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Dragon Monarch System

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Dark_Bangali
  • Uploaded by user676883
[Ding! Dragon Monarch System has been activated.] Aditya awakens in a new reality, finding himself in the body of a 19-year-old dragon. As he uncovers the tragic fate of the previous Aditya, his modern sensibilities from the 21st century ignite a determination to rewrite his destiny. Bound by marriage to the seven goddesses of this world, Aditya em... 

Chapter 1:- Primal Planet

The Primal Planet, in one of the smallest continents, the Dying Isle Continent...

A small dark purple ray of light moving faster than the speed of light crossed countless solar systems, and universes to reach a certain solar system. The ray of light entered the green planet known as the Primal Planet. The purple light ray then descended like a shooting star towards the Dying Isle Continent which was one of the smallest continents on this planet.

The purple light eventually reached the city of Azure.

Without anyone noticing, the purple light that was moving faster than the speed of light itself reached a certain bedroom where a young man was lying on the bed unconscious, the light ray entered the young man's body.

[Ding! After searching countless universes, the first host has been found.]

[Ding! The system is activating... 1%]

[Ding! Activation.....88%]

[Ding! Dragon Monarch System has been activated.]

[Ding! Scanning the host's body...1%]

[Ding! Scanning.....77%]

[Ding! Scanning complete!]

[Ding! Merging the memories of two hosts.....1%]

[Ding! Memory Merging...66%]

[Ding! Memory Merging is complete]

The sky was dark, the clouds were covering the moons, preventing any light of the moon from reaching the Azure city. Lying on the bed, a young man whose age was 19 years old suddenly started feeling uncomfortable.

"Where am I?" Suddenly the young man opened his eyes and looked around. He tried to get up only to realize that his current body was too weak. He couldn't even lift his head.

"How the hell have I become so weak? The last thing that I remember was reading a book on history, about the great Alexander."

For a moment the young man closed his eyes. It was then all the memories of the previous owner began to resurface. Isaac remembered everything that the owner of this body had gone through ever since he was a young child.

"So his current name is Aditya Bainnith." Isaac or current and will be known as Aditya was a man from earth 21st century. He came from a world where technology has progressed a lot. At this point, his previous world was experiencing an outbreak of a virus, wars between countries, and the economy had almost been crushed. Being the son of a prime minister of a small country, Aditya was trying his best to come up with a solution to stabilize his country's economy.

While the real Aditya of this world was different. The Aditya of this world was the son of the Dragon king. Yes, Aditya was a dragon himself. However, there was a certain problem with Aditya, a problem that was also the root of his suffering. Even though Aditya is a dragon, he couldn't awaken his Dragon lineage.

This caused Aditya to be bullied all his life. As a result, he became mentally tired and tried to escape reality by drinking alcohol. Seeing that the son of the dragon king didn't cultivate but instead had become an alcohol addict, Aditya's furious father who also hated him for not awakening their family lineage, threw Aditya out.

Aditya was thrown to one of the smallest and poorest continents of this world. Aditya was banished from his royal family, meaning he no longer had any rights to the throne. A small noble king of this continent decided to adopt Aditya and pass the throne to Aditya when they died.

There was certainly a lucky thing about Aditya, he had something that no one in this world had. Men would die in jealousy knowing what Aditya had. Aditya was the husband of 7 fairies.

Aditya's Dragon family ruled the biggest kingdom in this world. When Aditya was born, to establish close connections with the strongest and biggest Empire, the influential families with big backgrounds decided to marry their daughter to Aditya.

So under Aditya's father's order, 7 contracts were forged. The main reason why Aditya still was the husband of the 7 fairies of this world was because of this contract. If Aditya were to die, all 7 of his wives will also die with him.

So when Aditya was banished from his royal family, the big families that once got their daughters to marry Aditya through the contract could no longer do anything as there was no way to break the contract.

The reason why his wives are known as the 7 fairies of this world is that his wives are world-class experts in their respective fields. Each of his wives has goddess titles on their names.

If that wasn't enough, each of his wives belongs to one of the 7 continents of the Primal Planet. His wives were the top beauties of their respective continents and no other women could even come closer in terms of beauty and power.

Any man wouldn't hesitate to sacrifice his very soul to get one of the 7 fairies as his wife. So knowing that Aditya was the husband of the 7 fairies, he was hated almost by every man who has seen or met of one his wives.

