medical procedure?" The 17 years old Aiwa couldn't help but stare stupidly at the beauty sitting next to him. He could not help but breathe heavily.

"Why are you so nervous? Never seen a woman before?"

Ruth's eyes looked provocatively at Aiwa. She liked to tease people like this, especially the young man that was lying on the bed. Obviously he had never tasted a woman before and from Ruth's experience, she could tell just from looking.

"Major is quite gorgeous!"

Aiwa's compliment was largely out of fear because right now he was a lamb ready to be slaughtered without any possibility of resistance. If Ruth pulled hard at this moment, his currently hard stem would be uprooted. Even with a teasing smile on her face, such a woman could turn hostile at any moment.

"Do you want me to... let it back up?"

Ruth's hand was currently pressing down his rod onto his stomach. Her palm slid upwards all the way up to his chin. "You should feel lucky. You have become more handsome since you've came in. If you can keep it up for an hour I can make you my little lover. Hahaha..."

Ruth's laughter made the two mounds on her chest tremble. Her interest in Aiwa became greater. Before she was mainly interested in him because of the changes in his gene sequence. Now it was because his rod under her rank three perception energy during her physical examination was still able to have a reaction. This rascal is such a pervert. You should know, usually when a man is covered by a rank two perception energy, it would become completely unresponsive.

Ruth slid her slender finger back and forth in a circle on Aiwa's lips. This wasn't just teasing but also sexual harassment.

"Hey, this room is really hot!" Sally, help me take off my uniform and bring over my white lab coat."

Ruth's hand slipped down Aiwa again and grabbed his already hard rod.

The nurse named Sally walked over with Ruth's lab coat. Ruth came up from the bedside and stood up straight. She let Sally take off her military uniform.

Sally's movements were very agile and very formal. One look and you could tell she was well-trained.

She stripped Ruth naked. Ruth's snow white body was like a jade sculpture and the curves on her body were just as smooth. According to Aiwa the most terrifying thing were not the two towering mounds on her chest but the triangular yellow jungle below. Aiwa really wanted to see the thicket below at her Shangri-la. But even with great effort he couldn't see anything, because as she undressed, his line of sight was blocked by Sally's body, and when not blocking, Ruth would close her legs and clamp tightly, making it impossible to see anything.

After Sally took off Ruth's uniform, she quickly folded them. Just as quickly she covered Ruth's body with the white lab coat. But after helping Ruth button two of the buttons, Ruth stopped her. Sally could only leave with Ruth's military uniform.

The only people left in the entire lab were Aiwa who was still fastened to the bed, and this female wolf. Ruth took off her black stockings, revealing her white legs.

If Aiwa wasn't held back by the fear of her unknown strength, Aiwa would have long ago used his qi techniques on her. But at this moment Aiwa could only try flirting with her. The feeling of humiliation and shame made him furious. However, in front of this woman who was more powerful than him, Aiwa could only endure.

But now he really couldn't hold back. Because right now Ruth was pressing her slim fingers on his rod, He already wouldn't have been able to stand having his little toy grasped by a woman let alone by an exquisite and glamorous woman like Ruth. Moreover, she was wearing a white lab coat that wasn't even properly buttoned. Inside, her two white exposed mounds were especially attractive. She sat by his side, and his leg could feel her warm body through the lab coat.

Aiwa felt like all of his blood was concentrated on his pillar. Ruth's hand only grabbed it gently, but it became as hard as a steel bar.

"Aiwa, I have to admit. Compared to other boys your age, you little toy is much bigger. I just don't know if it's any useful. Can you let this lady give it a try?"

"Miss Ruth, have mercy on me. It's stretching so much that it's painful. If you really want me to do anything, then at least release me from these bindings. I'm uncomfortable as hell!"