"It's not like I wanted to get marry the 7 fairies anyway. Even I who is the husband still have never seen all of my wives, except for one or two." Just remembering all the depressing things that the previous Aditya made, caused the new Aditya to feel depressed. The previous Aditya had completely given up on his life. It was his seven wives who kept him alive.


[Ding! The Dragon Monarch System is at your service.]

[Ding! Does the host wishes to open the Beginner gift package?]

"Open it."

[Ding! The gift Package has been opened.]

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for activating Inferno Blaze Dragon Bloodline]

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for getting an Innate skill of Instant learning and adaptation]

[Ding! Activating the hidden bloodline of the host has gained some skills.]

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for learning the Innate skill Fiery Blaze.]

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for learning the Passive skill Eruption Wave.]

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for learning the Passive skill Molten Bolt]

[Ding! Awakening Dragon Lineage has increased the host stats.]

[Ding! Stamina [50+], Mana [50+], Health [50+], Agility [50+], Strength [50+]

[Ding! It has been detected that the host still hasn't chosen a class yet. Please choose a class to complete the final process of acquiring the system.]

[Classes are divided into three different grades.

Normal classes: - Swordsman, Spearman, Archer, Brawler, Mage, Medic, Navigator, Spellsinger, Scavenger, Samurai, Scout, Cavalier, Marine, Ranger, Slayer, Mercenary, Binder, Corrupt Mercenary, Emissary, Ninja, Spy, Butcher, Tank, Assassin, and so on...]

[Rare classes: - Puppet Master, Bishop, Trapsmith, Viking, Maiden, Mystic Knight, Windwalker, Crusader, Trickster, Beastmaster, Magehunter, Ghostwalker, Skymage, Battlemage, Paragon Knights, Demonologist, Dread Weaver, Shadow Seer, Corrupt Battlemage, Armored Engineer, Corrupted Tempest, Venom Samurai, Demonic Paragon, Pyro Witch Doctor, Demon Conjurer, Battle Brawler, Pyro Legionnaire, Necromancer, Nightwalker, Night Ranger, Magician, Archmage, Demon Hunter, Arachnomancer, Gunslinger, and so on...]

[Mythical Classes: - Blade Dancer, Stormlord, Stormsinger, Hero, Sunmaster, Wardancer, Dragon Knight, Illusion Sorcerer, Shadow Master, Armageddon Warmaster, Frost Sorcerer, Cataclysmic Seer, Battle Marauder, Warlock, Sage, Lightning Master, Fire Master, Water Master, Earth Master, Wind Master and so on...]

[Ding! Currently, the host can choose only one class. Whenever the host reaches a new order, the host will be allowed to choose a new class besides the existing classes. The system recommends the host choose a mythical class. Being a Dragon, only a mythical class can benefit the current host.]

Looking at the list of almost endless classes, Aditya nearly fainted. There were so many classes out there. He is not even sure which class he should pick.

"From memories of the previous Aditya, each person in this world has a class. When a child reaches the age of 15, they are required to choose a class. Each class comes with its own unique set of skills, and powers. Each class has its unique cultivation manual." Looking at the almost endless list of mythical classes, Aditya realized that some classes were not known to the people of this world. Most of the mythical classes on the list were either extremely rare or not known to the residents of this world.

"Since my bloodline already has given me fire powers, even though I am tempted to choose magic-type classes, for now, I will go with a class that gives me an advantage with my physical stats. I will go with War Dancer."

[Ding! The host has chosen a mythical class.]

[Ding! Stamina [20+], Mana [20+], Health [20+], Agility [20+], Strength [20+]

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for gaining a new innate skill Weapon Mastery]

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for gaining a new passive skill Silence Mind]

[Ding! More skills related to Mythical class War Dancer can be acquired either through training or by leveling up.]

When all the ringing sounds disappeared, Aditya no longer felt any weakness. Previously he couldn't even raise his head, but now his entire body was full of energy.

"I feel like I have been reborn." Aditya could feel it. This new kind of energy was flowing along with his blood. This was his Mana. His heart was the mana storage and producer.


"It feels like I haven't eaten anything for ages." Aditya felt he could devour anything at this point. Without wasting another second, he quickly got up from his bed and walked out of his room. From the memory of the previous Aditya, he reached the dining hall.

"I should find something to eat in the Kitchen."

"Master" Aditya quickly was about to walk to the kitchen when he heard someone's voice.

Turning around, Aditya's eyes widened seeing the figure sitting on the chair. "You're.....

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