Aiwa really wanted to use the qi techniques he had learned and let this woman experience his rod! However, now he was trapped in this iron bed and couldn't move. The only thing he could move was his rod below. He couldn't use his palms and release his qi and he couldn't direct his qi serpents to fight back. Right now looking at her commanding appearance felt very humiliating.

"Ha ha. That's not a bad idea, but you're still under observation. How can I possibly release you? However, you can lie there like a good boy, and serve this lady! Rest assured, I will not demand you to use your hands. I only need you to use this small treasure."

With that, her small hands firmly grabbed his rod and then crushed it. If not for Aiwa's rank 2 defense ability. He believed her grip would have long made him impotent.

After a burst of pain, Aiwa secretly vowed: "Someday, I will return the favor!"

"Are you cursing me in your heart?"

Ruth's hands once again grabbed his thick rod. Inside her bewitching eyes there was a sinister look.

"I didn't. How could I dare curse a senior officer? I'm still waiting for beautiful Miss Ruth to write my identification results."

Aiwa was surprised. Did his eyes give him away? It was in his heart yet she unexpectedly knew!

"I've always been fair. Well it doesn't matter. Since I squeezed you a moment ago, if you want revenge then you can squeeze me too."

While Ruth spoke she calmly unbuttoned her lab coat. A pair of snow white mounds appeared in front of Aiwa's eyes. They were lustrous and glorious. With one look Aiwa almost popped a blood vessel: As she got closer he could almost see her thin blood vessels.

Ruth's chest slowly fell up and down. Aiwa's innocent face drew closer, as Ruth caressed the side of Aiwa's face. Being touched like this made Aiwa's blood boil. His rod below also immediately sprung up. Then she moved her chest near Aiwa's hands and let one of his hands grab her breast. But did Aiwa dare pinch hard? In his heart it was very clear. If he dared get revenge, his rod below would certainly be broken in half. Aiwa could only follow along. He gently fondled her ample chest.

"My Aiwa, your reaction is so intense. It really moved this lady's heart! Should I let you plug my hole?"

Ruth asked as she softly stroked Aiwa's face.

Aiwa was unable to answer because he was panting too heavily. Seeing him teased into this state, Ruth felt very satisfied. In fact, as soon as she saw how thick his rod was, she had an urge to have sex with him. She lifted her white lab coat and got onto the metal bed. Then she walked over his head. Lying on the bed Aiwa could see underneath her white coat. There was curly yellow hair and the hair was slightly moist. Because her legs were open, Aiwa could even see her pink little hole.

"I heard that before sex it's best to make it wet. Will you do me a favor?"

"Saying that, she bent both of her legs, and then slowly squatted down. As she squatted down, Aiwa had only taken a quick glance at her slightly moist hole before he started breathing heavily. He quickly closed his eyes, but soon his lips felt moistness from her small hole. Aiwa involuntarily explored with his tongue, rubbing gently against Ruth.

"Oh... You're so good at licking.... Hmm..."

With one lick she unexpectedly felt especially refreshed. She really didn't expect that a 17 year old boy knew how to please a woman. She couldn't help but squat lower, bringing her entrance closer to Aiwa's lips. She liked the feeling of his tongue.

Aiwa was bound to the iron bed and couldn't move. He could only use his mouth. When Ruth squatted down, he simply opened his mouth, pushed his tongue and mouth up and tightly clamped down on Ruth's little hole quickly moving his tongue around.

" good..."

Ruth under the attack of Aiwa's quick tongue could not help rub her lips below on it. Ruth began to fully indulge in her desires while holding back her urge to cum. When provoking Aiwa she was already close to cumming and now Aiwa only needed to lick her once for her to almost lose control.

"Oh.... baby, this lady wants to..."

Ruth's alluring buttocks pressed down hard, causing Aiwa's tongue to rub hard against her. Waves of pleasure attacked her, and she came. Her fluids came spraying out. Because she was moving too fast, some of it got into Aiwa's mouth and he accidentally swallowed. The rest was sprayed over Aiwa's handsome face.

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